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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Harold Camping: DO animals go to Heaven? Part 2

In Part one we discussed how Harold Camping made it clear that animals or pets do not go to heaven. This man is never afraid to “Speak for God” The fact that ONLY he can interpret the Bible accurately has many people asking him about the status of Pets who die. The question very plainly on the Open forum was do animals go to heaven when they die. Harold Camping “sitting in the place of God” answers ..”I am sorry but animals are here to serve man and die. They have no soul” “They will not be in Heaven”

This site (as it is states on the top) is not to debate Harold Camping teachings as much as it is to show how people are fooled and lead astray by the teaching's of man. Mr Camping is a civil engineer by trade who said he decided to dedicate his life to studying the Bible. 54 years of training has led him to the date of May 21st 2011. This is the day of Jesus' return(he guarantees) as well as the biggest Earthquake in the history of Creation but that is the subject of another post

Camping's reasoning on “Do animals go to heaven” He says animals have no soul and only souls can be saved and go to heaven. He says God gave souls only to humans and no animals have souls. Now here is the animals have souls? I am going to answer this in a different way The lack of knowledge of the human race The human race for all it's inventions is not knowledgeable. Every autumn in the USA we honor a man called Christopher Columbus( this deals with me)

Columbus, history shows us was a horrible leader,sailor and navigator. At one point his men plotted to kill him because he had them lost at sea and did not know where he was going (great way to get a National holiday)

He thought he was in India when he arrived in the USA. There is something very important about Harold Camping and do animals go to heaven in Christopher Columbus. When Columbus met the Native Americans he thought their honesty was a weakness. He called them stupid(in a letter to Spain) and wrote a letter back to Spain about how stupid they were.

There was one very important piece of information in one of his letters to Spain. He wondered if the Native Americans were actually human. What is Amazing is that these letters still exist today! The human race (and this includes Harold Camping) is not knowledgeable at all. We are an innately arrogant and prideful creation

Lets take another example: One of the questions just less than 300 years ago was “Are Africans human and do they have a SOUL” Yes, the good old USA took this case all the way to the highest court and some of the most so-called “knowledgeable?” men of that time said that the African was NOT human and had no soul. This can easily be read online by searching American history.


This leads us to animals. I will not trust any human telling me who has a soul or not. I simply will not believe them. God would have to tell me plainly “There are no animals in heaven” or The Bible would have to say it PLAINLY (no Harold Camping interpretations..the REAL BIBLE) ONLY the Bible Plainly! Many so-called good Christians died fighting to keep Africans out of churches swearing they were not human.

Many so-called Christians died believing Africans and Native Americans had no souls How do you go to Church and call yourself a Christian yet treat others as garbage...Calling Africans and Native Americans Soul-less was a way to remove the guilt of abuse I will call nothing God has created soul less human or animal. God is NOT obligated to tell us everything. Actually he is not obligated to tell us ANYTHING. Stay way from the Harold Camping “knowledgeable” ones who have all the answers.

There are millions of Christian know it alls who are willing to “teach you” what God says.

I think the Bible says it best about the so-called wisdom of man King James Bible Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men

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  1. You are so right. God owes us nothing at all. He has given us all we need. Air to breath, water to drink 5 senses to use wisely. God will have to forgive them for their ignorance. To believe that blacks or native americans had no soul is more than an insult.