The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lost Sheep of Harold Camping

The lost Sheep of Harold Camping. This post is about what the Bible says about those who seek the help of man for there Spiritual answers. The lost Sheep in this post are those who call the Open Forum and allow this man give them all their answers on how the Bible should be interpreted. Harold Camping is the Wizard of Oz of the Open Forum, only he can tell you what the Bible means

The lost sheep of the Open forum thank him..”Thank you Brother”..”Thank you for all your work” After watching the program for more than a month I discovered that only the wizard gets the last word. The Wizard is always right!

This is where the sheep get lost
Harold Camping is a very well learned man in the Bible. He has wonderful insight into the Bible. He is highly knowledgeable and this is where he fails. This is where Satan failed, he was so full of himself that he fell. A follower of this Wizard never questions him. They ask their questions, he answers and they take that as Biblical truth

Most of his followers do not know the Bible at all and they allow this man's interpretation to be their “Final answer”. I can say as a Christian “NEVER” allow anyone to tell you what a Scripture means. Never accept their answer. There is only one truth in the Bible and that is Jesus Christ is Lord...all other additions are simply another person's opinion

I feel sorry for the callers of the Open Forum. They are good and honesty people who have allowed the Wizard to be their God. This is not too strong a Statement because anyone who accepts this man's interpretation as “God speaking” is making him God. Harold Camping says leave the Church..they leave...he says do not get baptized and they won't. He says The Devil is in the Churches..they say, sure! He has become God to them

This is how cults succeed. They find the lost sheep who have an agenda against churches or they are the lone wolves who want to go their own way. They join other lost souls and next they are giving their virgin daughter to the leader. I am sure the Lost sheep of Harold Camping would definitely give there child to him if he asked. He would show them in the Bible and they would believe it. They would thank him for taking their child. I am not saying Harold camping would do this but this is how people follow man and not God.

Read the Bible and God will open the verses to you. If you must get an opinion ask more than one believer. After asking more than one believer, pray to God for the truth and then in “HIS” time it will be revealed. The callers of the Open Forum “ONLY” accept the Wizard's answers and make him God

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  1. Well said, brother. The followers of Camping are allowing themselves to be spoon fed. Camping brooks no dissent. Now it is also clear that God uses men and women and children to do His work and in a special manner those who are set over the churches as clearly shown by His selection of the 12 and the later appointment of overseers and presbyters in the growing communities of Christians. There are many gifts and offices in the Church (cf 1 cor. 12).