The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Friday, March 25, 2011

What the lost sheep of Harold Camping can learn from Doubting Thomas

Harold Camping Followers have no say, the go merry along with whatever Harold says

They sit with Bibles but it is only a show. The camera person always includes a shot of people studying the scriptures as their leader speaks. This is all good television but is it a bit of a scam. Harold Camping is the final authority on all subjects.

The followers ask their questions at the end of his one hour monolog . It always goes the same way. They ask, he answers, they shut up.

The lost sheep of this man have no thoughts at all.
He is Jesus to them. NO ONE DARE STAND UP TO HIM
He is the all knowing and to question him means you do not believe the bible.

The lost sheep of Camping can learn a good lesson from The Disciple Thomas.
When Jesus came back to life and spoke with the disciples remember Thomas was not there. When the disciples told him Jesus was alive he said “

NO WAY..I will never believe that”

Harold Camping followers are no so but follow only Camping's teaching

If we are honest we all think like Thomas. If someone called you tonight and said they saw a dead loved one of yours what would you really think? Lets be honest, 95% of us would say “Get out of here” Don't play like that”..etc

Thomas was REAL.. he took it further..Unless I put my hand in the wound on Christ’s body I will not believe. Thomas was saying “Even seeing I will not believe” I need to feel the wound! This is incredible. Imagine if our Christianity was this real!

The lost sheep of Harold Camping would have believed anything Harold told them
They follow the voice of Camping only

This is the way a cult works, there is only one voice who interprets the Holy book

Jesus said “ My sheep know my voice and they will not follow another”

The followers of Harold Camping are not Christians they are Camping followers. This 90 year old man will probably be gone soon and I do not mean by Rapture but due to his age

Lets hope the lost sheep find the voice of the Lord Jesus afterward.


  1. I am a Christian. I have listened on and off to Harold Camping for a number of years. I don't believe that he knows what he says he knows and I think he has overlaid the Scripture with his own private interpretation. But I would like you to consider that while I believe you are correct in disavowing Camping's interpretations, what you counsel amounts to an argument in favor of private interpretation. Jesus indeed established His Church hierarchically as seen in the Gospels and in the Epistles. He said to His Apostles: "He who hears you hears Me."Another point I'd like to have you consider is your praise of Thomas for his little faith. Our Lord was merciful to Thomas but note what He said to him: "Blessed are they who believe and have not seen." I'd be happy to talk further if you wish.

  2. Very good points. It really does underscore the fact that we must be careful who we get our interpretation of the Scriptures from. Thank you for your comments

  3. I'm not really into religion.
    Fact is i would love to believe in God/jesus or whatever comes my way but no-one i repeat no-one that i know that is religious and believes in god has made me believe..

    Because i can't believe n something that has not been proven to be real.

    I prayed to god / jesus many times on moments i wish they existed but never ever got a response back.. but neverthelss, i am really scared of this message.. 21 may... :( mail me for thouhts, there is not any good information about this and god/jesu.. so enlighten me