The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Thursday, May 26, 2011

14 year old girl kills herself over Harold Camping scare of May 21 2011

I have stated from the beginning of this site that Harold Camping is not a Christian and that he is very dangerous to listen to. He is abusing the listener and airwaves with a message of fear and hate that is not of God. This man must have his radio show pulled from the airwaves. A girl who knew she was not a Christian had started to listen to Harold Camping. She believed his lie that the world was ending on May 21 2011 and did a horrible thing


The suicide letter from the 14 year old showed that she believed that she was going to die in pain and go to hell. The girl thought it best to take her life

Here is a part of her final life letter

“We are not righteous people, only they will go to heaven, the others will stay here on Earth to go through terrible sufferings,” she wrote.

“I don’t want to die like the others. That’s why I’ll die now."

I believe that Harold Camping is responsible for this girl's death and that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I believe this man should be imprisoned

Harold Camping makes it seem so real when he speaks his Satanic Bible interpretations
Camping is not a Christian, I believe he does not care who gets hurt or loses their money. This End of the world Scam is all about Camping and it ended in DEATH

Harold Camping has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ..TELL OTHERS TO TURN HIM OFF!

This old man of 90 years convinced a 14 year old girl that her life was over

This 90 year old wind bag has lived a full life and now he helped stop a child from living

How to get rid of Harold Camping
A great way would be to blink him into the Corn field.

Now, It would be great if we could wish Harold Camping into the Corn field but we cannot

People like Harold Camping do not leave easily. The devil in them love the publicity. He is an old man and even his wife refuses to be seen publicly with him.

After May 21 2011 Harold Camping should have resigned. He could have at least left with a little dignity. This would have been embarrassing but honorable



He curses the churches PUBLICLY and they do not fight back. A Christian must pray that this man be silenced! Christians should be crying out to God that God will close the mouth of this man anyway possible! I am praying that God will shut his mouth!

Amazingly Christians will still watch his show and play with this demonic doctrine The churches waited too long to shut the mouth on Camping, waiting causes evil to spread. We must condemn this man publicly and push our churches to have him removed from the air

Think about this! The Billion dollar powerful Catholic Church could ask for his license to be taken and I am sure the FCC would do it in a second!

They could Blink his show to the corn field

There are enough Mega Rich Churches that could finance the most powerful lawyers to have Camping removed in a week! Yet we do nothing

I feel he should face murder charges for that girl's death or at least be dragged into court to pay Millions to her family. Yet so many Christians will turn on the Open Forum and say "I don’t agree with him but I still listen to him"

To listen to the Open Forum is to ask Satan to please read you a Bible story..How do you justify to the Holy Spirit that you are watching Harold Camping?

Listening to Camping is playing with the devil

The Bible says the Devil comes to Rob, Kill and Destroy..Harold Camping has now done all 3!

Camping preaches straight HATE! Hatred of Churches..Homosexual..etc... he says all are doomed to hell that disagrees with him!

One person can make a difference to get him off the air. I started this site with not one viewer but the power of the Holy Spirit has spread the message of this devil (Harold Camping) to over 1 million people in less than 3 months on this site!

Imagine what The Churches could do with their money and influence. They could smash Camping off the map!

These are rich dominations, Catholic, Protestant, Seven day Adventist..etc..ONLY one of these could protest (with powerful Lawyers) and have Camping gone in less than a week!

A girl is dead because we did nothing and all those who laughed(and turned a blind eye) at Camping or listen to him must share in some blame.

There was a man who ALONE in prison started a hate speech and here is how it ENDED!

The Open forum is really hate speech masked as the Bible..Why not pray that God please shut the mouth of this man?

14 year old Nastya Zachinova is gone....but this man keeps speaking

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Camping Follower's God(Harold Camping) finally came out of hiding

He ran like a Thief in the night, leaving his blind followers without a voice. The followers had no answers on May 21st. They were mocked and laughed at. Why such harsh treatment to the follower's of Harold Camping? Well, to many people the followers of Harold Camping were some of the rudest people you could meet. They were arrogant, boastful and smiled as they spoke of the millions that would die on May 21. It felt good for people to laugh at them. And that is what the whole world did...laugh at them.

Waiting for God to speak

Harold Camping abandoned those who funded his big rapture scam. As six o'clock hit he was no where to be found

The man with the big mouth (who could not shut up) doomed everyone to hell. He was to float up to Heaven. Once again his prophesy failed

He waited until he knew he was safe and the crowd would not attack him..then he suddenly opened the door to his home


Silence is what he and his followers expressed when Judgment day did not happen. Why were the lost sheep followers so silent? Where was the bragging and reciting of Harold Camping literature?

The reason they had nothing to say was because they do not know the Bible

The followers of Harold Camping are not followers of Christ they are followers of Harold Camping. they have been spoon fed all the answers from Harold Camping, they have learned not to think. They have learned only numbers and Judgment. He is their voice and the voice of God to his followers. On Sunday May 22nd while the followers waited for their Earthquake and the death of millions the real “God” gave most of the world an incredibly beautiful day. The proof that they are not Christians is that the followers all said they were waiting for Camping to speak. They needed his interpretation. The Bible is nothing to them without Harold Camping

For a brief 24 hours they were forced to search the Bible for the first time without Camping: It was kind of like this for them without Harold Camping

What my own family experienced years ago (I had 2 family members in a Christian Cult)
is that when a Cult is exposed the leaders usually hide. The followers are usually speechless because they have given their voice away to the leader. Here is the picture of a Harold Camping follower who gave away his life savings of $100,000 to promote Harold Camping May 21 End of the world.

He was to be beamed up to Heaven..and waited..and..waited...he was publicly mocked and laughed at

Most of the Followers had no idea that Family Radio was worth $122 Million dollars. Many bought Old man Camping's lie. He gives them the image of a Humble 90 year old volunteer. What has been revealed is that they have taken in millions from the lost sheep followers while they held on to their own money.

When asked if He would give the money back Camping said “Of course not... it is only money” He has millions but they are what..

CAMPING(A millionaire) SAID: NO MONEY BACK ..WHAT'S THE BIG they lost some money..

See video

The spiritual lesson for the Christian is that you do not need Harold Camping. The message is clear. Jesus spoke of people like Harold Camping, Jesus said when trouble came they would run and that is what Harold Camping did. He is a coward and an egomaniac. He left his followers to fend for themselves. He ran in the night and hid out

Camping waited to see if there would be some riot at the office or if things would really get ugly. He waited and did not speak and his blind followers had no answers.

A look at the Family Radio website shows that all the May 21 Judgment articles are gone! LIKE MAGIC! What has not be taken out is the “Donate” button. Yep, they are still asking for money!

The real God does not abandon you nor is he drooling for the death of millions as Camping followers wanted. Harold Camping is not a Christian. I doubt if he will apologize or change his ways. Camping is 90 years old and probably will be dead soon.

The real message is to speak to God yourself. Harold Camping became a multimillion living as a false Prophet. He lied and misrepresented God, he is a fake.

A Cult experience usually ruins a family. It takes a long time to heal. I suspect Family Radio will drop the predictions and still beg for money.


****Although we are still getting 5,000 new visitors a day I may close this site forever this week. We reached over 100,000 people over the weekend due to Twitter and Face-book, with the sharing of all the posts we exposed over 1 million people to Harold Camping in 5 days

This site was started with only 3 viewers and ends with over 1 million having viewed it in 25 countries(in about 2 months) By the power of God (The real God)we exposed this Foolish old man

Thank you for all the comments

A Special thanks to Cindy and Charmae and those who fasted and prayed for the Followers

Cindy you are a gem, your husband is blessed to have such a wonderful Christian woman. I know I will see you at the real return of Christ

God Bless you

God Bless you*****

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Harold Camping pulled off the Biggest money scam in Christian History

Harold Camping has pulled off the biggest money scam in Christian History. Without having to leave his little Studio radio station Camping built a $125 million dollar empire all from faithful followers convinced they were going to disappear into thin air this morning

While they were safe and sound with Jesus we “regular” Christians and non Christians would experience the worst terror in human history

The biggest money scam and EGO in Christian History

In 2009 it is estimated that $38 million dollars was given to Camping's Radio Station as the scare date of May 21 2011 came closer. The numbers are not in for 2010 but we are looking at $65 million dollars in donation for 2010!

How did he do it? How did he convince so called Christians to follow him?

Here is the Camping plan:

First he convinced his followers (AND HIMSELF) that only he could interpret the Bible. He called himself an expert while all others (Priest,Ministers,Pastor,Reverends) were not


He used the Bible to show his followers that all churches were evil and his followers bought it 100%

Camping followers were also those who were not strong church goers

His followers were mainly lone wolf Christians without a strong church connection

To get answers about Jesus or the Bible you had to see the Wizard..AND THE WIZARD HAROLD CAMPING ALONE!

All were off the see Camping


As the song said “Because of the wonderful things he does”

THE BIG HOOK: The world will End “I found the secret code!”


Camping convinced his mindless followers that the world was ending and they did not need money! He found what he called the “seventh seal code” that allowed him to find the secret end of the world date. He asked them to give money to spread the message that the world was ending.

They figured “ We do not need money.... the sky is failing..they sold homes, turned in apartments and quit jobs. Many gave away their bank accounts

Folks, I know this sounds like a Bad science fiction movie but sadly this is real!

Camping: guaranteed the world was over! AND HE GOT ANGRY! "IT IS GUARANTEED MAY 21 is the date!! he said

His followers became Camping disciples and took to the streets, the money poured in from Camping begging on his radio and television..THAT HE COULD NOT BE WRONG!

Camping made sure his followers cut all connections with churches. To speak with those in the church was to speak with the devil

Basically the brains of these people needed to be removed to convince them. All bible questions went to Camping on his television show called the Open Forum. The brainless were now truly brainless

But today their was no missing people. 200 million did not float into heaven the way Camping guaranteed. Ohhhh..but Something did float away


Well ofcourse the T-shirts and banners have disappeared. And of course the money has disappeared. Everything has disappeared except what was suppose to disappear, Camping's followers into the sky!

They were to leaving us with disease,earthquakes and rotting flesh as they when to paradise with Jesus. As one woman said about Camping followers “ If these are the people going to heaven I really don't want to go”

As for Harold Camping followers, I have battled them since February.

They have yelled at me, put their hands in my face and tried 2 times to take this site down. I feel they will be lost without Harold Camping, I do not think they will return to church. I think they may be to brain washed. This site has exposed Harold Camping in over 20 countries and to countless readers, to God be the Glory!

As for Harold Camping: HERE'S TO YOU MR CAMPING! The man who cursed all Pastors,Christians,Churches and thought himself so smart that HE figured out the date of Jesus return. The man who said milions of children would die today as he escaped safely

This video is for you sir!

The Lesson of Harold Camping and his failed May 21 2011 prediction

Today is a beautiful warm Sunny day of May 21 2011( not an earthquake in the sky) This is the day that God has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. There is a great lesson that can be learned from the once again wrong “End of the world” prediction of Harold Camping

This man who has made himself a worldwide fool by creating his own bible interpretations has left a great lesson behind to the blind followers

We can learn from his failures: How quickly did you abandon the original gospel that you were taught because of new found information? What was it about Camping that appealed to so many? How did he fool so many so called Christians? Was it his old grandfather style that was so convincing? Or was it his claim to be an expert? Regardless of what it was we have to learn to turn off the nonsense.

Yet so many who knew that Camping was wrong still were tempted each day to watch his TV show called "The Open forum" I promised to watch the Open forum for 30 days to get an accurate picture of his teaching for this site. I was forced to stop at 28 days (between February and March ) Why? Because this is what he did to my brain

..I vowed to never turn him on again!

What causes so called Christians to listen to a teaching that called for them to abandon all that they were taught from Jesus because a “self taught” old man claimed to be THE NEW AUTHORITY

A man calling himself an expert: (With no formal training ) Appeared on television and told “so call” Christians to

Camping: Leave church..Satan is the King of all Churches!
Viewer: Sounds good to me!

Camping : I am an expert on the Bible and I will answer any question!

Viewer: Great! I have Bible questions! Why read the book myself?..boooring!

Camping: Baptism is dead and so is Communion!

Viewer : Great! I never really liked grape juice

How could a television show turn so many away from believing the original gospel of Jesus Christ?

Well, television makes thing look so real “The Biggest loser” “American idol” “Top Model”..It looks so real but it is just a show

For Christians the Camping Open Forum show became the Christian “Reality show”

Harold Camping was also the new Google: Ask any question and get and immediate Bible answer!


Yep, She said it! So we NEED Harold Camping to tell us what Jesus really means. He became the Bible google

Yet so many believed this was fine. Regardless of the answer he gave.. it was good enough for them. God had spoken!

Camping said the world was over and they believed!! The first time I watched Camping I thought he was a Christian. It took me about 3 days before I realized he was not a Christian. I suffered through him for 25 more days so I could appeal to his followers

Thank God the Holy Spirit showed me something was wrong with him early

To all those who were fooled by Camping I have discovered that the simplest things in life can reveal the truth. There is no secret bible code! There is no "End of the world code" or Jesus secrets hidden in the Bible

Need to learn Jesus? just read the Gospel of St.John and ask God to open the truth to you...You will be fine after that..NO Harold Camping necessary

To the followers of Camping, they have lost their knowledge of God. They have lost the ability to think or read a Scripture without a Harold Camping thought

Under the influence of Harold Camping the Bible is not the same book and the follower loses the ability to think( without Camping) They have become mindless

Harold Camping is not a Christian, he does not follow any of the teachings of Jesus He searches for secret codes and spits out a new Bible

Many will watch the Open Forum this week to see why the world did not end


Who really cares what excuse he gives! After watching him for 3 days I knew he was either insane or satanic. There is no need to turn on the Open forum to hear his excuse...

He is arrogant and probably will never repent for May 21 2011 so why listen to him?

The greater danger that Camping has done is to convince so many people to leave church. Some may never go back!

He will probably say “ Just because May 21 2011 did not happen are you going to run back to church! The devil is in there! You can't run back there!

This is why I think the best solution is to never listen to him again

As for Mr Camping and his once again failed date

He needs to repent and drop to his 90 year old knees! For he is old and probably at the end of life..As one commenter stated "At his age Judgment day really is soon"

This post was written at 6:00 am USA time ...And I known it will be a Beautiful May 21st..God is Good!

Today a sick Old man named Harold Camping dreams of death ..he says Millions will DIE!...and the world will be destroyed TODAY!..LET HIM and his followers drool for their Earthquake!..

Lets the rest of us celebrate life and love..and the BEAUTIFUL PLANET WE WERE GIVEN BY THE CREATOR...

see video

Friday, May 20, 2011

Harold Camping: Give us your Money! Because no one will need it on May21st

Personally I do not care how much money Harold Camping has but I do care that foolish so called Christians are giving away their life saving for a May 21 End of the world that is not going to happen. Here is what has happened as of yesterday. Many families have split up over this.

Thousands have emptied bank accounts and parents are telling their children goodbye( Harold Camping says millions of Children will be destroyed tomorrow)

Harold Camping: Children are not guaranteed heaven... millions of them will die tomorrow. This sick and arrogant old man has done more harm to Christianity then all the Atheists combined.

One Camping follower kissed his children goodbye and explained that daddy is going to disappear tomorrow and the kids may not be able to go

Harold Camping is not a Christian and he is not a Bible teacher. He is an old man obsessed with the End of the world but foolishly Christians will send him their last dime convinced they will disappear tomorrow.

A true Christian can stand firm that there is no end of the world tomorrow

If Jesus says only God knows then that would make Camping God..since Camping claims to know! Camping is saying I have cracked a hidden God code and that is May 2011!

Yet we are afraid to jinx ourselves and say the date is NONSENSE..which it clearly is...A Christian must state clearly that there is NO JUDGMENT DAY MAY 21


The finances of Harold Camping and his company FAMILY RADIO have come public and many are shocked to learn how much he has pocketed from the May 21 End of the world scare

Here are the staggering numbers of tax free money! Released to the press yesterday!

IN 2009 (during the height of the USA recession and joblessness) Camping started begging for money to tell people the world was over on MAY 21 2011

IN A RECCESION YEAR(2009) THEY TOOK IN A STAGGERING $38 million dollars All from tax free donations to the End of the World!!

Harold Camping and family radio was shown yesterday to be worth $122 million dollars!


All from dumped "so called" Christians supporting his end of the world date instead of Jesus' claim that no man knows the date

And show Camping the money his blind followers did to an estimated total of $44 million in 2 years!

Harold Camping was asked yesterday about the people who have cleaned out their bank accounts and he gave the usual slick Camping answer

“ We do not tell people how much to give”

Camping is a slick liar so you have to read between everything he says. He is not a Christian

What Camping was saying is “ We DO tell you to give but NOT how much!.... If you are dumb enough to empty your bank account that is your business..shall we take another call”

Financial record show Camping “donated” $100,000 back into his Family Radio Station (reported on his taxes last year) He pays his employees on average $19,000 a year

(look on the bright side. they can still qualify for food stamps)

Why would so called Christians give him their last dime? Well you see Camping has figured out God and God is the big math equation in the sky

Here is Camping's God graft that has scared the world

God is NOT a Math equation and neither is the return of Jesus!

Notice the satanic lies at the bottom of his graft 5= atonment 17= Heaven..etc..all from this sick man's head not the Bible! Yet thousands will clean out their bank accounts and leave their families based on this insane man's math!

Camping followers are a cult: They have left churches to follow him


God is Love+ Jesus gave his life in LOVE for all = LOVE

This disgrace that Camping has done is a good example for the true Christian to stop listening to these clowns and scam artist!



Remember these faces: Not to shame them but to remind yourself of how we can become fools for a man's doctrine

If you cannot comfortably say “There is no Judgment day tomorrow you trust Camping over Jesus

I believe Camping will retire from the radio station in the coming weeks. He will take with him the largest retirement payday in USA history....

Lets leave with another so called Christian woman who convinced the poor to give their last grocery money away...oh yeah... she is rich

The polluting of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a shame..God help us

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jesus will NOT Return on May 21 2011: How to expose the Harold Camping lie

There will be no return of Jesus on May 21 2011 as Harold Camping has predicted. There is NO RETURN OF JESUS ON MAY 21ST and I will gladly show you how you can know this. First off I must say thank God that the majority of Christians( over 98% surveyed by USA Today) do not believe the nonsense of May 21 2011 as Judgment day.

Harold Camping is a false prophet or an insane 90 year old man and most know this.

I do have a message to the Christians who say “maybe it is or maybe it isn’t does not matter”

With all due respect please DON'T BE A DUMMY

Jesus was clear on the matter “No man knows the day or hour(nor angels or the son...ONLY GOD)”

Now the last time I checked Harold Camping was a man so this includes him

( But we have to find the root of his Lie which many will miss..I will reveal it today)

To say it might be May 21st is to say that Harold Camping can find the date and this would make Jesus a liar. To say it might be the May 21st is to say Harold Camping can cracked some special Bible code which God NEVER said exists

If you say that Harold Camping may be right then Jesus is a liar or Jesus is wrong..PERIOD!

Harold Camping would then be God if you agree with May 21 2011..because ONLY God can know..assuming Jesus told the truth

Actually, the fact that Camping says MAY 21 means that it can never be that date if you believe Jesus..which I do!

Now, I know Camping is not God and I know Jesus is not a liar so I can KNOW that MAY 21 is NOT the return of Jesus

How does Harold Camping get around the Bible verse that says “No one can know”?


Readers of this site know that Harold Camping is one of the slickest anti Christs to come alone in a very long time. He blends the Bible with his own thoughts and assigns messages to numbers, he then spits out an interpretation which his mindless followers take as God himself speaking.

He is President of a multi million dollar Radio and Television airwaves Station that allows him to pump his satanic bible interpretations to millions 24 hours a day

This is how he says Jesus does not meant it anymore that we cannot know the date

How Camping gets around the “No man can know” statement of Jesus

Here is the quick and to the point explanation

The Prophet Isiah asked God when the End was and God told him basically

“None of your business..Go your way the seal is closed!”

over 400 years later St John received his “revelation” of the end times

(This is where most of all the End of the world information comes from in the Bible “the Book of revelations”)

Bottom line: In Revelation a seal (the seventh seal) can only be opened by Jesus(Jesus opened the seal)

Here is the Harold Camping interpretation in a Nutshell

“The seal Jesus opens is the one Isiah could not, now that Jesus opened it we can all play guessing games on who can solve the date for the end of the world”


1. The Bible does not say that the seal Jesus opened in revelation is the same seal that was locked to Isiah 400 PLUS years earlier

2. The Bible does not say that Jesus opened any seal to reveal any date that allows us to play guessing game

Camping is drawing his own conclusion(as usual) that the seals are the same and now he can spend half his life chasing the secret code that Jesus opened. That is it! Completely!

This is total NONSENSE..Camping is obsessed with breaking a Bible code that does not exist: He has spent 54 years trying to break the God Code for the end time date and he keeps failing

Camping was so Happy to prove he was a genius that he released the Famous 1994 End of the world prediction..HE FOUND THE HOLY SECRET!!..But it blew up on him...Something like this


Every single Theologian, Clergyman,Priest,Minister,Muslim and True Believer in Jesus Christ has rejected Camping's prediction formula

God or Jesus never EVER said there was a secret code in the Bible! But that does not stop this silly old man from looking for it

Harold Camping is arrogant and will spend the rest of his life looking for the End of the world code

He is not a Christian. He has an unhealthy obsession with the “End of the world”

He States he has Spent 54 years trying to find out the End of the world..really?

The Bible is a puzzle to Camping that he cannot put down. He has an obsession with the Bible. He has no training in the bible and is not qualified to teach.

He is back again saying he cracked the code(that the Bible never stated exist) again

This time it is May 21 2011

There is no secret Bible code. If you are a Christian and you say May 21st 2011“might be right” then you have made Jesus a liar or made Camping God...Why? because Jesus says ONLY GOD KNOWS THE END DATE..and Camping is no God

Often we must learn from the children


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Difference Between a Bible Obsession and a CHRISTIAN

Harold Camping is a Bible Obsessed man but he is NOT a Christian. People are often fooled to believe that a person who studies the Bible is a follower of Christ. This is one of the main ways cults hook victims. The Bible is the “tool” but that does not mean that the person teaching is a Christian!

Harold Camping is “Bible obsessed” and I am going to show you how a Bible Obsession can be unhealthy

Here is Camping's quotes about himself

“ I decided to make the Bible my university. I decided I would dedicate my life to the constant study of this book. I have spent 54 years of my life in the study of the Bible”

Do not mistake his "Bible obsession" for a love of God and others. He does not say he loves Christ. His Obsession is the End of the World.

What you will notice on Harold Camping's program is the after 54 years of studying the Bible the word “love” is missing from his program and his followers.

Harold Camping is not a minister, theologian, pastor or priest

He is a man with a Bible obsession and this can be deadly to the follower in a cult. A Christian is a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Harold Camping does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ; he “Searches for Bible messages”

He supply his own weird Bible answers(which appear GODLY) on his TV show

Camping does not speak of the love God, he speaks of ONLY Judgment and hatred of Churches. This is his Bible obsession!


Let's enter the mind of the Bible obsessed person

Let's go back a few years, 2 young guys (20 years is me) were gladly serving God and visiting sick people in the hospital. We met a great patient(let's call him Tom) who had a great personality. Tom said he was a Christian and was in the hospital for anxiety( he stated that the doctors would not release him)

He was a Bible lover and we had great visits with him over 4 weeks


Tom was very upset that the doctors would not release him and we had enough, we spoke to the psychiatrist and demanded Tom's release. The doctor very boldly told us we would be asked to leave the hospital if we made more demands on patient releases

Here is how the scene played out

Christians: Why are you holding this man against his will, he is obviously fine!

Doctor: Are you 2 doctors?

Christians: We feel he is being held because he reads his Bible all day!

Doctor: The Bible is THE problem...HE HAS A BIBLE obsession ! LIKE MANY IN THE PSYCH WARD!

Later we learned that many mentally ill people have a bible obsession

Harold Camping is obsessed with numbers. In Camping's mind

7= completion 23= Judgment..etc (The Bible says no such thing)

Harold Camping mixes numbers meaning with the Bible and it attracts the unstable

Like this SEE VIDEO


We ran into Tom 3 weeks later and had a great lunch with him. But He was sad to tell us that he was dying soon

Tom: I just came to say good bye to you guys. You are really nice guys and I could not tell you in the hospital but...

"I am Jesus and I will be 33 next month so I must die"

Over the years I have discovered that Tom is a Schizophrenic. Often these people have an unhealthy Bible Obsession

Harold Camping is not a Christian,he has a Bible Obsession and his own radio and television program to promote his agenda

The Bible is the word of God but not everyone reading or interpreting it is a follower of the Jesus


A Bible Obsessed man from the 1960's. You will probably call him crazy today but he was a “normal” Bible Obsessed person who influenced many. He was seldom seen without a Bible and was obsessed with the End of the world (like Harold Camping)

Here is how he ended up many years later


The danger of Harold Camping is that he is playing with the mentally ill who follow his show. There are may unstable and mentally ill people who will be drawn to this end of the world message of May 21. They are obsessed with Camping's smooth voice. I consider Harold Camping the worst of the cult leaders. I truly believe he does not care one bit that he will be wrong on Saturday. His followers (of which many are mentally ill) will be confused when they do not disappear Saturday

lets pray that they will not do anything scary. After Saturday I am sure they still will not abandon Harold Camping

I believe Harold Camping has an obsession with the "End of the World" His madness is not that he believes in God but with his "obsession with Judgment day"

Camping states that it took him 54 years to "figure out" Judgment day. Does that sound like Christianity or the words of Jesus?

To the Harold Camping followers you will never hear this on Open Forum but here is the Command of Jesus

John 13:34 "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another

***This site which started only about 2 months ago reaches over 5000 new people a day
(All thanks to God)

We are read in Sweden,Japan,China,South Africa,New Zealand..and over 13 other countries everyday. As long as Harold Camping is hurting the body of Christ we will report on what he is doing****

***All may comment freely regardless of beliefs..but please keep it clean***

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How an Ex Bible Teacher became a Cult Leader

A Family Radio Boss quit working for Harold Camping after Camping's first false prediction that the world would end back in 1994. According to Pat Roy, When he called Camping after the 1994 failed prediction he was surprised by Camping's attitude. Camping's Attitude was ”So what... I guess God gave people more time”

Harold Camping did not care that so many trusted his 1994 End of the world date

This site has mentioned that Harold Camping does not care if you spend your last dime promoting his May 21 End of the world date

Do not expect a dime back on the 22nd


People wake up to the fact that 200 million are not floating away on May 21 2011

Pat Roy says Harold Camping is an old man obsessed with the date picking

I have stated that Harold Camping is either an old senile man or Satan possessed

He is not a Christian. The word Christian means "Christ like" and a follower of Jesus' teaching and that Camping does NOT

Harold Camping is also a Liar. He says today that the 1994 date was never a “real” prediction but Pat Roy spoke to Camping back in 1994 and Camping gave Roy a different answer as to why the world did not end in 1994.

Camping says 1994 was right BUT God delayed!

Here is what Camping told Roy on a telephone call when the world did not end

Camping quote

“God delayed his judgment because setting the date caused more people to repent and turn to God - much like the Biblical story of Jonah and the city of Nineveh, which was set for destruction by God but was spared after the residents repented their sins”

When nothing happens on the 22nd this may be the answer Camping gives. God gave everybody a break to repent but the date was right

Camping is not a Bible teacher. He is a millionaire (maybe insane) who own a Radio Station. As one minister said

“ No one would ever allow Harold Camping to teach the Bible so he went ahead and started to use his own Radio Station to put out his own gospel”

Pat Roy has publicly asked for Harold Camping to stop teaching.

Gaylan Smith an expert teacher on the Bible doubts Camping is a born-again Christian and even compared Camping to a cult-type leader

Saint Paul warned Christians to stop being seduced by false leaders!

How did this once Bible teacher turn to cult leader?

I have had 2 family members in a cult and I can says Cults form when ONE PERSON IS KING AND THE FINAL ANSWER TO THE BIBLE

Camping was fired from his Bible teaching job because he wanted to create his own doctrine

Harold Camping use to have 2 partners who started the Radio Station with him. They both left when Camping started his own weird Bible doctrine

Camping stated on his Open forum Television program in March " They all left because they thought I was crazy"

Camping was left alone as the Head of the complete operation!

This allowed him complete control to preach whatever he liked. With no one to oppose him... Sadly... The Camping Bible was born

He could preach hatred of the Churches that fired him! No Baptism! No Communion and his favorite..THE END OF THE WORLD!

With no one to Challenge him the Camping Bible Doctrine was born!

As ruler and King of Family Radio Camping became a loose cannon with his own Television and Radio Station

This is the horrible Bible teaching that his blind followers live by and that is pumped out to millions daily

No true Christian would follow Camping's teachings. His message draws those who are either not in church or the lone wolf Christian. The lone wolf Christian is misunderstood and often does not have any other people to fellowship with. I was once a lone wolf christian but it is NOT how Christians are called to be


EXAMPLE: Like Camping we will exam another famous end of the world preacher who started “normal”

He was well spoken and liked by all. He was respected in the Christian community. He had a beautiful vision of racial harmony. He was given a State award for his racially harmonious church. This was a model of what Christianity should be!

BUT…Like Harold Camping he took over complete control. No one else was allowed to make any decisions or interpret the Bible

It starts when there is only ONE voice and ONE teacher

Camping has built a whole radio station around is OWN Bible beliefs NOT the Bible

Jim Jones was a normal preacher. He helped spread racial unity in the Churches and his church was a model of racial harmony coming out of the early 70's. He was well respected and had a huge following. Like Camping, Jim Jones found "New Information" in the Bible and took complete control

SEE VIDEO (Notice the racial harmony and Bible)

This is not to say that Family Radio followers will follow this path but we must speak up. We must realize that there is a sick 90 year old man with access to a Radio Station that is drawing many unstable people.

Would the Followers of Camping (dressed in his message on the streets)have followed Jim Jones?

This site by the power of GOD will continue to spread the news that there is a sick old man who is destroying the Bible, promoting his own agenda and destroying families

He is a poison

Yet Camping supporters have painted their faces,Cars and wear signs promoting May 21st as the day the world ends. All because a silly old man has convinced them he found a Bible code that shows 200 million people will float into the sky in 5 days. The same code he found before in 1994...THE POWER OF TELEVISION RULING THE MINDS

Monday, May 16, 2011

Harold Camping: NO Money refunds on the 22nd! But look on the bright side.. Millions will die!

Harold Camping will not address the issue of refunds when the world does not end on Saturday. He states that he never told anybody to give their money away. Camping, (a Multimillionaire who has guaranteed the start of the end of the world on May 21 st) does not like discussing his brainless followers who have cleaned out their bank accounts due to the fact that they feel there will be no need for money after the 21st

One of Camping's followers (let’s call him “John”)

has not only cleaned out the bank account but left his wife!

He was interviewed this week and here was his quote

“You know, I have to trust God. My wife does not believe in May 21. I have to do what is right and follow God. I feel sorry for her but I have to choose God over her. None of my family believes me. I feel sorry they are going to be left behind next week”

The issue of money is becoming a hot topic as stories are coming out about people spending their last penny because they believe there is only 6 days of life left

Many have been taken in by the message of Harold Camping and this is really a serious subject. This man is ruining lives and destroying families. The circus atmosphere is a shame. Many lives will never be the same but Camping will not care how broke you are on the 22nd. This is what a cult does, it destroys the lives of not only the members but also of the families of those in the cult

Christian Cults feed on a person’s love of God. The leader is someone who has all control and no one may oppose him. He is the ONLY voice of Authority as Camping is at Family Radio( He is the President)

Camping is an Old man of 90, he may be insane or senile. He is possibly demon possessed. Camping has convinced his members to leave church and follow his doctrine of No Church, No Baptism. No Communion. For his followers his teachings are as if God himself spoke.

He may be the most dangerous cult leader in a long time due to the fact that he owns a Media station that reaches millions daily.

Camping is not a Christian and his followers are some of the weirdest that I have ever encountered! He is an old man who has created his own doctrine by piecing the Bible together as a puzzle and mixing in numerology.

He has blind followers who take to the street to preach “Harold Camping” but they call it a Bible message

Harold Camping is not humble at all. He is an arrogant man who refuses to give back the money that people will lose due to this May 21 End of the world nonsense

NPR Radio has estimated the financial value of Camping’s radio station at 70 million dollars! Yet his followers keep sending him more money!

A caller to Harold Camping’s Open forum expressed that many are giving their hard earned money away and Camping got angry! All Camping wanted to talk about was that MILLIONS WILL DIE!! The followers of Camping love JUDGMENT. It is their JOY.

Does this sound like Jesus to you? Would you follow this man?

Here is the CALL Watch the Video

This May 21 has nothing to do with Jesus or the Bible. Camping says 200 million people will float into heaven this Saturday and The Greatest Earthquake in human history will happen as well. MIllions will die on Saturday and Million more every day after

This has all been created in the mind of a sad 90 year old millionaire who has possible mental issues.

This is not a Bible teacher... this is a sad joke

Yet, People will dress themselves in Billboards and become a clown for him

God help us

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Man spends Life Saving Promoting Harold Camping May21 End of the world

A retired worker has spent his whole life saving (20 years retirement income) to advertise Harold Camping’s May 21 2011 End of the world in the Subway. Yes folks, it is Camping's End of the world date not God's.

Robert Patrick worked 20 years for the Transit system and retired with a pretty nice saving. He is convinced Camping is right and has spent his full $100,000 in saving on Subway and Bus ads ( He is standing next to one of the Ads)

He is 60 years old and has used all his savings. The cost of advertising in the subways is expensive and he will have nothing left as of DOOMS DAY (May21st)

Harold Camping says the world is over on May 21 2011 (actually Judgment day starts)

Camping followers are spending their last penny because there will be no need for cars,money,food are anything after May 21st

(The Transit Authority commented that they were glad to get the Money and feel no guilt over taking it)

Camping followers have left Christianity for Camping teachings. I have spoken to a few Harold Camping members and many have contacted this site. I am sorry to say but just like their God "Harold Camping" many of them need professional psychiatric treatment

I am not joking, these are some very scary people. Please understand folks that there is no New Zealand Earthquake starting on May 21 that will roll through the whole world. This is NOT the BIble it is a confused old man's numbers.

(In the next post I will explain how Camping made up the New Zealand earthquake)

Retirement of $110,000 dollars gone while Camping keeps his Millions

Family Radio finances were released last week (NPR RADIO ) and it surprised many to learn that little old "humble" Mr Camping's “Family Radio Station” is worth over 70 million dollars

There is a board of directors at Family Radio of which Harold Camping is the President. Harold Camping is a multimillionaire who brags that he takes no salary and is just a humble 90 year old volunteer

His followers may not realize this but he OWNS THE $70 MIILION DOLLAR RADIO STATION!! Of course he takes no salary!

How much money do you think the Lost sheep followers of Harold Camping are going to get back from him on May 22? NOT A PENNY

Yesterday Camping said “ I never told anyone what to do with their money”

There will be many lawsuits on the 22nd but his followers will lose. They have been deceived by a possibly insane or demonic possessed 90 year old man pumping his fake Bible on the air 24 hours a day.

What would make people lose all intelligence and wear a sign, print hats or paint the date May 21 2011 END OF THE WORLD on their cars?

Harold Camping would not dress like this or stand on a corner but leaders do not have to, blind followers are willing to give all to a leader's teaching



Camping has been causes family separations and will ruin finances

We have a possibly mentally ill 90 year old man who says 200 million people will float into the sky next Saturday. He just happens to own a Radio and Tv Station and is pumping out his own Bible version. What would cause people to give him their last penny

Be very careful confronting Camping followers as many of them appear to be very unstable

There is nothing of God in Harold Camping, please avoid him

***I would like to Thank those who have left comments***** I try to stay out of the Comments so you the reader can speak*****

Special Thanks to Strong Christian women like Cindy and Charmae who have left powerful Spiritual help comments***

***Comments are Open to all regardless of Beliefs***

Friday, May 13, 2011

Exposing Harold Camping’s FAKE numbers game to fool people

Harold Camping has decided that the bible is a Big puzzle and numbers game. He creates his own Bible by playing with numbers. He assigns messages to the numbers and then rolls out a bible prediction. Yes folks, this is what the gospel of Jesus Christ has become to the followers of Harold Camping.

I am going to show you how he destroys the bible then we are going to play the same numbers game and make stuff up like he does

The Followers of Harold Camping are hypnotized by his “numbers racket” Any conclusion he reaches is as good as Jesus Christ himself speaking. We are going to show you how he plays this numbers game and expose his nonsense.

Harold Camping assigns messages to numbers. According to Camping, the number 7 means completion, The number 23 means judgment( we must note that Camping followers LOVE Judgment so Harold gives them many Judgment numbers to play with. Example The number 17 also means Judgment to Camping followers)

Here is the basis of how Camping concludes we are at the End of the world

7= Completion x 1000( Why 1000 ? Because the Bible says a year to God is “like” a thousand years)

Total= 7000 years

On the basis of this he claims the 7000 years of earth is complete and The End of the world is here

Want your own followers? Throw in some Old time Christian music, A television show and you have followers ready to bow down to you

Lets play the same game and lets End the world in lets say…..8000 years instead of 7000

Lets give people 1000 more years of Earth!

My apologizes to all the Camping followers drooling for the Judgment and the Giant Earthquake next week..but calm down...this is just an example


Lets use the number 8 in the Bible

Camping considers himself a modern day Noah who God told the date of the Flood

So let’s start with Noah

How many people were saved in Noah’s day…8!

Yes folks 8 were saved by Water at the End of the World!

That is a great End of the world number to play with...8!

Seeing as the first End of the World only 8 people were saved we have a great start

Now let us use Camping's 1000 years ( The Bible says a Day with the Lord is like thousand years)

8x 1000= 8000 years then Jesus returns!

We have added 1000 years to the End of the world! This is Camping Bible teaching folks in a nutshell

But we can even take this deeper and "prove" 8000 is a great fit!

Here is the Bible verse

Here is the SLAM DUNK!

King James Bible:John 20:26 Jesus Appears to the Disciples after the resurrection

And after "EIGHT" days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: [then] came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace [be] unto you.

Yes Folks Jesus returns to his followers 8 days Later!

Times 1000 = 8000

This is how Harold Camping uses false numbers to create his own Bible

CHRISTIANS WAKE UP: Anyone could put on a Television show , preach 8000 year return of Jesus and have tons of followers

With Harold Camping nothing is as it seems 7 is never 7 ...5 is never 5....10 is never 10!



This is what happens to the BIble in Harold Camping's mind. This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ has been reduced to

Camping is a 90 year old man playing with the Bible as a toy

But amazingly people who call themselves "Christian" will Believe all his numbers NONSENSE. They will leave church and follow this man's nonsense

The saving Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple but their are many like Camping who destroy the simple message

Just turn him off

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Harold Camping's REAL Reason for Hating Churches? He was Kicked out of Church in 1988

What many do not know is that Harold Camping is an arrogant and prideful man who hates churches for one reason. He was asked to stop teaching in his church because he was creating his own word of God.

Camping was hurt by this and did what so many angry people do, they get even. Christians have to get wiser when it comes to who is teaching them, the teacher may have an agenda (or a bias and it can comes out in their messages)


Harold Camping was a happy Bible teacher in a church called Alameda CRC, He was very popular and well liked by all. He had been there for many years. The problem started with Camping's obsession with the End of the World and his "Own" doctrine.

He insisted that it was possible to know the date of Jesus return. Camping started going off on his own agenda and preached his “own” doctrine in the classes.

A former member states "He was really obsessed with the End of the world and figuring out when exactly it would be"

At this time his real job was President of Family Radio and he was becoming a Multimillionaire. He was again warned to stop making up his own Bible teachings at the church.

After repeatedly teaching his “own” gospel in the Church Classes he was finally fired as a Bible teacher.

Harold Camping was hurt and about 1/ 3 of the members left the church with him (many were employed by Camping at Family Radio..The boss got fired at church and they left the church with him)

Harold Camping had a powerful tool, his radio station would allow him to teach and teach he would...THE HATRED OF THE CHURCH!...This set up his big payback

Many of these grumpy people over at Family Radio today..are part of the 1/3 who left when Camping was kicked out of the church

( Interesting..The Bible says 1/3 of angels followed Satan when he was kicked out of heaven ..For the same reasons as Camping...PRIDE)

What year did this all happen FOLKS? ..1988!!

According to Camping The Holy Spirit left ALL Churches with Harold Camping in 1988..Camping proclaimed the end of the church age was in i988!

Now... we do not Did Detective Columbo to figure out Campings motives

Columbo: Sorry..Mr.Camping...I know you have all the answers but..Something just ain't right


Camping then Declared that the Holy Spirit left ALL churches and you could NOT be saved in a church!!

It was now the end of the church age according to Camping

He got kicked out so he got revenge! “I will preach that the church is evil and get people to leave”

He has a hatred of the Churches and still and cannot handle that he was fired

His Pride could not handle the lost of the that teaching job

When the Police investigate an office shooting or a company is getting hate mail, the first thing they do is check... Who was fired!

Camping as the mad scientist from the bad Science fiction movie started his “Church hatred doctrine”..All the Bible verses about NON BELIEVERS WOULD NOW MEAN THOSE IN CHURCHES...Ha..Ha..Ha...

Amazingly Camping got rich from the churches with his Radio station. His millions are from the Churches who still must use his Radio Stations to get out the real Christianity message

Camping's millions are from all the Churches who reach the gospel by using Family Radio airwaves which reaches millions of people.

Many of the employees at Family Radio are a part of the 1/3 who left with Camping when he was fired from teaching.

Camping did not find his “new information” that the Churches were EVIL until he lost his job of teaching.


The Open Forum is Camping's Baby. It is his BIG payback to the Churches. He will Teach! On Television and Radio! And he will curse the Churches at the same time!

Stand with Jesus dear readers! The churches are far from perfect but regardless it is the Bride of Christ! (We have all been hurt by someone in church but remember we are not in Heaven yet!)

Imagine if a person with a Radio and TV Show was angry at you..They could publicly disgrace you on Television everyday but eventually the public would notice that the show was NOT truthful

When you see or hear the Open forum, this is NOT sound Bible doctrine. It is from a man who went off on his own to create his own new Bible discoveries. He teaches what he likes and is the BOSS of the station. He answers to NO ONE. What is worst is that the message is coming from a hurt man with a payback agenda, this is NOT of God.


"Shall we take another call....welcome to the Open Forum"

Monday, May 9, 2011

A SUICIDE call to Family Radio and Harold Camping...What did Harold Camping say?

A young woman called Harold Camping on Open forum and said she was so very nervous about May 21st as The End of the world. You could hear how nervous she was and repeated herself often. She was begging for help. Camping has told all that it is guaranteed that May 21 is the end of the world (actually Judgment day). This is how Harold Camping handled this very distraught girl

The Girl: Mr. Camping I don’t know what to do, I know I am not a Christian… (She was very nervous). I do not live right I know I am not a Christian…What should I do Mr. Camping! I cannot think right…you are making me so nervous Mr. Camping what should I do!! What Should I do Mr. Camping!

Harold Camping: Well, excuse me but...(she cuts him off)

The Girl: What should I do Mr. Camping? I am so nervous, I am not a Christian I know I do not live right, what should I do.. Maybe I should kill myself? Mr.Camping..Maybe I should kill myself.!

Harold Camping: Why ask me what you should do? I don’t know

The Girl: Maybe I should kill myself! Maybe I should kill myself!

Harold Camping: You may be one of the ones chosen to go to Heaven on May 21… I don’t know

The Girl: I don’t live right Mr. Camping….I am so scared what should I do Mr. Camping?

Harold Camping (in a very low voice) Kill yourself?... Why not cry out to God, (in a very low voice) you should be crying out to God that you are chosen for May 21…You still have time left to cry out to God before May 21

At this point Camping had no answers. No “Christian” advice. No numbers to play with…A true Christian would have had a real answer for that girl

Harold Camping: We need to go to our next caller…Shall we take our next call…… Welcome to Open forum!

What a horrible testimony to Jesus Christ that Harold Camping gave…it is shameful

He never once said “Please do not harm yourself”

He never once said “God loves you”

Harold Camping has created his own Gospel from his own numbers and is spending millions to promote it. He twists the Bible for his own conclusions. HE HAS APPOINTED HIMSELF God’s answer man and people keep calling.

I pray that the girl will speak with a “real” Christian who can advice her. I pray she does not believe the lie of May 21 and that she will not harm herself.

Why have so many become convinced that Harold Camping is God’s answering service?

Sadly many will still call Open Forum for answers. They are convinced that this church hating man Harold Camping has all the answers from God

It is impossible to argue with Harold Camping, his numbers are fixed in his 90 year old head. You can never convince a Harold Camping follower that Camping may be wrong.

The Bible can only be interpreted by Camping is what the caller believes. He is smooth and the spin and errors he puts on the Bible will be missed by most.

I Pray that God help that girl who went to Harold Camping as her final answer on whether or not to take her life…So sad…

If you had a suicidal loved one would you want Harold Camping to handle their desperate call or 911?

Christianity is about Love. Jesus Said the Whole Law is summed up in to commands, the love of God and the Love of Others. This is sadly missing from those who follow Camping. There gospel is a crazy numbers game, filled with twist and turns that all lead to May 21 2011

Please turn off Harold Camping

God Help that Girl...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spending all your Money because Harold Camping says so? But Camping keeps his $40 MILLION

Sadly people are giving away all that God has given them because Harold Camping says you only have about 2 weeks left on earth. Family Radio President Camping says The End of the world is here and there are many who will take all from the Bank because they have made Harold Camping their official Bible interpreter

It is simple “he says it and they believe it”

Camping followers truly believe they follow God because 90 year old Harold Camping says so. Is God telling people that The End of the world is here? NO

Harold Camping has figured it all out and says “See, I told you so, it is all in the Bible”

It is impossible for Camping followers to believe he is wrong.

As Camping says “ If you don't believe HIS Bible translation then you don't believe the Bible

He is so humble...


Would you clean out your bank account because Harold Camping said he found it in the Bible that the end of the world was here? Well, there are many who have, a young couple with a child has done just that!

Here is the quote in yesterday's Paper

He Said:
You know, you think about retirement and stuff like that," he says. "What's the point of having some money just sitting there?"

She Said:

"We budgeted everything so that, on May 21, we won't have anything left," Adrienne adds.

The 2 year old child (the smartest in the family?) said nothing

Unfortunately this couple is only one of hundreds that have quit jobs and closed out the bank account

“Harold Camping for legal reasons says he never told anyone what to do with their money”

He says this because there will be many lawsuits on May 22 when all are still right here on planet earth

Harold Camping is set for life, Family radio is worth about 40 million dollars! Camping has spent 3 million on Billboard ads but his account is well padded.

Has Camping put Family Radio up for sale?...GET REAL!..NEVER!

Cult Leaders alway live rich because they have Blind followers who support them

If you give away all by the May 21st ... do not expect to get a dime from Harold Camping when you have nothing on the 22nd!!!

I do not care how much Harold Camping has in the bank but I do care that those who are barely making it will trust Camping over God

Would you quit your job? Empty the bank account because you are following some man's teaching?

Here is a good word from an ex Jehovah Witness who took his child out of School because THE END OF THE WORLD was here in 1975

He said the leaders told him his daughter should stop high school because the end of the world was here.

He told me “ I really believed the “End” was here because we came out of the Sixties with Vietnam,The Pill, Rock and Roll and all the drugs in the Sixties. It was easy to believe the world was ending. It was so clear in the Bible”

Ahhhhhh, it was so clear in the Bible..It is always so clear in the Bible

Why must we turn Christianity into a Circus !

God made it simple for us “OCCUPY UNTIL I COME!” No date picking or expanding on what he commanded needed!

Sadly there are coming new Harold Camping’s after the 21st

And they are ready to show it all to you in the Bible

*One final note* This site is getting a lot of attention but we must remember the site is for the Glory of God in Jesus name* All are free to comment including non believers but name calling will cause your comment to be removed*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Harold Camping and Others use the Bible to Lie to YOU (watch video)

Harold Camping uses the Bible to lie to you but this is not just something he does but all Cults do this. Do you think it is possible that you could believe that the color of your skin could keep you out of Heaven? I never describe people as colors, I think it is a sin but I will do it only for this post. It is to show you how a group of African Americans (so called Christians) abuse the Bible to prove that white people do not go to heaven. This all relates to Harold Camping and his Bible “New Information”.

Before you laugh, the Black Racists have over 50,000 followers! All from Bible teachings

The Bible is an abused Book. In the right hands it is the word of God but in the Wrong hands it can ruin your life

Never let anyone explain or interpret the Bible for you. Ask God Yourself and he will reveal it to your heart. When you allow Harold Camping or anyone else to give you their interpretation you miss the opportunity for God to speak to your own heart


This goes back a few years ago but I had a Swedish Friend who was a Christian, she was very upset one day and I asked why. She explained that she was shown in the Bible that white people cannot go to heaven. I assured her this was silly but she was very upset and believed it. She keep saying “They showed me in the Bible” You will see these guys in the video below

Readers, Please be aware that there are so many willing to teach you from the Bible, they have all the answers like Harold Camping but are demons in disguise. How long did it take this Swedish Chrstian girl to lose her belief she was a Christian?

Less than 15 minutes with these guys!

These men have 50 thousand Followers in 25 STATES IN THE USA who truly believe that all white people are not allowed in Heaven

Here are 2 videos of them( The second video may offend some and I am sorry but these men use the Bible and Thousands follow these teachings...notice everything backed by the BIble)

These are not stupid men(ignore their Clothes), they study the Bible day and night like Harold Camping

Listen Good how they use ONLY the Bible and they do know the Bible inside out but with their own Spin like Harold Camping


If these videos offend you it really is no different from what Harold Camping does He uses the BIble to disgrace the church the same way

These men hate white People so they prove whites are the devil in the Bible

You can prove anything in the Bible if you really try

Hate animals? Easily supported in the Bible. Example: Animal sacrifices to God

Hate Jews? Didn’t they kill Jesus?

Hate women? Didn’t Eve eat the fruit?

Hate Churches? …Harold Camping uses the Bible to say Churches are bad

Harold camping is not a Christian, he is just as hateful as these racist in the video

Family Radio can get out his hate message of Church message because Camping has millions of dollars

This is critical information: If 50,000 people believe this racist message(all from the bible) with no advertising! what would happen if they had a million dollar Billboard campaign like Family radio? IMAGINE!

I am sure they would have a larger audience than Family radio does

The Bible can be spun to believe whatever you want but it does not make it the truth!

When you allow Harold Camping to interpret for you what happens

You may lose your salvation..Why?

1. You leave the Bride(which is the church)
2. You do not get baptized
3. You do not share in the Lord's Bread and Wine
4. You do not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior

Why Allow these demons to translate the Pure word of God for you

you do not need the Jehovah ,Mormons, Black Racist, or Harold Camping Translation of the Bible, they all have an agenda of who they hate. Harold Camping is not a Christian his agenda is against The Church

Turn them all off

If you know a Harold Camping follower this video may help them see a little light on Camping but I doubt it

* Update: the Racist now use Public access television to reach thousands more*

Harold Camping says Doubt your Salvation...Why Satan says the same thing

The comparisons between Satan and Harold Camping are very amazing. In last post I reported on how Satan said to Eve that he had new information that would open her eyes, his new information was supposedly held back by God from Adam and Eve. Then I mentioned that this is the very same thing Harold Camping says about his teachings. He says his new information(like Satan's) is understood when the Spiritual eyes are opened. It was held back by God until now

The Comparisons with Satan are very interesting when you listen to Camping and Family Radio.


Basically turning your heart to God and asking Jesus to be the Lord of your life is NOTHING to Camping. He says instead to beg God everyday...PLEASE HELP ME....OH.OH..OH... COULD IT BE THAT YOU WILL PICK ME!..PLEASE..I AM BEGGING YOU!

You do this everyday Camping says! One Loyal Camping Caller said he has been “Begging God night and day..PLEASSSSE PICK ME!"

Jesus told us exactly what it takes to be saved and there was no continual begging, he told the Sinner what to do..ALL you need is a broken heart..That really Loves God and Believes you need a savior

Acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Surrender your life humbly to him


A Person asked Paul PLAINLY!!NO GAME PLAYING! What must I do to be saved

Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" (Acts 16: 28-30)

And here is the Answer

Paul and Silas told him to "Believe on the Lord Jesus, and thou shalt be saved, thou and thy house"

Imagine Harold Camping There! He would have told this man beg everyday..PLEASE PICK ME!!!

Here is another example from the SOURCE JESUS! BOOK OF MATTHEW

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


If you have surrendered your heart to Jesus and have Truly given him your heart YOU ARE SAVED! HAROLD CAMPING IS A LIAR! AND NOT OF GOD!

The Only one that would want you to doubt your salvation is the Devil. I truly believe that Satan may be operating in Harold Camping

Camping telling you to doubt your salvation is straight from the DEVIL

Here is Satan telling Jesus to Doubt he is the Christ!!!

What did he say to Jesus

“IF” you are the Son of God Turn Rocks into Bread

“IF” you are the Son of God ..Jump off this Mountain and Angels are suppose to Grab you

Satan wanted Jesus to doubt he was the Christ ..Jesus told Satan get lost!

Satan like Camping is a liar. Satan wanted Jesus to Doubt he was the Christ and Harold Camping wants you to doubt you are saved

Avoid Harold Camping and family Radio! They are not of God!






Will you Trust Jesus


Monday, May 2, 2011

Why the Followers of Harold Camping are like Eve in the Garden with SATAN

How does Harold Camping hide the fact that he is the God of his followers? He does it very subtly. In the Bible we see Satan (like Family Radio) had his own interpretation of God’s word. Satan spun God’s word to Eve when she said God forbid them to eat from the Tree or they would die. Harold Camping is just as slick as Satan, claiming to know it all in the Bible.

Calling Family radio is like calling Satan for a Bible answer

Here is Satan’s spin on the Bible

"Yes, God said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden," he probed (Gen 3:1)

Satan agrees with Eve but then he has some NEW informaton for her!

Harold Camping also softness up the listener, claiming all his information will come from using the word of God. Throw in some old time Christian music and you are suckered!

Here is Satan’s spin on the Bible "For God doth knows that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil" (Gen 3:5)


God’s word was plain but Satan (The devil) had his new information for Eve just like Harold Camping has a new interpretation for you

Calling Harold Camping on Open Forum is like asking Satan should you go to church

What do you think Satan would say? Church! Those hypocrites and child molesters’! Stay away! Why go to church when you can call my friend Harold Camping! He has an answer for you…

Just turn Family Radio off, listening to them is playing with Fire and you will lose!

Harold Camping Ruining families in the name of Jesus: Why your Family may separate

It is sad but many families will not be the same after May 21. We are getting letters from many people who have family members who are caught up in the lies of Family radio. This is a sad situation that will have deep affects for many years to come. Harold Camping is not a Christian; he is an arrogant 90 year old man who cares only for himself and his numbers.

Numerology: Harold Camping uses numerology (which is a sin) to try and find codes in the Bible that prove “HE” is right about the return of Jesus Christ. This May 21 date has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with Camping. He wants to prove how “HE” had this code revealed to him. His numbers are all based on his own imagination not the Bible. What is worst is that many families will not be the same.

Divorce high after cults are exposed

I had a family member also in a cult and once it was exposed that their bible interpretations’ were wrong (like Harold Camping May 21 Judgment day is wrong) many wives left their husbands. It is usually the man who convinces the woman that the cult is right.

I saw so many wives in the cult who knew that the Spirit of God was not with this organization but the husbands were the bosses and assured them that the cult was right.

When the (so called) Christian organization that some of my family was in eventually broke up there was pain and divorce. Many women did not respect their husbands anymore. The men tried to brush it off quickly as just a mistake. The male response was “I was wrong, let us just move on”

The women were not having it, many separated and many divorced. These are people I know and it is still painfully over 10 years later.

Women usually do not brush things under the rug the way men do and this showed when the divorces came fast and heavy.

Harold Camping is straight from Satan.

What True Christian would say?
1. Leave Church
2. Do not get baptized
3. Hitler does not go punished but only will sleep in the grave
4. Do not take the Lord Bread and wine communion
5. He has figured out the world ends May 21

Families will suffer and many will not survive after May21 not because of the largest earthquake in history but because of Harold Camping and Family radio

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harold Camping May 21 End of World: Is Camping legally insane or Demonic?

Harold Camping is being used by Satan says a survey of 10 major Christians denomination and non denomination members. The church had been ignoring Camping but finally Christians are speaking out and the dirt on Camping is coming out as well.
Family radio is being called a cult by Christians on the Radio,Television and Internet.

Atheist are having a great laugh as true Christians try to explain that they are not apart of Harold Camping. Family radio has turned the return of Christ into a joke.

The damage that Harold Camping has done with his guarantee of May 21 End of the world (Judgment day to be exact) is a shame.

There are End of the World parties scheduled in many cities on May 22nd. 2011

What Camping is doing is not of God. Many Christians surveyed feel Satan is using Camping to disgrace Christianity


God uses believers and the Churches who have drawn millions into the Kingdom of God with Love and Service.

Those are 2 words you will never hear from Camping followers LOVE AND SERVICE

May 21 is a carnival act that is not of Christ...Any true Christian can see this is a Circus and not of God ...DOES THIS PICTURE GLORIFY JESUS?

Is Camping Insane?

An interview with Family Radio members who left in 1994 (when he 1st predicted the end of the world) reveal a man who was losing it back in 1994

Chris :
A former member states that “ We would sit in his house and he really was obsessed with 1994 as the End of the world... He was convinced that was the year. Many of us thought he was starting to go senile...he just started obsessing over the numbers...A lot of us left and went back to church”

Mary: (not her real name) said:
Many of us though he lost it in 1994, he would ramble on and on...many of us thought Camping was wrong even before his first prediction was proven wrong”

The True Christian would never be involved with this freak show of date picking. This is a media circus that bunches all Christians with Camping.

This whole carnival show of May 21 Judgment day is a remind to the True Christians to follow God not man. The Bible speaks of the fact that we are not to follow man's intelligence. Harold Camping is lost and confused. At 90 he does not have a long time left to live.

There will be more Harold Camping after he passes on. This is a good lesson for Christians to follow God and avoid the wisdom of man.

Unfortunately there will always be those who find “new information” to fool the foolish