The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Difference Between a Bible Obsession and a CHRISTIAN

Harold Camping is a Bible Obsessed man but he is NOT a Christian. People are often fooled to believe that a person who studies the Bible is a follower of Christ. This is one of the main ways cults hook victims. The Bible is the “tool” but that does not mean that the person teaching is a Christian!

Harold Camping is “Bible obsessed” and I am going to show you how a Bible Obsession can be unhealthy

Here is Camping's quotes about himself

“ I decided to make the Bible my university. I decided I would dedicate my life to the constant study of this book. I have spent 54 years of my life in the study of the Bible”

Do not mistake his "Bible obsession" for a love of God and others. He does not say he loves Christ. His Obsession is the End of the World.

What you will notice on Harold Camping's program is the after 54 years of studying the Bible the word “love” is missing from his program and his followers.

Harold Camping is not a minister, theologian, pastor or priest

He is a man with a Bible obsession and this can be deadly to the follower in a cult. A Christian is a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Harold Camping does not follow the teachings of Jesus Christ; he “Searches for Bible messages”

He supply his own weird Bible answers(which appear GODLY) on his TV show

Camping does not speak of the love God, he speaks of ONLY Judgment and hatred of Churches. This is his Bible obsession!


Let's enter the mind of the Bible obsessed person

Let's go back a few years, 2 young guys (20 years is me) were gladly serving God and visiting sick people in the hospital. We met a great patient(let's call him Tom) who had a great personality. Tom said he was a Christian and was in the hospital for anxiety( he stated that the doctors would not release him)

He was a Bible lover and we had great visits with him over 4 weeks


Tom was very upset that the doctors would not release him and we had enough, we spoke to the psychiatrist and demanded Tom's release. The doctor very boldly told us we would be asked to leave the hospital if we made more demands on patient releases

Here is how the scene played out

Christians: Why are you holding this man against his will, he is obviously fine!

Doctor: Are you 2 doctors?

Christians: We feel he is being held because he reads his Bible all day!

Doctor: The Bible is THE problem...HE HAS A BIBLE obsession ! LIKE MANY IN THE PSYCH WARD!

Later we learned that many mentally ill people have a bible obsession

Harold Camping is obsessed with numbers. In Camping's mind

7= completion 23= Judgment..etc (The Bible says no such thing)

Harold Camping mixes numbers meaning with the Bible and it attracts the unstable

Like this SEE VIDEO


We ran into Tom 3 weeks later and had a great lunch with him. But He was sad to tell us that he was dying soon

Tom: I just came to say good bye to you guys. You are really nice guys and I could not tell you in the hospital but...

"I am Jesus and I will be 33 next month so I must die"

Over the years I have discovered that Tom is a Schizophrenic. Often these people have an unhealthy Bible Obsession

Harold Camping is not a Christian,he has a Bible Obsession and his own radio and television program to promote his agenda

The Bible is the word of God but not everyone reading or interpreting it is a follower of the Jesus


A Bible Obsessed man from the 1960's. You will probably call him crazy today but he was a “normal” Bible Obsessed person who influenced many. He was seldom seen without a Bible and was obsessed with the End of the world (like Harold Camping)

Here is how he ended up many years later


The danger of Harold Camping is that he is playing with the mentally ill who follow his show. There are may unstable and mentally ill people who will be drawn to this end of the world message of May 21. They are obsessed with Camping's smooth voice. I consider Harold Camping the worst of the cult leaders. I truly believe he does not care one bit that he will be wrong on Saturday. His followers (of which many are mentally ill) will be confused when they do not disappear Saturday

lets pray that they will not do anything scary. After Saturday I am sure they still will not abandon Harold Camping

I believe Harold Camping has an obsession with the "End of the World" His madness is not that he believes in God but with his "obsession with Judgment day"

Camping states that it took him 54 years to "figure out" Judgment day. Does that sound like Christianity or the words of Jesus?

To the Harold Camping followers you will never hear this on Open Forum but here is the Command of Jesus

John 13:34 "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another

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  1. About does 7000 - 4990 = 2011? It doesn't. It equals 2010. From what I've read is that Camping did this: 4990 + 2011 - 1= 7000. He was accounting for year zero.

    Year Zero???

    Seriously this guy is an engineer??? Engineer of what -- obviously not common sense. Everyone who has been educated since at least the 600s know that it went from 1 B.C. to A.D. 1 -- I know that this is a HARD fact for many to wrap their minds around and grasp (since many of my students can't until I repeat it and draw it several times), but that's how it is.

    As I have said before, I hope that no one does anything stupid on Saturday!

  2. Hey, I think the guy is whack but he has that math right. The "minus 1" accounts for the fact there is no year 0. 10 B.C to A.D. 10 is only 19 years (10 + 10 - 1).

    He actually has that math right. That is part of why the numbers always seem to work (even if he made some up).

  3. No actually draw out a time line and place the dates on there. 10 B.C. to A.D. 10 is twenty years.

    Believe what you want to believe. Dates and time are subjected to every person in their own way. I think when it comes to the Bible times, I'll stick with the Jewish calendar.

    But I do agree that some (most) of Campings numbers and "meanings" are made up. People see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

  4. The real issue is Keep your eyes on presenting the Gospel of Jesus. not on the nut cases. Preach the simple truth about the Hope of Salvation and witness to as many as will listen. The choice to accept Christ forgiveness is just that a persons choice and that is all you can do except live it before Man. I love my Pastor and his wife but I don't worship him, my church or the fellowship of churchs I belong to. Jesus died for me alone and forgave me of my sins and I'm living a Christian life to please him only. I do on the other hand choose to be accountable for how I live so I do care how others see my lifestyle. I'm called to be an example to others, not some dumb idiot (blind leading the blind person) can someone say reality. Anyway my pastors preaching on the End times tomorrow so for all of us who are still here tomorrow (in our right minds) we'll get the truth not according to my pastor but the word of God. The Bible does say no many knows the hour not even the Son only the Father. (So when God the Father tells his some Jesus it's time to take your Bride (The Church) home that will be the time.

  5. Father tells his (Son) Jesus (type-o) error. real people make mistakes.

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  7. @Morgan
    Camping has the math right.

    Between 1 A.D. and 1 A.D. there are 0 years.
    Now let's go back one year: between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D. there is only 1 year.
    Thus between 10 B.C. and 10 A.D. there are 19 years.

    If you draw the timeline on paper you should not count the year that ends the period.
    You count from the beginning of the start-year to the beginning of the end-year.

  8. I want to start my own Cult called No-Enders, bent on the fact that the world will not end for many years to come. The world will end at one time but it wont be for 3 billion years when the sun becomes a supernova after expelling all of its fuel. As for Harold Camping he rely's on a calendar made by humans which is also flawed. The only apparently accurate show of time and space is the Mayan long count in which is caculated by movement of matter not someones belief when time should be. Mr. Camping should be locked up for creating pandemonium and incite'ing fear on beliefs.

    1. You would be wrong. Scientists have said the model you learned is wrong and the Sum is already getting bigger and hotter. Oops. you'll see soon enough.