The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Camping Follower's God(Harold Camping) finally came out of hiding

He ran like a Thief in the night, leaving his blind followers without a voice. The followers had no answers on May 21st. They were mocked and laughed at. Why such harsh treatment to the follower's of Harold Camping? Well, to many people the followers of Harold Camping were some of the rudest people you could meet. They were arrogant, boastful and smiled as they spoke of the millions that would die on May 21. It felt good for people to laugh at them. And that is what the whole world did...laugh at them.

Waiting for God to speak

Harold Camping abandoned those who funded his big rapture scam. As six o'clock hit he was no where to be found

The man with the big mouth (who could not shut up) doomed everyone to hell. He was to float up to Heaven. Once again his prophesy failed

He waited until he knew he was safe and the crowd would not attack him..then he suddenly opened the door to his home


Silence is what he and his followers expressed when Judgment day did not happen. Why were the lost sheep followers so silent? Where was the bragging and reciting of Harold Camping literature?

The reason they had nothing to say was because they do not know the Bible

The followers of Harold Camping are not followers of Christ they are followers of Harold Camping. they have been spoon fed all the answers from Harold Camping, they have learned not to think. They have learned only numbers and Judgment. He is their voice and the voice of God to his followers. On Sunday May 22nd while the followers waited for their Earthquake and the death of millions the real “God” gave most of the world an incredibly beautiful day. The proof that they are not Christians is that the followers all said they were waiting for Camping to speak. They needed his interpretation. The Bible is nothing to them without Harold Camping

For a brief 24 hours they were forced to search the Bible for the first time without Camping: It was kind of like this for them without Harold Camping

What my own family experienced years ago (I had 2 family members in a Christian Cult)
is that when a Cult is exposed the leaders usually hide. The followers are usually speechless because they have given their voice away to the leader. Here is the picture of a Harold Camping follower who gave away his life savings of $100,000 to promote Harold Camping May 21 End of the world.

He was to be beamed up to Heaven..and waited..and..waited...he was publicly mocked and laughed at

Most of the Followers had no idea that Family Radio was worth $122 Million dollars. Many bought Old man Camping's lie. He gives them the image of a Humble 90 year old volunteer. What has been revealed is that they have taken in millions from the lost sheep followers while they held on to their own money.

When asked if He would give the money back Camping said “Of course not... it is only money” He has millions but they are what..

CAMPING(A millionaire) SAID: NO MONEY BACK ..WHAT'S THE BIG they lost some money..

See video

The spiritual lesson for the Christian is that you do not need Harold Camping. The message is clear. Jesus spoke of people like Harold Camping, Jesus said when trouble came they would run and that is what Harold Camping did. He is a coward and an egomaniac. He left his followers to fend for themselves. He ran in the night and hid out

Camping waited to see if there would be some riot at the office or if things would really get ugly. He waited and did not speak and his blind followers had no answers.

A look at the Family Radio website shows that all the May 21 Judgment articles are gone! LIKE MAGIC! What has not be taken out is the “Donate” button. Yep, they are still asking for money!

The real God does not abandon you nor is he drooling for the death of millions as Camping followers wanted. Harold Camping is not a Christian. I doubt if he will apologize or change his ways. Camping is 90 years old and probably will be dead soon.

The real message is to speak to God yourself. Harold Camping became a multimillion living as a false Prophet. He lied and misrepresented God, he is a fake.

A Cult experience usually ruins a family. It takes a long time to heal. I suspect Family Radio will drop the predictions and still beg for money.


****Although we are still getting 5,000 new visitors a day I may close this site forever this week. We reached over 100,000 people over the weekend due to Twitter and Face-book, with the sharing of all the posts we exposed over 1 million people to Harold Camping in 5 days

This site was started with only 3 viewers and ends with over 1 million having viewed it in 25 countries(in about 2 months) By the power of God (The real God)we exposed this Foolish old man

Thank you for all the comments

A Special thanks to Cindy and Charmae and those who fasted and prayed for the Followers

Cindy you are a gem, your husband is blessed to have such a wonderful Christian woman. I know I will see you at the real return of Christ

God Bless you

God Bless you*****


  1. You may need to keep this blog up, now Harold is saying that May 21 was a "spiritual rapture" and the real thing will happen on October 21. My thing is, how could he come to this conclusion so quickly if it supposedly took him 10 years to cook up the whole idea? The media needs to stop talking about him and then he will know nobody cares, then he maybe get the hint.

  2. Thank you, thank you for doing this. I loved family radio and its programs for years before he started this awful end of time stuff. It is more clear than ever that he is deceived... God will use him, but not the way Harold planned... he said we can never be sure of our salvation until we are either raptured or we die... that itself shows he is not a believer!! Praying for those caught in his trap, that the Lord would have mercy and bring them out of it...
    thanks again for doing this site.

  3. I agree with everyone else....thank you for doing this! If it wasn't for this site, I would have been freaking out more last week. I found it as a comfort.

    I would keep it up since Harold is still up to his old ways with this new "prediction".

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  6. I listened to the Open Forum last night, and my biggest impression is that Camping doesn't care two shakes about any of his followers unless they can help him personally (with re-inforcing his doctrines or with financial support). He started out by saying how May 21st was such an awful day for him, but he never mentioned how May 21st was an awful day for his followers. The man completely lacks compassion - what a cold, cold heart.

    Thus, by their fruits you will know them.

    And the second thought is that he's just lost his mechanism for funding. He teaches a version of Calvinism on steroids where no one can know if they're saved, that God is extremely wrathful (only about 2-3% of the population would be saved), and that God's judgment was coming on May 21st. His followers were indoctrinated into the belief that if they gave money to Family Radio, if they helped spread the word about May 21st, and if they personally blocked all doubt about May 21st, they might (just might) be saved by God. But with May 21st being proclaimed the "spiritual" Judgment Day, it means that everyone's fates are now sealed. If the great purpose of his followers was to spread the message about judgment, that purpose is now over. As such, shouldn't Camping's ministry also have fulfilled its purpose? Why continue it? If the end of the world is coming on October 21st, why should anyone bother to send Family Radio money?

    He wondered aloud how his ministry had been able to be so financially successful. Well, duh, scare the pants off people, say you are the only possible source of hope, have a radio program, quote the Bible incessantly like you're the end authority, and see what happens.

    It's no stretch to think that the publicity of all this will affect the spirituality of those who are on the fence about God or Christianity. I think a lot of Camping's followers will also be deeply shaken in faith. They built their house on sand, and they'll need a new one. I really hope a good percentage of them won't prolong their agony until October 22nd and continue to give their time and energy to a vampire.

    In a small part of the program, Camping quoted Matthew 20 - 'the last shall be first, and first shall be last'. Then he said that the 'last' were those that haven't heard Camping's message - too funny.

    He also talked about pride and how God hates the proud. I wonder why he even mentioned that at all? The man knows who he is, but he's too deluded, batty, and/or senile to fully process it.

    If Family Radio had an ounce of integrity, they'd end this farce now. I've read in various articles that somewhere around 80% of his staff don't believe Camping's predictions at all. They're cold bastards, too, if they allow him his platform all over the world just so they can get their next paycheck.

  7. Jim: I left you a message under/Biggest Money....

    People People People, please don't misunderstand me. I'm not defending what Camping did. I don't really know his motives, but WE ALL MAKE CHOICES.
    My sheep shall know my voice. We were not fooled. They were. Somewhere in this life we are all made fools of. If it's not religion it's something else. People run scams everyday.
    He never told anyone to do some of the outlandish
    things some of these people have done. Why would you sell your home, empty your bank account or any other foolish thing. If my leader told me to do these things I would make sure he has done it
    first. How many thousands of people do you think were involved with HIS BELIEF? People are searching for the truth. They are looking for GOD. Family Radio in itself has done a good work as far as the Ministry. Spreading the word of God to people all over the world. Part of the prophesy. If you want to stop him, try to reach as many of those people as you can to stop sending donations. Let Camping spend his owe money if he wants to continue his madness. You of course must keep in mind that you will never convince everyone. If we as believers in Christ Jesus want to do something, lets see if we can get a radio station and DO IT THE RIGHT WAY. I will continue in this blog if we are going to try to do something constructive about this matter, otherwise I will continue to pray for all of us. God Bless.

  8. Hi Charmae,

    Prophecy is the most treacherous of all the parts of the Bible. Revelation is notoriously open to interpretation. Many cults (Christian or otherwise) incorporate direct prophecy into their framework (like predicting May 21st), as it provides both a fear factor to bind the believers and a means to create a supernaturally blessed authority figure. The Branch Davidian cult in Waco was the same.

    Make no mistake - Camping's ministry is a cult. I know, I've read all the stuff about how "It's not Camping, it's the Bible". First, Camping used classic brainwashing techniques by repeatedly stating that "This isn't me, this is the Bible". Secondly, if that's the case, why was May 21st being promoted by the tiniest fraction of people - even the tiniest fraction of Christians? If it was the Bible, wouldn't it have been obvious to everyone?

    Oh right, it was because Camping's ministry was the only trustable source for understanding the complete view of the Bible and because the Church is now run by Satan (to those who aren't fully aware of the Camping doctrines, those are two key ones). BTW, that's another cult tactic - convince the believers that they have the only possible version of truth.

    It wasn't obvious to others, no matter how pretty the numbers might have been that pointed to May 21st, not because Satan runs the Church but because the Bible isn't about numbers. It wasn't the Bible that Camping's followers were seeing, it was Camping's brainwashing and private obsessions.

    You mention that Camping never asked people to give up their homes and their jobs. Has he ever asked for donations to Family Radio?

    Now, imagine a scenario where you convince people that May 21st is Judgment Day and that salvation for anyone is uncertain. What would be the good Christian response to that? Wouldn't the best response be to give away everything to warn the world about May 21st? It would mean that the message would reach more people. It would also have the additional benefit of imploring God for forgiveness.

    This is a sure-fire way to bilk the gullible - it's not an accident. It's being done to people who are probably really good and kind. And it's being done in Christ's name.

    Camping's followers are both to be pitied and slapped. I want to both hug them fiercely and wring their necks. They seriously need to wake up! But that's the thing about cults - once you buy in, you've given away a part of yourself and you don't want to think that part was wasted. The mind goes into a defense mechanism, and it tries to find away to rationalize it instead. This is probably what is going to happen to some (hopefully not most) of Camping's followers, again, until October 22nd - especially if the ghoul is allowed to continue his ministry by Family Radio.

    Camping might or might not be consciously aware of what he is doing. In either case, he is an evil man.

  9. Thank you likewise for sharing with us the secrets of some Camping followers over their disagreement with Harold Camping. In the Philippines, people there are hardly bothered at his pronouncements. For one, we know from the Bible that no one knows the date and the time of Christ's second coming. I now just wish for the secular media to ignore this guy and leave him in the confines of the so-called "pretenders". I dedicate the song "The Great Pretender" to Harold Egbert Camping.

  10. Please keep this site up. You have done a great thing with exposing Harold Camping for the man he is. I used to listen to him but stopped in 1993. Your words will continue to open the eyes of those who are seeking the truth. You haven't said anything that wasn't true about Harold Camping. He doesn't speak for MY GOD. Thank you and please don't shut down the site. Thanks.

  11. I hope you keep this site up as now Camping is "amending" his predictions saying that 5/21 was a "spiritual" day of rapture and that now 10/21 will actually be IT.

    How long do/should people be exposed to this man? Did he really take/receive all those people's $$? If so, he should return every penny. If not, he's nothing but a schemer/scheister/false prophet.

  12. Thank you for your nice comments. It isn't me it is God working in me that helped me endure this battle. If I made it seem easy it was not. It was very difficult at times especially when I wanted to control or change him and not let God control him. Sometimes I wanted to walk away from our marriage, sometimes I had hatred towards him (he didn't know that). It is very painful to watch someone you love very dearly be in a cult that changes them for the worst.

    Although our journey is not over with this cult and some deprogramming still has to happen for the most part it is done. I see joy and peace in him that has not been there for a year. And he does not believe the October 21st date thankfully.

    I had to be always on my knees and pray without ceasing, give it all over to our Heavenly Father on a minute to minute basis sometimes. I had to stay focused on the truth of God's word with the help of my pastor, this blog and other's and Godly women that came along beside me through the whole thing and are still there with me. I remember you telling me to "stay strong" and I kept that in my thoughts always when I wanted to give up. For that I thank you.

    If you can please keep this blog open so that other people in Christian cults can have a place that they can go to for advice if they need to. If anyone is in the Arizona area and are struggling with cults let me know if I can help!

    My favorite verse through the whole thing and is still is Isaiah 43:2. "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you."

  13. Hi, something is weird with your post for 5/26. It's impossible to post a comment - at least on my browser. The formatting obscures the comment form.

    I'd also ask that continue this blog, even if you don't update as frequently as the months before May 21st. I can see why it would get old to talk about this guy. But it's clear that you have something here that might be helpful for others, and it's clear that Camping isn't stopping.

  14. Hi, The comment problem has been fixed. Thank you Jim...All are now free to comment. We tried to block the bad langauge but it blocked many comments. The comments are now open..Please keep it clean everyone as we are not blocking any comments

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