The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Monday, May 2, 2011

Harold Camping Ruining families in the name of Jesus: Why your Family may separate

It is sad but many families will not be the same after May 21. We are getting letters from many people who have family members who are caught up in the lies of Family radio. This is a sad situation that will have deep affects for many years to come. Harold Camping is not a Christian; he is an arrogant 90 year old man who cares only for himself and his numbers.

Numerology: Harold Camping uses numerology (which is a sin) to try and find codes in the Bible that prove “HE” is right about the return of Jesus Christ. This May 21 date has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with Camping. He wants to prove how “HE” had this code revealed to him. His numbers are all based on his own imagination not the Bible. What is worst is that many families will not be the same.

Divorce high after cults are exposed

I had a family member also in a cult and once it was exposed that their bible interpretations’ were wrong (like Harold Camping May 21 Judgment day is wrong) many wives left their husbands. It is usually the man who convinces the woman that the cult is right.

I saw so many wives in the cult who knew that the Spirit of God was not with this organization but the husbands were the bosses and assured them that the cult was right.

When the (so called) Christian organization that some of my family was in eventually broke up there was pain and divorce. Many women did not respect their husbands anymore. The men tried to brush it off quickly as just a mistake. The male response was “I was wrong, let us just move on”

The women were not having it, many separated and many divorced. These are people I know and it is still painfully over 10 years later.

Women usually do not brush things under the rug the way men do and this showed when the divorces came fast and heavy.

Harold Camping is straight from Satan.

What True Christian would say?
1. Leave Church
2. Do not get baptized
3. Hitler does not go punished but only will sleep in the grave
4. Do not take the Lord Bread and wine communion
5. He has figured out the world ends May 21

Families will suffer and many will not survive after May21 not because of the largest earthquake in history but because of Harold Camping and Family radio


  1. As a wife of a husband who believes in everything Harold says and will defend him at all costs I can say this has been very difficult on our marriage. We will not divorce because that goes against God but I don't think things will ever be the same again. Hopefully I am wrong and our marriage can go back to being a great, fun marriage between two best friends that share so much in common. Most importantly we can share our faith together again and be one whole family going to church and reads Scripture together. I pray that the our kids will once again see their father as someone they can respect and trust to lead them in their walk with Christ.

    I don't think Harold or any of his followers understand what this is doing to families. It is so sad. I can say I am one of the blessed ones as my husband has not quit his job and has not started liquidating our belongings. Many families have had to deal with that.

    I have to work really hard at being quiet about how wrong he is so that we can have peace in the home. I have to constantly keep telling him I love him so that he has a safe place to fall on the 22nd. Even when he has told me that I am not a believer, I am worshiping Satan because I go to church and I am not saved, I still make sure he knows I love him.

    I ask that people please pray for the families that are going through this. That after that date that marriages and families can be restored the way God wants them to be.

  2. When this happened in my immediate family it caused a wife to separation from her husband and multiple divorces of the members. We have to pray for those involved with Harold Camping. They love God but can not see what this man is doing.

    Many people are quitting jobs and turning in apartments keys (without seeking a place to live on the 22nd)

    Camping’s official word is he did not tell anyone to sell anything(this should be a clue to the followers that something is wrong)

    What Camping is doing is protecting Family Radio from the coming lawsuits on the 22nd. Stay strong Cindy, God loves you and is with you.

  3. With tears in my eyes I thank you Ask God Yourself for reminding me that God loves me and is with me. It sometimes does not feel it but I know that Jesus always has his loving arms around me and others even when our loved ones tell us we are not believers. As difficult as it is to stay strong I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

  4. Cindy, cults can, have, and do destroy marriages. I hope that on May 22 your husband does not go off the deep end of the pier. He might require some professional help. Be strong for him.

  5. Ode to Harold Camping

    The madman has decried, “the end of planet earth and all its inhabitants.” He has sorted out the hidden mysteries of old. He has made haste to warn the populace of impending doom and destruction.

    He has chosen who will stay and who will go. He sees that which exists not, and creates within, crazed perceptions that run amuck, in a mind filled with delusion and carnal vengeance. He relishes the thoughts of a depraved countryside laid to waste with the corpses of tens of millions, who choose not to partake of his madness.

    He traded his once solid doctrines for fanciful imaginings and intellectually absurd ranting. Henceforth he began to serve the enemy of mankind. Now lost in his delusion, unable to distinguish light from darkness, he indoctrinates those who follow him into the netherworld.

    His followers, ever mesmerized by his droning inferences and inspired by his pseudo spiritual insight, are trusting in every twisted word. They are willing to follow this man into an eternally darkened place, while denying it exists.

    This man and his minions have traded their eternal souls for a set of lies proceeding out of the pit of Hell. They have rejected the true God of the universe and replaced Him with a heretical set of damning doctrines.

    They have removed the cross of Christ, calling it a demonstration. They have taken away the “White throne judgment.” They have hidden the eternal judgment and called it “annihilation.”

    They have imagined Christ dying before the foundation of the world, having the absence of a mortal body, and being in its heavenly state. They defy logic and cling to their irrational notions, choosing to believe a lie, than to accept the truth.

  6. Hi, I ran across this blog and am saddened by it's blatent lies. I do not expect anything less from this ugly evil world which has been given over to satan but I just had a moment and wanted to call you out on your deception.

    May 21, 2011 is the day of Judgement.
    Most will not believe it because God has not opened up the spiritual eyes and ears of most.
    This is not about Mr. Camping. This is about Judgment Day which God speaks of extensively in the Bible. He has also commanded those who see that Judgment Day is coming to warn the people. (Ezekiel 33)
    Now, about your lies:
    #1. Harold Camping is not 90 years old and never will be- at least not on this earth. He is not arrogant in the least bit and does not care for only himself as you stated. If you had listened to one Open Forum, the live call-in program that Mr. Camping hosts nightly you would hear his humility and patience with countless callers who slander him and mock God's words.
    #2 God uses numbers in the Bible. Mr. Camping has done years of study on where and how God uses those numbers in the Bible. This is not numerology.
    #3 You calling Mr. Camping "straight from satan" is like the pot calling the kettle black. If you can not see the truth about May 21, 2011, please, cry to God for mercy that your spiritual eyes would be opened to the truth before it is to late. Once Judgement Day begins, THERE WILL BE NO MORE SALVATION. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. There will be Hell on earth for 5 months and then God will totally destroy this world and will create an new heaven and earth in which there will be no sin.
    Only those who can see the truth of the Bible will know that the churches are being ruled by Satan in these days. Why would we chose to go there and worship God when He isn't there anymore? Baptism in water will only wash the dirt of a person. It was a ceremony done in the churches to show that we hope that God would wash us free of the filth of our sins. As we are no longer in the local churches and congregations (where the abomination of desolation has taken his seat) we no longer are participationg in the ceremonies of the church such as water baptism and the "communion" (eating the bread and drinking the wine which are spiritual pictures of the body and blood of Christ which is in us if we are truly saved).
    The unsaved who have died are dead- never to become alive again. This includes Hitler if he didn't become saved as well as counless aborted babies who were unsaved, little toddlers who were unsaved, children and teenaagers who died unsaved and any other unsaved individual. God is merciful. He does not allow the unsaved to be tortured in flames forevermore as the churches erroneously taught (conveniently increasing their memberships and their tithes and offerings- due to man's fear of hell).
    Is it that difficult to believe that satan is in the churches? Just read Jeremiah 7 and hear God's anger at the pastors who had His word and lied to the people. Read how God tells us that satan and his ministers are transformed into angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). Search this out for yourselves people. The Day of the Lord is at hand indeed.

  7. @ Blow the Trumpet

    All your comments are PARROTING OF HAROLD CAMPING


    I am so sorry that you have been so blinded by Harold Camping. He is NOT HUMBLE AT ALL! He admitted that he has a problem with Pride.

    God did not ask Noah to figure out ANYTHING

    God came to Noah and gave him the End time day date..period! No 1994 Miscalculations

    Harold Camping is trying to figure out God and he cannot

    You, my friend I am so sorry you have been fooled by this man (who probably has Satan operating in him)

    Hear is a prediction for you “Mr. Blow the Trumpet”

    You will be hear on the 22nd and Harold Camping will be diligently flipping through Scriptures to find some “NEW INFORMATION” why you are all still here..You will not leave Harold Camping until he dies but here is some Godly advice

    Please Go back to Church and beg God forgiven that you left God for Harold Camping doctrine

  8. @ Blow Ye the Trumpet: Harold Camping has predicted Judgment Day before, in September 1994. He was wrong, and then retrospectively changed his story. Nobody knows when Judgment Day will be. For one who claims to be a student of the Bible, he is obviously unfamiliar with Matthew: "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father"

  9. maybe the tooth fairy and Santa are coming back too....or the boogie man...or the troll under the bridge...even my kids know they aren't real....which, ostensibly, means my 6 and 8 year old children have more common sense than all of you poor, pathetic little sheep begging for the scraps from this superstitious table!! Good luck trying to find another job, house or dollar when April 22 lands you smack on your face wondering, "What happened????" "Did it happen yet?"...morons.

  10. 987803fa-You sound lost. Jesus is coming back. Just when who can say. It's not April 22nd,
    It's May21st. Calling of names are not necessary.
    I don't think anyone on this blog is a moron, just people trying to find the truth for themselves. Every opinion in my eye on this matter has some merit.

  11. "Many people are quitting jobs and turning in apartments keys (without seeking a place to live on the 22nd)"

    Really? Plus, the Bible was written by men. On average, 40 or so years AFTER jesus supposedly died, in an age of no internet, no postal service, no cataloging system. Word of mouth and vellum only. It has been translated and mistranslated for CENTURIES. And anytime you put thousands of words together, you will INVARIABLY be able to create codes within them to satisfy your own conclusions. So any "code" you have found is merely the product of conspiracy theorists and the over-zealous. STOP THINKING IN THE MIDDLE AGES!!

  12. Blow Ye The Trumpet, some of Mr Camping's teachings are unquestionable, but there are somethings that he is totally incorrect on. Please, Please read the bible on your own and ask God to give you a true understanding. I just started listening to him 2 months ago. He is very opinionated. It's his way or the highway.
    You Must Be Born Again. How do you suppose you are going to get that way? You must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Yes beg for his mercy if you have committed sin. You must ask him for forgiveness. When those people back in Jonah day sat in sackcloth and ashes, there was no Holy Ghost to save them. This came by Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Be convinced in your own mind. Don't let Mr Camping or anyone tell you how to get to heaven. Ask God For Yourself. He will hear your earnest cry. I love you and I want to see you in the rapture. If it be on May 21st I want to be ready. I Thess:4-13/18. Be comforted my friend.

  13. 987803fa- I feel sorry for these people, but at least they believe in something. You sound like an Atheist to me. If so The Higher Power if you believe there is one, bless you and your family.
    All christians believe that the bible was written by MAN inspired by God.

  14. me and my wife argue about this quack almost every day..she listens to him almost every day and I play video games with head phones to get away from his misleadings..dont listen to harold camping he will lead you off the beaten the bible and learn for yourself..the bible stands for one thing B-basic I-instruction B-before L-leaving E-earth plain and simple........LOL

  15. Charmae, to see the Kingdom of God, yes, we must be born again, born of water and the Spirit. Now, do you actually think that being baptized in water contributes to this? If so, you believe in a works gospel, something you have done can contribute to your salvation. The truth is, the elect of God were chosen from before the foundation of the world. Some were Jews, some Gentile, some men, some women, some children. They all did not get baptized in water, yet they are in the Kingdom of God. The baptism that is required for salvation is a spiritual washing, not the physical ceremony done by the local churches and congregations. God speaks in parables- earthly stories with spiritual meanings. It is the Bible, not Harold Camping who has allowed me to have spiritual sight.
    To singmaster:
    Harold Camping did write a book, 1994?(notice the question mark in the title) which was an extensive Bible study explaining the timeline of the Bible. By God's mercy, Mr. Camping (who has the analytical mind of an engineer) saw How much of the time information in the Bible was pointing to 1994. He also read in Ezekiel 33 that God command the watchmen to blow the trumpet when we see the sword coming or the people 's blood will be on our hands. Now, if you have spiritual sight, you understand, by the grace of God, that the sword is the Bible, the word of God. We also know that the word became flesh, that is, Jesus, God in the flesh, is likening Himself to the word of God, the Bible. When we see, from the Bible alone, that Jesus is coming, we are to warn the people. Now, in the book, 1994?, Mr. Camping goes over the Biblical evidence that 1994 would possibly be the year of Christ's return, however, he was not sure, but wanted to present the evidence that was found. He went on to declare several times that there was also much time evidence pointing to the year 2011 as the other possibility of the year of the return of Christ, which has turned out to be accurate, as there were incredible proofs from the Bible which backed up all the calculations. Now, of course, one of the first things you read or hear about Harold Camping is that this is not the first time he has predicted the end of the world, Christ's return, but what is never mentioned is that the year 2011 was also mentioned as a possibility in the book 1994? It has become a perfect excuse for people to not look into the evidence further. But if it is meant for you, you will indeed see the truth. To God Be The Glory...

  16. JLaonde To God Be The Glory. You are correct when you say a Spiritual Washing. You must have that same spirit that Jesus had to get up out of the grave. Why was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? Was this a demonstration? Baptism is a renewing of one's spirit. Mr. Camping is totally correct when he says that the water does not wash away your sins. You can be bapized a dry devil and come out a wet one. It's the heart that has to be changed. I stand firm on my salvation. I'm glad I was led to Mr. Campings station. It has help me tremendously. I don't agree with all his interperations of the bible.
    As far as May 21st. I have no fear. If it is Judgement Day Praise the Lord. If it's not, Praise the Lord any how. I love you my sister.
    Hope to see you in the rapture.

  17. Eric, I tried to comment yesterday, but the site was unavailable. You are funny. Don't be hard on your wife, just love her more. Why not both of you just read the bible together. If that doesn't work well, Please, Please don't say I told you so on May 22nd. LOL. On a serious note. If it's not May 21st, you do know that it is coming don't you. So it behooves us to be ye also ready. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  18. I listen to the forum and some of his call-in supporters are mentally unstable, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out either. Just listen closely and you will see what I mean. I wouldn't want to be around some of them on May 22.....seriously I think they will do physical harm to those around them and/or themselves. If you live with someone or know someone close who is a hardcore Camping follower....I would keep one eye open for awhile.

  19. JLalonde did you read his book 1994? You can't read it now because it is not available on line to read (hmm I wonder why? when all of the other books are. Here is what he said in some of his pages.

    "To wait and see if Christ's return is indeed to be in the fall of 1994 IS NOT ENOUGH....those who "waited to see" would be caught without salvation. It would be GUARANTEED that they would have to face the Judgment Throne of God, be found guilty of their sins, and plunged into hell forevermore" Harold Camping - Are You Ready, Preface, Page 1
    "When September 6, 1994, arrives, no one else can become saved. The end has come."
    — Harold Camping (1994?) quote from Camping’s book, “1994?” in which he stated on page 495:
    “We must conclude that the return of Christ will not be in 2011 A.D. but some years before this. How much earlier than 2011 A.D. Jesus will come depends entirely on how much God shortens the final tribulation period.”
    On page 505 Camping wrote this:
    “Because God’s timetable for the existence of the earth is tied to the time required to save all the elect, the world will be brought to an end seventeen years earlier than 2011A.D. This avoids the possibility of the earth continuing beyond the time required to save the elect. For the sake of the elect the perfect 7000 years will be reduced by seventeen years because there will be no one left who is to become saved during those seventeen years.”

    On page 531 Camping also wrote the following:
    “Last Day and return of Christ sometime on or between September 15, 1994: Beginning of 1994, is Jubilee year and September 27, 1994 Last Day of the Feast of Tabernacles.”

    Predicted dates passed by and the world continues to exist...Thus the prophets who made the predictions have been shown to be without authority and without wisdom". (1994?, Pg. 311).

    "Why did Camping published 1994 when 2011 is the true date? Did he not trust God to give him the right date??? Why would God let Camping published one date knowing full well it was not the right one? God doesn't lie and set his children up to fail, especially if we are doing his will."

    If you can't trust him with this why should we trust any of his interpretation of the Bible?

  20. Just wanted to point out, another site linked me to this, and I was reading the calculations, and could not figure how 1,000 years turned into 23 years. But I tried calculating everything one day and came up with around 2030 give or take a few. I'm not saying I know, but it's written that no man knows. We will know the season though. Things are getting quite bad these days. But I'm not sure it quite time. I would expect worse than what we see today. I guess we will know if it's true on the 22nd. But, YES, the day is coming soon. We should always be ready. And about baptism, it is just a way to show the world what has happened in your heart. We need to be baptized of the Holy Spirit to be saved. The water signifies the washing process of the sin being washed away like the dirt is washed away. It is meant to show non-believers/the world, of the change in your life. So I believe it should be in a public place, for the lost to see. Then they ask what is going on, and then the word is shared with them. That's how it was in Jesus’ day.

  21. BLOW YE THE TRUMPET---Your another, "brainwashed / deluded victim of Harold Campings heresies." You CANNOT see the truth, through the deception. Five more days and you will have clarity (hopefully.)

    Harold Camping, "a delusional man who preaches false teachings that masquerade as truth, but in reality he preaches heresy."

  22. JLalonde---The Bible speaks of, "Being born of water and blood. When we are born (physically) we are brought forth from our Mothers womb, her "water" breaks and we are born. The water in that scripture relates to the water bringing us out of the womb. (being born of water) The second birth takes place after we are, "born again")spiritually by the Atonement of Christ...

  23. I think that god loves every good person on this earth no matter what religion they believe in and even if they're atheists.
    If a child is hard to handle and doesn't always listen to you, you still love the child don't you?

    The most important things in life is trying to be as good of a person as possible. Doing good things and just making people around you feel good. Making yourself feel good.

    And I don't see why god would create humanity just to destroy it later.. But if it should be true, I think every good person will go to heaven, no one will be left behind or "burn in flames for eternity" just because they had different beliefs!

  24. This letter was sent to Family Radio.
    Please write about our website.

    Dear Family Radio representatives.

    Your prophecy that the Judgment Day is upon us has gained a lot of attention in the press all over the world.
    However a lot of people are still in doubt. This is your chance to give them proof in a way they understand. The value of money.
    Even if your prophecy doesn't happen this will be proof that at least you believed in it.

    This website has been sent to the press


    Martin Moberg of Judgment Day Donations

    Best Regards,
    Martin Moberg

  25. So, Mr Martin Moberg or "Judgement", I see you are attempting to profit from those people who have been misguided. What a completely dispicable act this is, ripping vulnerable and scared people off. If you think the world will end on the 21st as it says on your site - why do you need or want this money? Surely it doesn't matter?
    I have no respect for what you're trying to do, but hey - if you want the money that badly, I'm hardly going to stop you.

  26. Nilla, you sound like a sweet person. God was the one who created us and he and he alone can destroy us. It's not our world. It's his. He created it. Remember when you were a child and you made something that you didn't like, what did you do? You threw it away and started over.
    Well how do you think God feels about how this world has turned out. Take a real look around you. Some of the things Mr Camping has said and I totally agree have gotten way out of hand. God desires for all of us to be saved, but that's not going to happen. We all have choices to make. Adam and Eve saw to that with their disobedience. Be strong my sister God is in control. NOT MAN.

  27. AGedgeus: No one is going to profit from this.
    If Mr Martin thinks anyone is going to send him a dime, he is more delusional than Mr Campings followers. He asked the Camping team to send him a donation not the misguided people. Everyone is thinking about material things. So pitiful, so pitiful. Where will your soul spend eternity? That's what we all should be focusing on.

  28. I invite ALL who believe in the truth of the "Gospel," to join US in a fast and prayer on, (this Friday May 20) for the novice---one to two meals---For the experienced ---the whole day... This is ONLY for those who have placed their faith in the Atonement of Christ, not in the false and heretical teachings of Harold Camping... We will be praying for all those who are being “deluded” by this false teacher and for their family members who have to withstand this spiritual travesty…

  29. Del Myers: Besides prayer this is the best advice I've seen on this blog since it started. I'm with you 100%.
    God bless you.

  30. Vince Finaldi is in a tough spot between "his Father", his dad, his job, and his X-fiance. My heart goes out to all affected by this travesty of blind faith in their own perception of the printed word. Surely this is a gross aberration of any divine plan, but one's faith is one's faith. Who are we to judge anyone?!

  31. Charmae and AGedgeus, you have totally misunderstood me.

    What I'm saying is that if mister Camping and his team really believe in this they should donate a lot of money. Why? Because it wouldn't matter to them.
    I just thought it would be a way for Camping to prove that he really believes in it. The man is loaded!
    I removed the part where it says that followers should donate (that was meant as an ironic joke, maybe it didn't come through.)
    I also added that all donations will go to charity. MAybe it could help the families who lost everything in this madness to get back on their feet.

    I don't think the world is going to end on the 21st.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Judgement: I'm sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying. I agree if the funds are going to be given to charity. Remember these people made the choice to give their money to Campings prediction. He never told anyone to do it. They would never win in a court of law. As I've stated in many of these post, we need to be ready. Rather it's May 21st or not. Let keep prayful.

  34. I don't think they are 100% sure, that's why they won't donate or even reply to my emails.

    Let's just stop worrying that something terrible is going to happen and enjoy or life. Life is to short to be worrying about when it's going to end.

  35. Judgement, I too apologise for misunderstanding you. I hope this apology will be accepted :)






  37. Jessica: Calm down. Your going to make yourself sick. Join us in Prayer and Fasting tomorrow.
    God Is In Control, not MAN. I don't know how well you know the Bible, but there are enough good praying people here on this earth that can turn any situation around. God will hear an earnest plea. If you are saved and you know for yourself that you are saved, you have nothing to worry about. Don't worry about the children. God loves them. This is how he wants us to come to him. As little children. Keep the faith and stay prayful.

  38. Judgement: He is not going to respond to you. They are still asking for donations. Wouldn't you think they would stop asking for donations? Even if the programs are pre-recorded, they can re-record them. Mr. Camping I'm told has enough money to pay all of their bills and have some left over. I listen practially all day. They ask several times a day. What do they still need donations for? Sounds a bit strange to me. Maybe he dosen't listen to the other programs. Perhaps he dosen't know they are still asking for donations. Just giving him the benefit of a doubt. Pray, Pray, Pray.

  39. My theory is that Harold Camping has the biggest ego in the world and that he is planning to commit suicide tomorrow.
    Kanye West and Noel Gallagher are going to be furious.

  40. Shoo: I doubt that...but tomorrow might be his JUDGEMENT DAY. They say you do know when your end is near. You said it when you said EGO.

  41. Camping is a false prophet... Id like to be a "fly on the wall" during his judgement day!!!

  42. no man shall know the date nor time nor shall the angels in the heavens or the son of man but the father.
    He is a false prophet looking to scare his way of living on others.
    If he actually read the bible he would know this
    what he is doing is blasphemy.
    GOD is my Lord and savior when he comes all will
    know not through some billboards cult.
    reminder of the knights of the nine camping is one who would shed his brother blood for his beliefs

  43. Harold is a disgusting man, falsifying God's return and causing people to QUIT their jobs, move, waste money, and the list goes on.

    What a loser, he's just sucking people of their money and having a good time before his life ends. He's 94! He'll die soooon.

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