The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Monday, May 2, 2011

Why the Followers of Harold Camping are like Eve in the Garden with SATAN

How does Harold Camping hide the fact that he is the God of his followers? He does it very subtly. In the Bible we see Satan (like Family Radio) had his own interpretation of God’s word. Satan spun God’s word to Eve when she said God forbid them to eat from the Tree or they would die. Harold Camping is just as slick as Satan, claiming to know it all in the Bible.

Calling Family radio is like calling Satan for a Bible answer

Here is Satan’s spin on the Bible

"Yes, God said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden," he probed (Gen 3:1)

Satan agrees with Eve but then he has some NEW informaton for her!

Harold Camping also softness up the listener, claiming all his information will come from using the word of God. Throw in some old time Christian music and you are suckered!

Here is Satan’s spin on the Bible "For God doth knows that in the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil" (Gen 3:5)


God’s word was plain but Satan (The devil) had his new information for Eve just like Harold Camping has a new interpretation for you

Calling Harold Camping on Open Forum is like asking Satan should you go to church

What do you think Satan would say? Church! Those hypocrites and child molesters’! Stay away! Why go to church when you can call my friend Harold Camping! He has an answer for you…

Just turn Family Radio off, listening to them is playing with Fire and you will lose!


  1. I don't agree with you. Do you know what the church is? Baptized believers in Christ Jesus.
    Every church thinks their way is right. I have to agree with Mr Camping. The churchs are not the answer. There is only one way to God. His 66 books. The BIBLE. I became very dishearten with my church before I started listening to Family Radio. I would encourage anyone to listen. Just don't get trapped into believing everything Camping is saying. If you know in your heart you are saved and living the life that God would have you to live, don't let anyone tell you different.

  2. Charme, where you are wrong is that you say the “ONLY” way to God is his 66 Books (this is a Harold Camping teaching)

    The Bible IS the word of God but you can come to God without a Bible (Many in persecuted countries hear and accept Christ without ever seeing a Bible)

    You can break and give your heart to God just from Hearing his word! It does not take a Bible

    3000 were baptized in one day just from hearing Paul preach

    The Churches are far from perfect and the readers of this site know that we mention this often but Mr. Camping has an agenda against the churches.

    Jesus beats the church up with harsh words just as God beat Israel up with harsh words in the Old Testament. God even says I will no longer be with Israel many time in the Bible!

    BUT!! …Then he always takes them back!

    Paul even says God is going to blend Israel back in for the End times

    The Church is far from perfect but it is the bride of Christ!

    I am sorry you were not being filled at your church

    If you were not being spiritual feed at your church you should pray to find another Church.

  3. You misunderstood my statement. Or perhaps I didn't explain it so you would understand what I was saying. I'm truly greatful to God for letting me come across your blog. You don't have to belong to any church to be saved. There is truth and falsehood in everything. The "church" again are baptized believers in Christ Jesus. Not the building. I don't know you from Adam. You don't know me from Eve, but we have one thing in common. Jesus Christ is Lord. The earth as a whole is the Bride. I refuse to be under anyone's doctrine again. I agree wholeheartly with you. Just hearing the word you can be saved.

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