The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harold Camping May 21 End of World: Is Camping legally insane or Demonic?

Harold Camping is being used by Satan says a survey of 10 major Christians denomination and non denomination members. The church had been ignoring Camping but finally Christians are speaking out and the dirt on Camping is coming out as well.
Family radio is being called a cult by Christians on the Radio,Television and Internet.

Atheist are having a great laugh as true Christians try to explain that they are not apart of Harold Camping. Family radio has turned the return of Christ into a joke.

The damage that Harold Camping has done with his guarantee of May 21 End of the world (Judgment day to be exact) is a shame.

There are End of the World parties scheduled in many cities on May 22nd. 2011

What Camping is doing is not of God. Many Christians surveyed feel Satan is using Camping to disgrace Christianity


God uses believers and the Churches who have drawn millions into the Kingdom of God with Love and Service.

Those are 2 words you will never hear from Camping followers LOVE AND SERVICE

May 21 is a carnival act that is not of Christ...Any true Christian can see this is a Circus and not of God ...DOES THIS PICTURE GLORIFY JESUS?

Is Camping Insane?

An interview with Family Radio members who left in 1994 (when he 1st predicted the end of the world) reveal a man who was losing it back in 1994

Chris :
A former member states that “ We would sit in his house and he really was obsessed with 1994 as the End of the world... He was convinced that was the year. Many of us thought he was starting to go senile...he just started obsessing over the numbers...A lot of us left and went back to church”

Mary: (not her real name) said:
Many of us though he lost it in 1994, he would ramble on and on...many of us thought Camping was wrong even before his first prediction was proven wrong”

The True Christian would never be involved with this freak show of date picking. This is a media circus that bunches all Christians with Camping.

This whole carnival show of May 21 Judgment day is a remind to the True Christians to follow God not man. The Bible speaks of the fact that we are not to follow man's intelligence. Harold Camping is lost and confused. At 90 he does not have a long time left to live.

There will be more Harold Camping after he passes on. This is a good lesson for Christians to follow God and avoid the wisdom of man.

Unfortunately there will always be those who find “new information” to fool the foolish

Friday, April 22, 2011

Harold Camping: Beaten for Christ? You still get Punished on Judgment Day May 21st

Harold Camping has the door key to who goes to heaven and who stays out. He has put himself in a judgmental position by claiming that if you are in a church you do not go to heaven. You see, his claim is that Satan is the King of ALL churches. His demonic teaching get scarier by the day. Harold Camping has condemned all church goers to hell(the his interpretation).

Why? Because only he has “figured it out” in the Bible” He may not know it because he is locked in his little world of Family Radio, but there are Christians who are suffering in ways this man could never imagine

In China,Iran and over 40 other countries it is illegal to go to church. It is illegal to even own a Bible

A Christian minister from one of these countries(I will not say which) was Beaten 3 times and told to stop the underground church. He continued secretly with about 30 other Christians. His Penalty for having another church meeting?

They raped his daughter in front of him as they held him down to watch. The minister( in tears) telling his story says there are still about 13 other underground churches in the country who risk beatings and death.

Of course in Harold Camping little world of Alemeda California these people are going into judgment day on May 21 because they are still in a church.

One man from China, had his fingers cut off because he goes to Church, the Church has had members beaten and the officials have even defecated on Bibles they found in the secret churches.

Of course in Harold Camping little world it makes no different. “NO HEAVEN FOR YOU...Shall we take another call”

Camping has appointed himself the gate keeper of Heaven. HE decided who goes in from “His” interpretation of the Bible.

The Church is not perfect, Jesus warns the churches in the Bible to SHAPE UP! But never will the Lord Jesus make Satan King of the Churches...NEVER!

Only Satan could claim “HE” is King of ALL churches. This is why I feel Harold Camping may possibly be possessed. Satan begged Jesus to worship him just once, Jesus told him where he could go! Not Camping He proclaims Satan King of Churches with ease.

If you listen to Family Radio and Camping you can hear the hatred they have for the churches. Only Satan hates the churches this way.

The churches are far from perfect but they are always God's Bride NOT SATAN'S!

Harold Camping is a dangerous Old man, who has destroy lives. Each day he is on the radio or television is another disrespect of the Lord Jesus and what he did for Believers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I meet another Wizard Harold Camping Follower who gets ANGRY at me!

The Wizard Harold Camping has some very weird followers. I will not say all but this was the fourth Camping follower I have encountered and only one was very nice. This guy was walking down the street with a shopping cart and a Giant sign in the shopping cart that stated. May 21 is the end of the word and the beginning of judgment day. Wizard Harold Camping may have been a little embarrassed by this follower. The guy was pushing the shopping cart and yelling in the street with a big smile on his face. Picture a possibly mentally ill Singer James Brown . I am not mocking at all this is what the guy looked like.

The world is coming to an end! May 21st is judgment day. He laughed and smile as he gave out Camping literature. Rolling the cart through the busy shopping street

Most people laughed at him and stayed away. I am not mocking him but he looked like “James Brown" dancing with his sign..and yelling in the crowded street. It was a real spectacle!

Normally I do not force a meeting with anyone but I had to talk to this guy. He said “May 21 is judgment day and the end of the world”. Laughing and shouting he created a stir. I tried hard to reach him through the crowd and I finally pushed through. I finally reached him on the crowd street

I said “ do you know this?”

He said “It's all in the Bible” Smiling and shouting louder

I said “ Harold Camping told you that not the Bible”

At this point he was not so happy, he did not know I knew of Harold Camping


I said “Sir, all those fliers in your hand are Family radio interpretation of the Bible. I told him you have nothing from the Bible... this is all from one man “Harold Camping”

He got very upset..he shot back ”The BIGGEST EARTHQUAKE IS ON MAY 21”

I said to myself ...I an going to push this one step further

I said to him “Harold Camping is your God because you only have Harold Camping teaching in your hand not the Bible”

At this point he yelled in the street


At this point he rolled the shopping cart away with his sign..yelling in the Street and Smiling ..."The world is ending on May 21...The end of the world is here"

He did the James Brown move and smile and he was gone..Shopping cart blazing through the shoppers as he yelled louder

A lot of unstable people are obsessed with the end of the world. It is important for a believer to be aware of the end but the “Super Bowl atmosphere” that Family Radio has created is a disgrace to Christianity


As a Muslim said recently about this “ Christians do a great job of making themselves look foolish”

The Lord Jesus died a rose again to give the believer eternal life.

What Harold Camping is doing is a shame and his followers are walking on the beautiful work of Jesus

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Harold Camping GETS FIRM.. The End of the world is MAY 21..PERIOD!

It was reported on this site, as well as 4 others that Harold Camping was wavering about his May 21 as the End of the world. Actually the date is Judgment day according to Camping, with the Biggest Earthquake in recorded history on that date. In response to those who noticed that he was getting soft on his date, Harold Camping got firm!

May 21 is the Date Period..There is not a chance God will change his mind!

The self proclaimed prophet spoke very strongly in place of God once again. This man has no problem speaking for God. Here are his comments as of Friday when he got firmer

“There is no chance God will change his mind”

“This is a DONE DEAL..the date is guaranteed”

“Lock it in! May 21 2011 is the date there is NO chance the date is wrong”

What happened to this man who once was a good bible teacher? Did he lose his mind from over studying? Was his obsession with the Bible enough to drive him insane? Or did a demon Spirit of pride enter him?

This man has NO fear of God..Only a fool would speak for God the way he does

This man speaks for God and expects all to believe him. To the followers of Harold Camping and Family radio I beg you to listen to God and not this man. God will condemn those who follow the teaching of a man instead of God.

I understand that there are those are going to follow Camping all the way up to his death and probably beyond. I have dicovered after having a family member in a Christian Cult that it is almost impossible to open their eyes. May 21 is the beginning of the end of the world because Camping has figured it out. A true Christian knows that this is not how God operates.

Does this make sense that a man sat with his Bible for 54 years and found the date?

The Bible shows us that if God works through people it is usually through the humble servant. It is often through those who see themselves as lowly. Harold Camping is arrogant,prideful, full of himself and a “know it all”

Is this the arrogant man who God would use to reveal some hidden date?

Think about that

The bigger problem is not Camping, it is those who trust in him and not God

If you trust HIS interpretation then you are trusting “HIM” NOT THE BIBLE

Family radio followers must realize they are trust Camping's INTERPRETATION of the Bible NOT the Bible..This is what his followers just can't figure out

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The End of the world? Watch closely… Harold Camping is backing out of his prediction of May 21

The End of the world? Watch closely… Harold Camping is backing out of his prediction of May 21

If you blinked you missed it but Harold Camping “The end of the world” May 21 is starting to doubt his belief own weird calculations that it will happen. How do I know this? A caller on the Open forum really pushed it to him, the caller said “You really believe in one month will be the biggest Earthquake ever and the start of the end of the world? Harold Camping actually stuttered and said “Well, there are so many proofs..ah…I believe we have enough proof”

Family Radio will not need anymore financial support after May 21 2011?

Another caller said to him “ I suppose Family Radio will not be soliciting anymore funds after May 21, Camping again stuttered and went into his routine how he is a volunteer and does not receive a salary (mind you, he is the President of Family Radio and profits well!) Camping then said with a very….very low voice..”I suppose we will not ask for more funds” You could barely hear him”

What a joke, Family radio will always ask for funds, after their “The end of the world” prediction date passes

How do I know this? Well you see every cult that has been wrong continues to ask for money and what is more amazing is that the blind follower’s still support them!

When it comes to money everything changes, even the end of the world.

In an interview with a major newspaper this week, the reporter asked Harold Camping plainly, you really believe this is going to happen in 4 weeks. Camping again give a very shy, “All the signs point to that date”

Would you really leave your church or stop attending church because this man says so?

Would you not ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life because this man says you do not have to? Harold Camping says just cry out to God “Could it be I am one of your children”

How could anyone trust and rely this man’s teachings?

How could anyone believe a mere man can sit with his bible and figure out the date of the end of the world? If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny

Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Harold Camping will NOT tell you to Quit your Job or Sell your Home before May 21st

Harold Camping and Family radio will NEVER tell you to quit your job or sell your home before his claimed Judgment day May 21 2011. The reason is this so called teacher of the Bible knows what will happen if he is wrong. It is called LAWSUITS!

This is very important information for those who follow Harold Camping and Family Radio. My parents and Mr. Camping are old enough to remember those who sold their homes and quit their jobs when the Jehovah Witnesses told them to in the early 1970's. They were taught the world would end in 1975.

1975 was the year of the end of the world according to the Jehovah Witnesses

My mom told me they knocked on her door in the early 1970's and told everyone that like Harold Camping and Family radio they had “figured out the date

There have been lawsuits against the Watch Tower Organization due to their literature that told people to quit their jobs and sell their home

Harold Camping and Family radio are not stupid, they will never repeat the mistake that the Jehovah witnesses made. Family Radio would be hit by so many Lawsuits that they would go bankrupt on May 22nd.

So on the Open Forum Harold Camping says, I cannot tell you what to do with your possessions because of May 21 2011. HE WILL NOT TELL YOU WHY, WHICH IS BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WITNESSES

Here is a 90 year old man that saw what the Jehovah Witnesses did to people and HE REMEMBERS !


These issues of date predicting are not new, the Witnesses have predicted 4 dates over 100 years and of course have been wrong on all dates. Harold Camping is no different, he is a professional false date picker

The Witnesses have tried to cover the last date picking of 1975 by says "We suggested 1975...we never said 100%"

Sound familiar? This is the same thing Family Radio says about 1994, when Camping said the world would end

Thank GOD for the Internet, so we can catch these false teachers

Please share this site and video to someone in Family Radio. They will not abandon Harold Camping but maybe it will open their minds just a little

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harold Camping and Family Radio:Step right up...We have more new information!!

Listening to Harold Camping and Family Radio can cost your Believe in God. How easily do they do this? Well, it all starts with a little deception and this can go a long way. I have witnessed this and this is a good lesson that may help someone. From childhood we are curious and love to hear a little gossip in the school yard, believe it or not, this is how Harold Camping and Family Radio spread bad Bible teaching seeds of deception.

A lesson from in front a Church

I attended a very powerful truly on fire for God Christian church a few years back. The Church had a real good spirit of God and we all felt we were blessed by God to be there. One day, a guy who I had seen in the church on and off maybe 10 times was standing in front of the church. He was telling people to “listen to him” and his latest “information” about one of the Pastors. Like Harold Camping this guy had “New Information”

The service was just about to start and 4 strong Christian members of the church were listening to this “stranger” say rumors about the Pastor. I could tell the guy was a little mentally off but to my surprise 3 of the members of the church (who I knew very well) stood and listened to this “New Information” as the service was about to began.

I said to one of my friends “The service is starting, lets go worship God”..

His answer to me was

“I will be right in I want to hear the rest of this”

Harold Camping and Family Radio are very similar, revealing “so-called New Information about how God hates the church and that Satan is the King of all churches.

All Camping's conclusions are from “HIMSELF” but his faithful follower's do not see this. They say “The Bible” told them. They cannot see that it is all from Camping's Lost mind NOT THE BIBLE.

4 weeks later I saw this same guy who was preaching bad words about the Church and Pastor. He was begging in front of the Church for money. People said, isn’t this the guy who was preaching in front of the church about how bad the church was. This same guy was literally on his knees, begging for money.

The last time I saw him was 2 months after his begging and he was dressed as a Muslim.

My friend (who stood and listened to him the first day) said to me “ I cannot believe I was listening to that guy's nonsense"

Family Radio is more convincing because they have a radio and television program, this reaches more gullible people

Harold Camping and Family Radio are the same Bible verse spinners from the beginning of time. They hate the Church. They love Preaching hatred of Churches, Pastors, and those who worship God.

For many Family Radio is the new God with all Camping's “NEW REVELATIONS”

Camping is a 90 year old man who has spent 54 years of his life trying to “figure out” when God will return as Jesus. He is possibly demon possessed due to Pride. Yet so many will follow him to the death. I do believe many NOT ALL of his follower's are mentally unstable

No true follower's of Jesus would have Camping as their official Bible interpreter

Avoid the "New Information" and Love God and the Church. The Church is NOT perfect but it is God's Church NOT Satan's !

We don't need Camping's New Information

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The Bible says “My Sheep know my voice and they will NOT follow another(Harold Camping?)” You Do not need "Camping" as your Middleman

How different from the follower's of Family Radio. They have made Camping the middleman to the Bible. They cannot think a verse unless it goes through their human translator Harold Camping. True believer's know when something just ain’t right. They might not be able to find it in the Bible but the indwelling of the Holy Spirit tells them something just ain’t right.

Jesus knew that when humans use their own intelligence they get into big trouble. Humans often forget they are the creation and not the Creator.

Get behind me Satan, you are an Offense to me!

These are the bold words Jesus spoke to Peter(One of the best known follower's of Jesus)

Why did Jesus call Beloved Peter a Satan? Because, Peter thought he had it all “Figured out”. Kind of reminds me of Harold Camping, he has “God all figured out”

Peter told Jesus you will NOT go to the cross and die...Jesus recognizing ONLY SATAN would deny Jesus going to the cross.

Jesus made it clear to Peter ...Do not talk about the cross, This is MY area!

Family Radio and Harold Camping have NO TROUBLE speaking of the cross. They boldly state that Jesus ONLY went to the cross as a “Demonstration”, that he died before the world began.

Can you imagine if this Prideful man Harold Camping was there looking the Lord Jesus in the eye when

Jesus, the Bible says "had sweat as blood" "He even asked God could this cup pass from him"..Jesus..nervous..sweating...trouble in his soul to death!..then at that moment comes Camping

With all do respect to Jesus...Just Imagine this

Camping to Jesus : Oh Lord, I know this is only a demonstration you are going to give us when you go to the cross”


The Bible says Jesus gave Satan a DEATH BLOW at the Cross! Who are we to call this event a Demonstration!

How Could any true believer follow Family Radio? They are all parrots and puppets for Wizard Camping.

Camping likes to say to disagree with him means you do not trust the Bible

I say to his follower's “If you follow Camping you are forfeiting the beauty that the Lord reveals to you in his Bible”

Anyone who would allow the beautiful Savior's words to be interpreted by Family Radio loses the true meaning of the verses

Please don't allow this man to give you “his” version of the verses. Go to God yourself and he will reveal the verses to your heart. You won't need 54 years and a calculator, just a childlike heart

This goes beyond May 21 predictions, Harold Camping is one of the worst Anti Church,Anti Truth, Anti Christ to affect so many in a long time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Finally Meet Some of Wizard Harold Camping's Lost and Blind Follower's

Last week I met my first group of Harold Camping follower's... 2 women and a man were handing out pamphlets telling people the world would experience Judgment Day on May 21st. I was also told that this would be the biggest Earthquake day in the history of the world. I will say this about the group they have been well trained in Harold Camping, just as I suspected their was not an original thought in any of them.

The man and one woman were actually very nice but the other woman I felt needed mental health help. She looked me in the eye and shook her finger at me..”DONT YOU UNDERSTAND WE CAN KNOW THE DATE !

I believe a lot of mentally unstable people will be drawn to this message of May 21st. I spoke to the man because he was really the only one I could reason with, the women would not stop talking...just repeating every word Harold Camping teaches.

If these are the people going to heaven...then...I will leave it at that

I told the guy you are trusting this man Harold Camping's calculations over God. For a brief second I got through to him, I impressed upon him how foolish it was to trust this man and his crazy dates. All Camping's date are prideful calculations based on his own weak human knowledge. The angry women looked at me as if I had insulted her God(Harold Camping)

She looked hard a me and said again “WE CAN KNOW THE EXACT DATE!” she was visibly angry at me...She said “I bet you go to CHURCH!”

(Camping follower's hate Church for those who did not know this)

I saw a lost and slightly mentally disturbed look in her face. Kind of like when a dog is confused( I am serious and not making a joke) It was sad to see her cling to Harold Camping and his dates. These are people who will have a hard time coming back to the real God when their false God Harold Camping is finally silenced by the real God

I can sum up my first meeting with his follower's as SAD. They are hard to speak with, they just repeat Harold Camping words..again and again...with a lost look in the eye

They are truly the Lost sheep of Harold Camping and Family Radio

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Caller to Harold Camping and Family Radio “What you do Do quickly..your Time is short

A caller on Family Radio Open Forum recognized that Harold Camping is possessed by a Demon or maybe Satan himself. This is not something Christians should take likely, we are called to go on the offensive against those who persecute the body. On the Open Forum a caller said very clearly to Harold Camping

"Can you not see the verses you speak of about “Doctrines of Demons are talking about you!!”

Those who Satan operate through do not always know that it is Satan operating in them.
The caller made a very important statement to the Wizard Harold Camping “ What you d...o do quickly, your time is are 90 years old”

The caller recognized that Camping has only a short time at 90 years old to deceive true believers. Judas was not able to betray Christ until he put his hand in the supper bowl and took the bread


John 13:27 New International Version (©1984)
As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him. "What you are about to do, do quickly," Jesus told him,

If it is Harold Camping with the Demon, at what point did this man who uses to serve God depart to Satan's teachings?

Pride got Satan thrown out of Heaven and Camping of Family Radio admits that he was “once” very prideful. Camping is obsessed with numbers and figuring out when God will return as Jesus. He has written books on the subject and predicted that 1994 would be the year of Jesus return. He was completely wrong!


Maybe had he been humbled by his first false prediction he could have been saved? Was his obsession with “figuring out” the return date enough to have God hand him over to Satan?

It is a strong possibility.

Camping proudly proclaims Satan as King of the Churches. No true Christian would ever say this without the Spirit grieving them. Camping can say it without a flint.

Please do not laugh this Old man off. Send these posts to other Christians. We are one Church and one body. Harold Camping has very little time left on Earth and his damaging and danger filled show will end when God finally shuts Camping down.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Danger of listening to Harold Camping and Family Radio

Those who listen to Family Radio and Harold Camping may never be the same again. They are giving away the beautiful way that God can speak to you through the Bible. When Camping is done with you the ability to think on your own may be forever lost.

We have to be VERY clear that all the teachings on Family Radio are from Harold Camping. Every track is Camping's beliefs..every commercial..every sermon is Camping's Doctrine. They sometimes change the speaker but it is ALL CAMPING

There is not one independent thought with these people. Every thought and every Bible explanation must first be approved by Camping. There is one creed at Family Radio and that is that Harold Camping is President,King, Ruler and the only voice of Family Radio

The Danger of listening to Harold Camping

The danger of listening to this man is that you may not be able to get his “Church Hating” views out your head, you may lose the wonderful way God can speak to his children. Some people have been so conditioned by Camping that they cannot read a verse without remembering one of his teaching that destroyed the true meaning of the verse

Imagine hearing for years these teachings on the Church and Hell. How will many be able to hear what God is really saying about these issue after Camping has taken every independent thought you have?

Well you ever be able to read Matthew or Revelations without Camping doctrine popping in your head? If not you may have been damaged. I urge people turn it!

It will be difficult to remove Family Radio and Harold Camping's teaching out your head

This is the real danger of his teachings. With Camping no verse means what it says..we must find another verse..the conspiracy verse..the jigsaw puzzle.

One of his favorite lines is ”Remember the Biblical rule..we always compare Scripture to Scripture”

Sadly the believer can never read a Bible verse without looking for a “conspiracy” verse to include with it. Every thing with Camping is.. "Who really shot JFK...?"

Harold Camping is an Old man playing with the Bible like a Giant Jigsaw puzzle. Mixing and Matching as he pleases for his own conclusions. The Lost Sheep followers of Camping may never be the same after this man's teaching. He is one of the most Dangerous men ever to teach Christians. Why? Because he can pump Media 24 hours a day. No other Bible teacher has ever had this much Media station control. How much damage will he do to his followers? Only as much as God allows. God has set a time for this man's mouth to be shut.

After the last Follower has been fooled God will shut the mouth of Harold Camping

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Harold Camping Fools people with his “Don't Trust Me..Trust the Bible” line

The Bible is the most abused book in History... ALL claim they have "figured it out" They are always wrong. The Bible in Harold Camping hand's is poison to the listener.

Harold Camping is the worst kind of deceiver because he is well trained in the Bible. His favorite line is “Do not trust me, trust the Bible” You must understand that all cults say this. The Jehovah Witnesses say Jesus came back to earth in 1914, He looked around then said “see you later” They will happily show you all this in... you guessed it... THE BIBLE!. Harold Camping is using the oldest deception which is to say it is all in the Bible.

I don't think Camping is fooling people on purpose at all, there is a strong possibility that pride from over learning for 54 years has allowed a demon of pride to enter him. I do not say I know for sure. Be careful who you let instruct you on the Scriptures. I say read it yourself and let God interpret for you.

A Seven Day Adventist follower told my mom, all are sinning that are going to church on Sunday.

His answer “We only use the “Bible” to figure this out”

The Bible is the book they all use to “figure out” how everyone else is wrong. A family member of mine was in a normal church that was so perfect looking. Good people ,Good bible studies, great friends.,,then it happened

They slowly showed how “ONLY” they go to heaven!” Think it could not fool you?

A Church trained,college educated lover of God in my family got hooked. happen to a member of my own family. He told me “Only we go to heaven....It's all in the Bible”

Harold Camping is even more convincing because he runs a television show sometimes 24 hour a day in some States. This continual mind control is convincing. Never before has one man's personal message received so much airtime. Never argue the Scripture with people in cults (like Harold Camping May 21st 2011 judgment day)

No matter how much you argue they WILL win. Know matter how much scripture you know, they will win.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you have a Brother,Sister,Husband or Wife Fooled by Harold Camping?

Harold Camping has many people fooled with his false doctrine. If you have a family member fooled by this man you will not be able to open their eyes to this. I had a family member who was fooled by another Christian organization that also proved everything with the Bible as Harold Camping does. Camping is proud. He is possibly Possessed by Satan. His followers would never dare question him

If you have a family member following this man all you can do is pray for them. Harold Camping allows only himself to interpret the bible, others can only ask “him” questions. No one else is allowed to interpret the bible but him

If you have another opinion WATCH OUT, he MUST get the final word

Harold Camping says the world is going into Judgment on May 21st 2011. Here is his quote “ IT IS GUARANTEED” that the judgment day is May 21st with the greatest Earthquake in history on that day

His mindless followers call and ask him questions as if he is GOD. “Brother Camping..will the Earthquake start in New Zealand?” Their God (Harold Camping) answers..YES, there is a good chance it will start in New Zealand

Many mentally illness and unstable people are drawn to Harold Camping. These are people who often feel no church is good enough for them. These people are spiritual loners who are often bible freaks with little friends. Harold Camping may be demon possessed, Satan may speak through him. If you have a brother, sister,father, mother, husband or wife be very careful

All you can do is pray for them

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satan ruling in Harold Camping? Family radio run by Satan?

Harold Camping may be ruled by the power of Satan. As Christians we are called to be on guard. From the early church, demons have longed to “get in” Paul spoke plainly that false brethren “brothers” had already sneaked into the churches. Before we dismiss Family Radio as one other group of lost Christians we must look deeper. Harold Camping may not be just a lost leader of mindless follower's, he may be Satan possessed.

Why Satan may have taken over Harold Camping and Family radio

Satan has always wanted to be a ruler. We see this from his very removal from Heaven. The Bible plainly states that he was thrown out of heaven due to having a huge ego. He wanted to be the KING

His quote was “I will be like the most High”

Jesus says plainly “the gates of hell shall not prevail against my church” This is the plain word gospel truth until Camping gets his sneaky hands on the verse

Of course in the hands of Harold Camping (he can spin any verse to mean what he wants) The gates of hell will prevail against the church! Forget what Jesus said Camping has “NEW” information! And HELL wins!..

His mindless follower's will never really question him. Their note taking is a joke, he is the final and ONLY authority on all scriptures.

Their note taking is really a show for good television shots. They appear “studious” for the cameras

Now, we know Satan wanted to be a King and rule over the Christians. Satan asked Jesus for Peter and Jesus Prayed to God.... the answer....NO WAY you can not have him

God says hand off my Child Peter!

But Family Radio and Harold Camping GIVE SATAN the Rulership!

Here is what they proclaim all day


Satan is the King and ruler of all Churches! As of 1988 Satan is now the King and ruler of all churches!

There is no way God would ever proclaim Satan as the King of his bride or his church.

Harold Camping proclaims Satan as “King” of all churches... daily! Harold Camping may be possessed by Satan.

An Open forum caller recognized Camping as Satan possessed.

A caller last week to the Open forum said to Camping “ You cannot see that the verses about Satan ruling people is speaking about you!”

Jesus warns the churches in the book of Revelations to “Shape up” he gives a strong warning that he will remove their candlesticks if they do not shape up

BUT..he NEVER says “I will turn my bride over to Satan!”

God will chastise the church but NEVER WILL HE LET SATAN RULE IT

The lost sheep of Harold Camping do not follow God or the Bible. The only leader they have is Camping. He can spin them anyway he wants and they never question him.

Jesus said my sheep will never follow another voice. The Lost sheep of Harold Camping will follow Camping's voice even if it is Satan speaking.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Harold Camping May 21: The Great Card switcher and his Lost followers

Harold Camping (of Judgment day of May 21 fame and end of the world October 21) is a slippery card player that the average Christian can "almost" never catch. This site is about the followers of Camping. Their leader can talk for a VERY long time. He wears out the saints and can talk for 1 hour straight without the slightest pause.

Harold Camping is what you call a shred card player.

As you try to follow his long winded speech he does a card switch that most believers would never catch

Example: A woman caller asked Camping where does the Bible say that Satan is the ruler of the churches. Camping answers, the Bible speaks of the the Abomination of desolation in the temple. The temple is the churches, he says. Later he says the churches are any place you see the word Jerusalem in the new Testament ”

Here comes the Harold Camping Mr May 21 st switch!

Later as he is speaking he says the Temple is the "believer" not a physical temple to be built before the end time.

So the follower is lost ( he said earlier the temple was the “Believer” but when he wants to condemn the Churches he say the organized "church" is the Temple)

He never stops speaking and before you know it you are just listening mindlessly and lost. He is a fountain of misinformation. He jumps from Scripture to Scripture

Here are his stand “Poker” statements that seduce his blind followers. He comes to his own conclusion then uses the word WE..or US

See his standard lines here

“ WE now see the bible clearly shows us”

“WE know from careful study this is taking about the Churches”

“The bible clearly shows US Satan is ruling in the churches”

“ WE have carefully learned Solomon was not a child of God”


Harold Camping of May 21st fame can easily fool a true believer.

How to avoid thIS great Poker dealer: Do not argue with him! To speak to him is like stepping into Quick Sand. He will slowly wear you down with misinformation on verses and “his own conclusions”

His lost sheep cannot see this because they would NEVER dare disagree with him? He is on a Throne and they are only allowed to ask “ Softball” Questions that lead into another speech.

It would be a great day to see one of his followers get a spine and speak up. “I disagree” you will never hear from this group. Brother Harold Camping cannot be corrected..

Shall we take another call...Welcome to the Open forum..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is Harold Camping Possessed with a Demon?

Harold Camping may be possessed with a demon. We know that he has figured out God and says Judgment day is May 21 st 2011. He said on his television show that it is 100% guaranteed. He says to doubt this means that you do not trust the Bible. His followers (as those who read this site know) are mindless followers of this man. Harold Camping may be possessed by a demon. This is not a joke but 100% truly a possibility that a demon of Satan has overtaken him

Here is what the Bible says about the Last times. Paul is warning Timothy and it really does apply to our day as never before. Here is the verse

King James Bible 1 Timothy 4:1
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Doctrine of Devils? Lets exam this

Here is the doctrine of Camping

Jesus did not die on the cross for Sins, it was only a “demonstration”
Satan is the ruler in EVERY CHURCH on Earth (Something Satan would say?)
Satan came to rule ALL churches in 1988
Do not take communion
DO not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior..instead cry out to God..SAVE ME PLEASE
Do not be baptized

This site is about his Lost sheep followers who are convinced that Harold Camping can do no wrong.

His “show” is a monologue of him running his mouth. His faithful followers never speak as he teaches with the Bible “his” doctrine. Harold Camping is old, very old...he is 90 but this man never stops talking. His talks continually and never catches a breath. He may be possessed by a demon.

Paul warned us that the end times many will abandon the faith for a “NEW” gospel.

Here is Camping quoted “God is revealing NEW truths to us that we never knew before.” This is how we know May 21st 2011 is Judgment day and the Biggest earthquake in the history of the world”

The Bible clearly tells us that SOME WILL ABANDON THE FAITH...why wouldn’t this be Harold Camping?

His doctrine sounds like on who is “Teaching from Demons”

True followers must guard their FAITH in Christ Jesus. DO Not draw left and right and follow these so called NEW TRUTHS . Do not allow others to interpret the Scripture for you. The Gospel of Jesus is clear on what to do to be saved. Harold Camping is a master spinner and changer of scripture. He is fast and most will not catch it. He is a Poker dealer in Las Vegas and few can catch how he plays with the Scriptures.

He may have a demon helping him which is why so many may be deceived

Friday, April 1, 2011

Harold Camping May 21: Think he could not do it to you? Think again!

Harold Camping says Judgment day is May 21st 2011. He has “Figured” it out after studying it for over 54 years he say. My question to a true believer is how easily would you be fooled if someone came and taught in Jesus name. Now, it is easy to say NOT ME but you might be fooling yourself. Harold Camping and his May 21 judgment day has a lot of followers. This is not a small bunch of of people in a little room.

He has blasted the media with millions dollars of advertisements

He has something a lot of other Bible teachers do not which is a BIG bank roll. Here is a man 90 years old with millions of dollars. He is the President of Family Radio which is worth millions of dollars. Media is powerful and influential. Never before has a “ so called Christian Teacher” had so much at their disposal to put out the message “they” want out.

Harold Camping has his strong following but how about you? Could you be fooled?

Amazing, below we will see his so called Christian doctrine that so many so called Christians totally believe What if someone told you a man would preach these doctrines and have a huge number of so called Christians believing his every word.

Lets look at the doctrine

1.The Churches are ruled by Satan..So never go into a Church

2.Jesus did NOT pay for sins on the cross but it was only a “demonstration” of how he paid for sins before the world was created

3.Do not get baptized!

4.Do not take communion!

Now how could someone with this doctrine have tons of Christians following him?

Well the Bible shows how this can happen.

The followers of Christ had already picked their favorite disciple or “teacher” to follow

just a few years after the death and resurrection of Christ

Here is how Paul puts
New American Standard Bible (©1995)

Now I mean this, that each one of you is saying, "I am of Paul," and "I of Apollos," and "I of Cephas," and "I of Christ."

Now this is a very important message; the Christians were ready to follow their favorites disciples NOT Jesus!

Paul had to put them in check!

New International Version (©1984)
Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized into the name of Paul?

I am thankful that I did not baptize any of you except Crispus and Gaius,

so no one can say that you were baptized into my name.

Paul “in modern language” “You people are willing to be MY disciple instead of Jesus..are you nuts!

This is an important message because Satan is very sneaky. Harold Camping's lost sheep are sold out for him completely. He says no baptism they say fine! He says do not go to church they say great!

It is very easy to make your “teacher” God. It happens to the best of Christians. Many ministers have followers who would do anything for them. Many woman have giving their bodies to “Holy” men of God because they were just so righteous

Others love the Gifts..Healing(that's a big one)..Speaking in tongues..etc Do these things and you will get your own me!

Harold Camping knows an incredible amount of Scripture, enough to spin it anyway he wants without you being able to catch it.

As a joke..He could easily change his message and have everyone of his Sheep go back to church and they would not catch it.

The Bible says the very ELECT will be fooled in the last days!

You can't argue with Harold Camping, he is a master spinner and changer of the Bible verses. Add a television channel that runs his face 24 hour a day, a million dollars in advertisements and a master changer of bible verses

This is a combination that can have many people selling their possession because the world ends on May 21.