The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Harold Camping May 21: The Great Card switcher and his Lost followers

Harold Camping (of Judgment day of May 21 fame and end of the world October 21) is a slippery card player that the average Christian can "almost" never catch. This site is about the followers of Camping. Their leader can talk for a VERY long time. He wears out the saints and can talk for 1 hour straight without the slightest pause.

Harold Camping is what you call a shred card player.

As you try to follow his long winded speech he does a card switch that most believers would never catch

Example: A woman caller asked Camping where does the Bible say that Satan is the ruler of the churches. Camping answers, the Bible speaks of the the Abomination of desolation in the temple. The temple is the churches, he says. Later he says the churches are any place you see the word Jerusalem in the new Testament ”

Here comes the Harold Camping Mr May 21 st switch!

Later as he is speaking he says the Temple is the "believer" not a physical temple to be built before the end time.

So the follower is lost ( he said earlier the temple was the “Believer” but when he wants to condemn the Churches he say the organized "church" is the Temple)

He never stops speaking and before you know it you are just listening mindlessly and lost. He is a fountain of misinformation. He jumps from Scripture to Scripture

Here are his stand “Poker” statements that seduce his blind followers. He comes to his own conclusion then uses the word WE..or US

See his standard lines here

“ WE now see the bible clearly shows us”

“WE know from careful study this is taking about the Churches”

“The bible clearly shows US Satan is ruling in the churches”

“ WE have carefully learned Solomon was not a child of God”


Harold Camping of May 21st fame can easily fool a true believer.

How to avoid thIS great Poker dealer: Do not argue with him! To speak to him is like stepping into Quick Sand. He will slowly wear you down with misinformation on verses and “his own conclusions”

His lost sheep cannot see this because they would NEVER dare disagree with him? He is on a Throne and they are only allowed to ask “ Softball” Questions that lead into another speech.

It would be a great day to see one of his followers get a spine and speak up. “I disagree” you will never hear from this group. Brother Harold Camping cannot be corrected..

Shall we take another call...Welcome to the Open forum..

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