The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The End of the world? Watch closely… Harold Camping is backing out of his prediction of May 21

The End of the world? Watch closely… Harold Camping is backing out of his prediction of May 21

If you blinked you missed it but Harold Camping “The end of the world” May 21 is starting to doubt his belief own weird calculations that it will happen. How do I know this? A caller on the Open forum really pushed it to him, the caller said “You really believe in one month will be the biggest Earthquake ever and the start of the end of the world? Harold Camping actually stuttered and said “Well, there are so many proofs..ah…I believe we have enough proof”

Family Radio will not need anymore financial support after May 21 2011?

Another caller said to him “ I suppose Family Radio will not be soliciting anymore funds after May 21, Camping again stuttered and went into his routine how he is a volunteer and does not receive a salary (mind you, he is the President of Family Radio and profits well!) Camping then said with a very….very low voice..”I suppose we will not ask for more funds” You could barely hear him”

What a joke, Family radio will always ask for funds, after their “The end of the world” prediction date passes

How do I know this? Well you see every cult that has been wrong continues to ask for money and what is more amazing is that the blind follower’s still support them!

When it comes to money everything changes, even the end of the world.

In an interview with a major newspaper this week, the reporter asked Harold Camping plainly, you really believe this is going to happen in 4 weeks. Camping again give a very shy, “All the signs point to that date”

Would you really leave your church or stop attending church because this man says so?

Would you not ask Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life because this man says you do not have to? Harold Camping says just cry out to God “Could it be I am one of your children”

How could anyone trust and rely this man’s teachings?

How could anyone believe a mere man can sit with his bible and figure out the date of the end of the world? If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny


  1. Ode to Harold Camping

    The madman has decried, “the end of planet earth and all its inhabitants.” He has sorted out the hidden mysteries of old. He has made haste to warn the populace of impending doom and destruction.

    He has chosen who will stay and who will go. He sees that which exists not, and creates within, crazed perceptions that run amuck, in a mind filled with delusion and carnal vengeance. He relishes the thoughts of a depraved countryside laid to waste with the corpses of tens of millions, who choose not to partake of his madness.

    He traded his once solid doctrines for fanciful imaginings and intellectually absurd ranting. Henceforth he began to serve the enemy of mankind. Now lost in his delusion, unable to distinguish light from darkness, he indoctrinates those who follow him into the netherworld.

    His followers, ever mesmerized by his droning inferences and inspired by his pseudo spiritual insight, are trusting in every twisted word. They are willing to follow this man into an eternally darkened place, while denying it exists.

    This man and his minions have traded their eternal souls for a set of lies proceeding out of the pit of Hell. They have rejected the true God of the universe and replaced Him with a heretical set of damning doctrines.

    They have removed the cross of Christ, calling it a demonstration. They have taken away the “White throne judgment.” They have hidden the eternal judgment and called it “annihilation.”

    They have imagined Christ dying before the foundation of the world, having the absence of a mortal body, and being in its heavenly state. They defy logic and cling to their irrational notions, choosing to believe a lie, than to accept the truth.

  2. What he should do is return all the money he has stolen as a result of his fear spreading.
    The creep is little more then a common criminal and should be behind bars.
    Clearly this old bird has lost his mind.

  3. What will Jesus say to Mr. Camping? Go away Mr Camping i do now know you. A sad day for Mr. Camping indeed.

  4. Harold Camping is a false prophet. He studied the bible for fifty years and missed the verses that said no one knows the date of the ending of the world not even the angels, only God. A sad old man who know only darkness. The sad part about this situation there will always be the idiots who will believe people like Camping. Read the bible folks get the truth.