The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Finally Meet Some of Wizard Harold Camping's Lost and Blind Follower's

Last week I met my first group of Harold Camping follower's... 2 women and a man were handing out pamphlets telling people the world would experience Judgment Day on May 21st. I was also told that this would be the biggest Earthquake day in the history of the world. I will say this about the group they have been well trained in Harold Camping, just as I suspected their was not an original thought in any of them.

The man and one woman were actually very nice but the other woman I felt needed mental health help. She looked me in the eye and shook her finger at me..”DONT YOU UNDERSTAND WE CAN KNOW THE DATE !

I believe a lot of mentally unstable people will be drawn to this message of May 21st. I spoke to the man because he was really the only one I could reason with, the women would not stop talking...just repeating every word Harold Camping teaches.

If these are the people going to heaven...then...I will leave it at that

I told the guy you are trusting this man Harold Camping's calculations over God. For a brief second I got through to him, I impressed upon him how foolish it was to trust this man and his crazy dates. All Camping's date are prideful calculations based on his own weak human knowledge. The angry women looked at me as if I had insulted her God(Harold Camping)

She looked hard a me and said again “WE CAN KNOW THE EXACT DATE!” she was visibly angry at me...She said “I bet you go to CHURCH!”

(Camping follower's hate Church for those who did not know this)

I saw a lost and slightly mentally disturbed look in her face. Kind of like when a dog is confused( I am serious and not making a joke) It was sad to see her cling to Harold Camping and his dates. These are people who will have a hard time coming back to the real God when their false God Harold Camping is finally silenced by the real God

I can sum up my first meeting with his follower's as SAD. They are hard to speak with, they just repeat Harold Camping words..again and again...with a lost look in the eye

They are truly the Lost sheep of Harold Camping and Family Radio


  1. I would like to know what the definition of church is to Harold Camping followers. For some reason I can't get an answer out of them. My husband met with 5 followers on Sunday in a conference room and they listened to Harold Camping's teaching over the internet and then discussed it. When I asked him how church was he said it was not church. I told him that when a teacher teaches the Bible to more than one person it is considered church, whether it is in a church building, in a home, etc. Harold is his pastor and he is shepherding his flock by teaching them. He only got defensive. I told him he could call it anything he wanted to (fellowship) but it is church. I said no other pastor has asked their flock to leave other believers and go on their own. That no other pastor has studied the May 21st date other than Harold Camping. When I asked why he says nothing. Everyone says this is not about Harold Camping but they quote him word for word and listen to him on the radio, internet and defend him. Really it is not about him? I think not.

    I am patiently (okay sometimes not too patiently) waiting for May 22nd. Until then all I can do is pray.

    I love this blog. Thank you so much. I have shared this with a Christian wife like me whose husband has followed Harold for 10 years.

  2. They are not spreading gospel. Their object is "date, date, date". If that date does happen, i still think those people will not be saved. The whole billboard things is not about to believe in Jesus as savior and repent. It is about how smart Camping is trying to send a message to Christians, those who go to church to challenge them. That is about it. I feel sad for those followers, very stupid. I mean, if one dies, it is end of his/her world. People should focus something immediate, pray every day, who knows when you will live through tomorrow. And the message is totally wrong! Harold Camping does not believe Jesus as Son of
    God as savior. That is why he didn't even mention "Jesus" on the Billboards. Harold Camping is false prophet. Period.

  3. He stopped calling his gathering a church as to not seem hypocritical. It is set up like church with Camping teaching and even prayers before the service but don't call it a church he says Excellent comments, thank you. It sure looks like church to me.

    To our other commenter, Thank you for pointing out that Jesus is never mentioned on Camping Billboards. You are right, it seems like a big ego trip about the date.

  4. It is interesting how Europeans have moved so much away from religion even though their history comprises much of the entire history of Christianity. As one journalist who lived over there for a few years wrote in the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Europeans have outgrown religion." I sure wish we would.

  5. Thank you for this blog! I admit that I have a tendency to over react to stuff like this even though I am a Christian. I look forward to May 22nd and see what Harold Camping "teaches" his followers. Perhaps they will give in and drink more of his "Kool Aid" and simply say "oops we were wrong...AGAIN!"

    Another thing...why does it seem that Christians are the main ones who are calling for end of times?