The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harold Camping and Family Radio:Step right up...We have more new information!!

Listening to Harold Camping and Family Radio can cost your Believe in God. How easily do they do this? Well, it all starts with a little deception and this can go a long way. I have witnessed this and this is a good lesson that may help someone. From childhood we are curious and love to hear a little gossip in the school yard, believe it or not, this is how Harold Camping and Family Radio spread bad Bible teaching seeds of deception.

A lesson from in front a Church

I attended a very powerful truly on fire for God Christian church a few years back. The Church had a real good spirit of God and we all felt we were blessed by God to be there. One day, a guy who I had seen in the church on and off maybe 10 times was standing in front of the church. He was telling people to “listen to him” and his latest “information” about one of the Pastors. Like Harold Camping this guy had “New Information”

The service was just about to start and 4 strong Christian members of the church were listening to this “stranger” say rumors about the Pastor. I could tell the guy was a little mentally off but to my surprise 3 of the members of the church (who I knew very well) stood and listened to this “New Information” as the service was about to began.

I said to one of my friends “The service is starting, lets go worship God”..

His answer to me was

“I will be right in I want to hear the rest of this”

Harold Camping and Family Radio are very similar, revealing “so-called New Information about how God hates the church and that Satan is the King of all churches.

All Camping's conclusions are from “HIMSELF” but his faithful follower's do not see this. They say “The Bible” told them. They cannot see that it is all from Camping's Lost mind NOT THE BIBLE.

4 weeks later I saw this same guy who was preaching bad words about the Church and Pastor. He was begging in front of the Church for money. People said, isn’t this the guy who was preaching in front of the church about how bad the church was. This same guy was literally on his knees, begging for money.

The last time I saw him was 2 months after his begging and he was dressed as a Muslim.

My friend (who stood and listened to him the first day) said to me “ I cannot believe I was listening to that guy's nonsense"

Family Radio is more convincing because they have a radio and television program, this reaches more gullible people

Harold Camping and Family Radio are the same Bible verse spinners from the beginning of time. They hate the Church. They love Preaching hatred of Churches, Pastors, and those who worship God.

For many Family Radio is the new God with all Camping's “NEW REVELATIONS”

Camping is a 90 year old man who has spent 54 years of his life trying to “figure out” when God will return as Jesus. He is possibly demon possessed due to Pride. Yet so many will follow him to the death. I do believe many NOT ALL of his follower's are mentally unstable

No true follower's of Jesus would have Camping as their official Bible interpreter

Avoid the "New Information" and Love God and the Church. The Church is NOT perfect but it is God's Church NOT Satan's !

We don't need Camping's New Information


  1. Have you ever noticed that the majority of the billboards are located in the lower income parts of cities?

  2. I have been searching for this Harol Camping on the internet so, that I can put in my thoughts on his prediction of the world ending.I have not been able to find his official web site. I want to remind the people who believe that there is only 1 true God and that is the one who gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for the sins of man.In reguards to the world ending.The Bible states events that will take place and one of them is a 1 world government.Another is that the Muslim Church in the Holy Land will be destroyed and that the original Jewish Temple shall be rebuilt. This is the original church of Gods people.Then the Anti Christ will go to that church and proclaim himself to be God. Then The world will start it's course of ending.Jesus shall return to Armegedo which is the valley between Israel and Syria and Armegedon will start.It says Jesus shall return like a thief in the night. That means that non of us humans will know exactly when that is.I find it funny how a guy in New York spends his entire Life Savings thinking the world is going to end, Like money is going to make him feel better.It also, says in the Bible that when Jesus returns we will feel no pain,sorrow,or discomfort because, our human body made of flesh is sinful and sin cannot be before the lord.Next time someone says the world is going to end pinch yourself.If you feel any discomfort you know the prediction is untrue.