The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Harold Camping GETS FIRM.. The End of the world is MAY 21..PERIOD!

It was reported on this site, as well as 4 others that Harold Camping was wavering about his May 21 as the End of the world. Actually the date is Judgment day according to Camping, with the Biggest Earthquake in recorded history on that date. In response to those who noticed that he was getting soft on his date, Harold Camping got firm!

May 21 is the Date Period..There is not a chance God will change his mind!

The self proclaimed prophet spoke very strongly in place of God once again. This man has no problem speaking for God. Here are his comments as of Friday when he got firmer

“There is no chance God will change his mind”

“This is a DONE DEAL..the date is guaranteed”

“Lock it in! May 21 2011 is the date there is NO chance the date is wrong”

What happened to this man who once was a good bible teacher? Did he lose his mind from over studying? Was his obsession with the Bible enough to drive him insane? Or did a demon Spirit of pride enter him?

This man has NO fear of God..Only a fool would speak for God the way he does

This man speaks for God and expects all to believe him. To the followers of Harold Camping and Family radio I beg you to listen to God and not this man. God will condemn those who follow the teaching of a man instead of God.

I understand that there are those are going to follow Camping all the way up to his death and probably beyond. I have dicovered after having a family member in a Christian Cult that it is almost impossible to open their eyes. May 21 is the beginning of the end of the world because Camping has figured it out. A true Christian knows that this is not how God operates.

Does this make sense that a man sat with his Bible for 54 years and found the date?

The Bible shows us that if God works through people it is usually through the humble servant. It is often through those who see themselves as lowly. Harold Camping is arrogant,prideful, full of himself and a “know it all”

Is this the arrogant man who God would use to reveal some hidden date?

Think about that

The bigger problem is not Camping, it is those who trust in him and not God

If you trust HIS interpretation then you are trusting “HIM” NOT THE BIBLE

Family radio followers must realize they are trust Camping's INTERPRETATION of the Bible NOT the Bible..This is what his followers just can't figure out


  1. Thank you for this blog!
    I must confess that I've almost been taken in by Camping, but I have a question about him that may keep me from being hoodwinked:
    Does Camping really teach that salvation cannot be achieved by good works and is a pure act of God's grace?

  2. Excellent blog! Let's hope May 21st and October 21st would come and go without incident, for date-setting the end of time is prohibited according to scripture. Only God can know the day and hour of the end of time while we can know the season. Jesus died once and for all. Jesus and Michael the Archangel are different. The Almighty God of the Bible and Allah of the Qaron are different as well. May the Lord richly bless you and yours through the Word of the real God and the real Jesus!

  3. Why does it seem that all of the Camping followers are so arrogant and not teachable? Why is it that when I suggest a different interpretation (the correct one) they say I am wrong? I am trying to understand what they are thinking. Is that impossible for me to do?

  4. Thanks for all the comments, We may not have a Radio and Television station but we can spread the truth about Camping one by one

  5. I was almost taken in by Harold Camping, from first impression he apears to be a humble man trying to teach sunday school. However once some listioner question him about being wrong in 1994, he just gave an answer about that compared prophesy with learing to ride a bike with traing wheels. Corect me if I am wrong isn't being a prophet something that is not trial an error, but only to be considered a true prophet if they are corect 100% of the time. I hope Harold Camping repents from his sin of self pride, and arrogance

  6. Here's yet another question I can Harold Camping know what God is thinking? How can he possibly know (without having drunk LOTS of Kool Aid himself) that God has his mind made up for sure.

    I pray for those who follow this loon into darkness.