The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The Bible says “My Sheep know my voice and they will NOT follow another(Harold Camping?)” You Do not need "Camping" as your Middleman

How different from the follower's of Family Radio. They have made Camping the middleman to the Bible. They cannot think a verse unless it goes through their human translator Harold Camping. True believer's know when something just ain’t right. They might not be able to find it in the Bible but the indwelling of the Holy Spirit tells them something just ain’t right.

Jesus knew that when humans use their own intelligence they get into big trouble. Humans often forget they are the creation and not the Creator.

Get behind me Satan, you are an Offense to me!

These are the bold words Jesus spoke to Peter(One of the best known follower's of Jesus)

Why did Jesus call Beloved Peter a Satan? Because, Peter thought he had it all “Figured out”. Kind of reminds me of Harold Camping, he has “God all figured out”

Peter told Jesus you will NOT go to the cross and die...Jesus recognizing ONLY SATAN would deny Jesus going to the cross.

Jesus made it clear to Peter ...Do not talk about the cross, This is MY area!

Family Radio and Harold Camping have NO TROUBLE speaking of the cross. They boldly state that Jesus ONLY went to the cross as a “Demonstration”, that he died before the world began.

Can you imagine if this Prideful man Harold Camping was there looking the Lord Jesus in the eye when

Jesus, the Bible says "had sweat as blood" "He even asked God could this cup pass from him"..Jesus..nervous..sweating...trouble in his soul to death!..then at that moment comes Camping

With all do respect to Jesus...Just Imagine this

Camping to Jesus : Oh Lord, I know this is only a demonstration you are going to give us when you go to the cross”


The Bible says Jesus gave Satan a DEATH BLOW at the Cross! Who are we to call this event a Demonstration!

How Could any true believer follow Family Radio? They are all parrots and puppets for Wizard Camping.

Camping likes to say to disagree with him means you do not trust the Bible

I say to his follower's “If you follow Camping you are forfeiting the beauty that the Lord reveals to you in his Bible”

Anyone who would allow the beautiful Savior's words to be interpreted by Family Radio loses the true meaning of the verses

Please don't allow this man to give you “his” version of the verses. Go to God yourself and he will reveal the verses to your heart. You won't need 54 years and a calculator, just a childlike heart

This goes beyond May 21 predictions, Harold Camping is one of the worst Anti Church,Anti Truth, Anti Christ to affect so many in a long time.

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