The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I meet another Wizard Harold Camping Follower who gets ANGRY at me!

The Wizard Harold Camping has some very weird followers. I will not say all but this was the fourth Camping follower I have encountered and only one was very nice. This guy was walking down the street with a shopping cart and a Giant sign in the shopping cart that stated. May 21 is the end of the word and the beginning of judgment day. Wizard Harold Camping may have been a little embarrassed by this follower. The guy was pushing the shopping cart and yelling in the street with a big smile on his face. Picture a possibly mentally ill Singer James Brown . I am not mocking at all this is what the guy looked like.

The world is coming to an end! May 21st is judgment day. He laughed and smile as he gave out Camping literature. Rolling the cart through the busy shopping street

Most people laughed at him and stayed away. I am not mocking him but he looked like “James Brown" dancing with his sign..and yelling in the crowded street. It was a real spectacle!

Normally I do not force a meeting with anyone but I had to talk to this guy. He said “May 21 is judgment day and the end of the world”. Laughing and shouting he created a stir. I tried hard to reach him through the crowd and I finally pushed through. I finally reached him on the crowd street

I said “ do you know this?”

He said “It's all in the Bible” Smiling and shouting louder

I said “ Harold Camping told you that not the Bible”

At this point he was not so happy, he did not know I knew of Harold Camping


I said “Sir, all those fliers in your hand are Family radio interpretation of the Bible. I told him you have nothing from the Bible... this is all from one man “Harold Camping”

He got very upset..he shot back ”The BIGGEST EARTHQUAKE IS ON MAY 21”

I said to myself ...I an going to push this one step further

I said to him “Harold Camping is your God because you only have Harold Camping teaching in your hand not the Bible”

At this point he yelled in the street


At this point he rolled the shopping cart away with his sign..yelling in the Street and Smiling ..."The world is ending on May 21...The end of the world is here"

He did the James Brown move and smile and he was gone..Shopping cart blazing through the shoppers as he yelled louder

A lot of unstable people are obsessed with the end of the world. It is important for a believer to be aware of the end but the “Super Bowl atmosphere” that Family Radio has created is a disgrace to Christianity


As a Muslim said recently about this “ Christians do a great job of making themselves look foolish”

The Lord Jesus died a rose again to give the believer eternal life.

What Harold Camping is doing is a shame and his followers are walking on the beautiful work of Jesus


  1. All of his followers, including my husband, say that this has nothing to do with Harold Camping. And then they all get angry. Perhaps because they know that this man is known for his false prophecy or perhaps because he is so important to them that they don't want anyone to say anything bad about him. Well it is 100% all about him. He is the only one who has taught this timeline and he is the only who has told people to leave the church. But still they argue that it has nothing to do with him that it is in the Bible. So sad that this man has ruined families and made Christianity a joke to so many people. I don't think on May 22nd this is going to end. I think he will lay low for awhile and if he doesn't die of old age soon he will then continue to be a false teacher to a whole new flock of people that haven't heard of him before.

  2. Thanks for your comments Cindy,

    They are very insightful and wise

  3. I just saw a youtube video of his Open Forum Radio show when someone asked why pastors do not believe this. He said "99% of all pastors do not read or study the Bible." Seriously? Where does he get that information from? So arrogant this man is. I wonder if Open Forum will be on the air after this date. If it is I am calling in and telling him what he has done to my husband and family.

  4. Harold Camping believes 200 million people will be saved, but only the people who agree with him can be saved. So he thinks he has 200 million fans.

  5. I never looked at that before how he thinks he has 200 million fans. He does believe that only the "true believers" are the people who believe in the May 21st date and who have left the church. Do you know where he came up with the 200 million?

  6. "And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them." (Rev 9:16)

    But that doesn't refer to saved people, it refers to an angelic army.

  7. Ode to Harold Camping

    The madman has decried, “the end of planet earth and all its inhabitants.” He has sorted out the hidden mysteries of old. He has made haste to warn the populace of impending doom and destruction.

    He has chosen who will stay and who will go. He sees that which exists not, and creates within, crazed perceptions that run amuck, in a mind filled with delusion and carnal vengeance. He relishes the thoughts of a depraved countryside laid to waste with the corpses of tens of millions, who choose not to partake of his madness.

    He traded his once solid doctrines for fanciful imaginings and intellectually absurd ranting. Henceforth he began to serve the enemy of mankind. Now lost in his delusion, unable to distinguish light from darkness, he indoctrinates those who follow him into the netherworld.

    His followers, ever mesmerized by his droning inferences and inspired by his pseudo spiritual insight, are trusting in every twisted word. They are willing to follow this man into an eternally darkened place, while denying it exists.

    This man and his minions have traded their eternal souls for a set of lies proceeding out of the pit of Hell. They have rejected the true God of the universe and replaced Him with a heretical set of damning doctrines.

    They have removed the cross of Christ, calling it a demonstration. They have taken away the “White throne judgment.” They have hidden the eternal judgment and called it “annihilation.”

    They have imagined Christ dying before the foundation of the world, having the absence of a mortal body, and being in its heavenly state. They defy logic and cling to their irrational notions, choosing to believe a lie, than to accept the truth.

  8. Researchers have long since discovered that people with a strong faith in any of the religions are joined by one single common thread.
    They are of a LOW IQ...and that is a fact!
    Just try to understand that they are boarding on mental illness and show compassion for their ill state of mind.

  9. Village Muse---I don't know where you get,"your facts," but they're absolutely absurd and unfounded. I would venture a guess, your listening to atheists/agnostics more than likely. Lumping "any" group of people together as morons is ridiculous. It's true,there are "extremists/fanatics," but nobody can seriously condemn,"all religious people as having a lower IQ."

    That's simply an ignorant assessment.

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