The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do you have a Brother,Sister,Husband or Wife Fooled by Harold Camping?

Harold Camping has many people fooled with his false doctrine. If you have a family member fooled by this man you will not be able to open their eyes to this. I had a family member who was fooled by another Christian organization that also proved everything with the Bible as Harold Camping does. Camping is proud. He is possibly Possessed by Satan. His followers would never dare question him

If you have a family member following this man all you can do is pray for them. Harold Camping allows only himself to interpret the bible, others can only ask “him” questions. No one else is allowed to interpret the bible but him

If you have another opinion WATCH OUT, he MUST get the final word

Harold Camping says the world is going into Judgment on May 21st 2011. Here is his quote “ IT IS GUARANTEED” that the judgment day is May 21st with the greatest Earthquake in history on that day

His mindless followers call and ask him questions as if he is GOD. “Brother Camping..will the Earthquake start in New Zealand?” Their God (Harold Camping) answers..YES, there is a good chance it will start in New Zealand

Many mentally illness and unstable people are drawn to Harold Camping. These are people who often feel no church is good enough for them. These people are spiritual loners who are often bible freaks with little friends. Harold Camping may be demon possessed, Satan may speak through him. If you have a brother, sister,father, mother, husband or wife be very careful

All you can do is pray for them


  1. Yes you are absolutely correct about this. My husband is following Harold Camping and you can not argue with him. He will defend this man at all costs. If I disagree with Harold's teachings he will become defensive and support him. We have been in a church for 19 years and my husband no longer attends the church. This is so sad for my family as we have children that are very confused about this. We are in counseling now because of it. Harold Camping says that the Holy Spirit left the church and no one was saved from 1988-1994. That is when both my husband and I were saved. When I asked my husband if that means I was not saved he will repeat what Harold has said word for word, no one was saved during that time. So sad. You are right we can not argue with them, only pray for them and I will love my husband through this. On May 22nd I will not tell him I told you so, I will not throw all of this false doctrine in his face, I will just love him. And then I will pray that he returns to the church and fall away from this False Teacher.

  2. What a beautiful comment Cindy, Thank you. This happened to a family member of mine and it was horrible. At one point he said “only his church goes to heaven” This was a guy who grew up in the church and we were so surprised when the “cult” got him. The “cult” was a regular church(nothing crazy) and the people were very nice people. Then they slowly showed everyone how only they go to heaven. It was very subtle and It was VERY convincing...they knew every scripture. They even trained me and they were angry when I said I do not believe this teaching.

    The Spirit told me something was wrong. 5 years after, they were exposed as a cult on ABC news and the whole thing came apart. My family member has apologized but now 8 years later there is still tension when we all met, though the cult is never mentioned.