The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harold Camping May 21 End of World: Is Camping legally insane or Demonic?

Harold Camping is being used by Satan says a survey of 10 major Christians denomination and non denomination members. The church had been ignoring Camping but finally Christians are speaking out and the dirt on Camping is coming out as well.
Family radio is being called a cult by Christians on the Radio,Television and Internet.

Atheist are having a great laugh as true Christians try to explain that they are not apart of Harold Camping. Family radio has turned the return of Christ into a joke.

The damage that Harold Camping has done with his guarantee of May 21 End of the world (Judgment day to be exact) is a shame.

There are End of the World parties scheduled in many cities on May 22nd. 2011

What Camping is doing is not of God. Many Christians surveyed feel Satan is using Camping to disgrace Christianity


God uses believers and the Churches who have drawn millions into the Kingdom of God with Love and Service.

Those are 2 words you will never hear from Camping followers LOVE AND SERVICE

May 21 is a carnival act that is not of Christ...Any true Christian can see this is a Circus and not of God ...DOES THIS PICTURE GLORIFY JESUS?

Is Camping Insane?

An interview with Family Radio members who left in 1994 (when he 1st predicted the end of the world) reveal a man who was losing it back in 1994

Chris :
A former member states that “ We would sit in his house and he really was obsessed with 1994 as the End of the world... He was convinced that was the year. Many of us thought he was starting to go senile...he just started obsessing over the numbers...A lot of us left and went back to church”

Mary: (not her real name) said:
Many of us though he lost it in 1994, he would ramble on and on...many of us thought Camping was wrong even before his first prediction was proven wrong”

The True Christian would never be involved with this freak show of date picking. This is a media circus that bunches all Christians with Camping.

This whole carnival show of May 21 Judgment day is a remind to the True Christians to follow God not man. The Bible speaks of the fact that we are not to follow man's intelligence. Harold Camping is lost and confused. At 90 he does not have a long time left to live.

There will be more Harold Camping after he passes on. This is a good lesson for Christians to follow God and avoid the wisdom of man.

Unfortunately there will always be those who find “new information” to fool the foolish


  1. He is just trying to make himself rich by taking money from the mentally ill. He should be in jail.

  2. I doubt Camping is mentally ill. There's no reliable reports that he hears and sees thimgs that are not there. And he is able to oversee a multi-million dollar network, something he would not be able to do if he was psychotic. I believe he probably has the narcisstic personality disorder. He's super self-centered, and that's the main charecter trait of someone who has this problem.

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