The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Danger of listening to Harold Camping and Family Radio

Those who listen to Family Radio and Harold Camping may never be the same again. They are giving away the beautiful way that God can speak to you through the Bible. When Camping is done with you the ability to think on your own may be forever lost.

We have to be VERY clear that all the teachings on Family Radio are from Harold Camping. Every track is Camping's beliefs..every commercial..every sermon is Camping's Doctrine. They sometimes change the speaker but it is ALL CAMPING

There is not one independent thought with these people. Every thought and every Bible explanation must first be approved by Camping. There is one creed at Family Radio and that is that Harold Camping is President,King, Ruler and the only voice of Family Radio

The Danger of listening to Harold Camping

The danger of listening to this man is that you may not be able to get his “Church Hating” views out your head, you may lose the wonderful way God can speak to his children. Some people have been so conditioned by Camping that they cannot read a verse without remembering one of his teaching that destroyed the true meaning of the verse

Imagine hearing for years these teachings on the Church and Hell. How will many be able to hear what God is really saying about these issue after Camping has taken every independent thought you have?

Well you ever be able to read Matthew or Revelations without Camping doctrine popping in your head? If not you may have been damaged. I urge people turn it!

It will be difficult to remove Family Radio and Harold Camping's teaching out your head

This is the real danger of his teachings. With Camping no verse means what it says..we must find another verse..the conspiracy verse..the jigsaw puzzle.

One of his favorite lines is ”Remember the Biblical rule..we always compare Scripture to Scripture”

Sadly the believer can never read a Bible verse without looking for a “conspiracy” verse to include with it. Every thing with Camping is.. "Who really shot JFK...?"

Harold Camping is an Old man playing with the Bible like a Giant Jigsaw puzzle. Mixing and Matching as he pleases for his own conclusions. The Lost Sheep followers of Camping may never be the same after this man's teaching. He is one of the most Dangerous men ever to teach Christians. Why? Because he can pump Media 24 hours a day. No other Bible teacher has ever had this much Media station control. How much damage will he do to his followers? Only as much as God allows. God has set a time for this man's mouth to be shut.

After the last Follower has been fooled God will shut the mouth of Harold Camping

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