The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Harold Camping Fools people with his “Don't Trust Me..Trust the Bible” line

The Bible is the most abused book in History... ALL claim they have "figured it out" They are always wrong. The Bible in Harold Camping hand's is poison to the listener.

Harold Camping is the worst kind of deceiver because he is well trained in the Bible. His favorite line is “Do not trust me, trust the Bible” You must understand that all cults say this. The Jehovah Witnesses say Jesus came back to earth in 1914, He looked around then said “see you later” They will happily show you all this in... you guessed it... THE BIBLE!. Harold Camping is using the oldest deception which is to say it is all in the Bible.

I don't think Camping is fooling people on purpose at all, there is a strong possibility that pride from over learning for 54 years has allowed a demon of pride to enter him. I do not say I know for sure. Be careful who you let instruct you on the Scriptures. I say read it yourself and let God interpret for you.

A Seven Day Adventist follower told my mom, all are sinning that are going to church on Sunday.

His answer “We only use the “Bible” to figure this out”

The Bible is the book they all use to “figure out” how everyone else is wrong. A family member of mine was in a normal church that was so perfect looking. Good people ,Good bible studies, great friends.,,then it happened

They slowly showed how “ONLY” they go to heaven!” Think it could not fool you?

A Church trained,college educated lover of God in my family got hooked. happen to a member of my own family. He told me “Only we go to heaven....It's all in the Bible”

Harold Camping is even more convincing because he runs a television show sometimes 24 hour a day in some States. This continual mind control is convincing. Never before has one man's personal message received so much airtime. Never argue the Scripture with people in cults (like Harold Camping May 21st 2011 judgment day)

No matter how much you argue they WILL win. Know matter how much scripture you know, they will win.

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