The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Friday, May 20, 2011

Harold Camping: Give us your Money! Because no one will need it on May21st

Personally I do not care how much money Harold Camping has but I do care that foolish so called Christians are giving away their life saving for a May 21 End of the world that is not going to happen. Here is what has happened as of yesterday. Many families have split up over this.

Thousands have emptied bank accounts and parents are telling their children goodbye( Harold Camping says millions of Children will be destroyed tomorrow)

Harold Camping: Children are not guaranteed heaven... millions of them will die tomorrow. This sick and arrogant old man has done more harm to Christianity then all the Atheists combined.

One Camping follower kissed his children goodbye and explained that daddy is going to disappear tomorrow and the kids may not be able to go

Harold Camping is not a Christian and he is not a Bible teacher. He is an old man obsessed with the End of the world but foolishly Christians will send him their last dime convinced they will disappear tomorrow.

A true Christian can stand firm that there is no end of the world tomorrow

If Jesus says only God knows then that would make Camping God..since Camping claims to know! Camping is saying I have cracked a hidden God code and that is May 2011!

Yet we are afraid to jinx ourselves and say the date is NONSENSE..which it clearly is...A Christian must state clearly that there is NO JUDGMENT DAY MAY 21


The finances of Harold Camping and his company FAMILY RADIO have come public and many are shocked to learn how much he has pocketed from the May 21 End of the world scare

Here are the staggering numbers of tax free money! Released to the press yesterday!

IN 2009 (during the height of the USA recession and joblessness) Camping started begging for money to tell people the world was over on MAY 21 2011

IN A RECCESION YEAR(2009) THEY TOOK IN A STAGGERING $38 million dollars All from tax free donations to the End of the World!!

Harold Camping and family radio was shown yesterday to be worth $122 million dollars!


All from dumped "so called" Christians supporting his end of the world date instead of Jesus' claim that no man knows the date

And show Camping the money his blind followers did to an estimated total of $44 million in 2 years!

Harold Camping was asked yesterday about the people who have cleaned out their bank accounts and he gave the usual slick Camping answer

“ We do not tell people how much to give”

Camping is a slick liar so you have to read between everything he says. He is not a Christian

What Camping was saying is “ We DO tell you to give but NOT how much!.... If you are dumb enough to empty your bank account that is your business..shall we take another call”

Financial record show Camping “donated” $100,000 back into his Family Radio Station (reported on his taxes last year) He pays his employees on average $19,000 a year

(look on the bright side. they can still qualify for food stamps)

Why would so called Christians give him their last dime? Well you see Camping has figured out God and God is the big math equation in the sky

Here is Camping's God graft that has scared the world

God is NOT a Math equation and neither is the return of Jesus!

Notice the satanic lies at the bottom of his graft 5= atonment 17= Heaven..etc..all from this sick man's head not the Bible! Yet thousands will clean out their bank accounts and leave their families based on this insane man's math!

Camping followers are a cult: They have left churches to follow him


God is Love+ Jesus gave his life in LOVE for all = LOVE

This disgrace that Camping has done is a good example for the true Christian to stop listening to these clowns and scam artist!



Remember these faces: Not to shame them but to remind yourself of how we can become fools for a man's doctrine

If you cannot comfortably say “There is no Judgment day tomorrow you trust Camping over Jesus

I believe Camping will retire from the radio station in the coming weeks. He will take with him the largest retirement payday in USA history....

Lets leave with another so called Christian woman who convinced the poor to give their last grocery money away...oh yeah... she is rich

The polluting of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a shame..God help us


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  2. What does the bible say about setting dates? Copy and paste the link

  3. this is sooooo stupid the whole harold camping theory.
    i completely agree with you, so much.
    it's sad how famalies believe a guy, but theres no reason to believe him.
    ask yourself.
    why would you believe this guy what about him?
    whats even more shocking.
    why do you believe this guy more than jesus christ himself.

  4. My husband who is a Harold Camping follower and I talked last night about fear and peace. Let me remind everyone the Campingites are very defensive about everything you say and because we do not agree with the May 21st date our spiritual eyes are not open therefore we know nothing about the Bible. Anyways we talked about fear and I asked him if he had peace. He replied that we are to fear God and work out our salvation in fear. I then mentioned that I have peace because I know God is in control of everything in my life. Because of this I can rest in that peace. He replied that we can not have peace because of the fear of God.

    I use this as an example of how Harold Camping has placed fear in every one of his followers. They fear God, they fear that they are not saved, they fear church people, they fear pastors, they fear everything that is not Harold Camping's teachings. There is no peace. There are so many verses that talk about having peace. They are ignored though because it does not talk about May 21st.

    So after tomorrow we must remember that the Campingite's (they hate that term) world and everything they know about God will be turned upside down. We are to remember that they will be fragile and lost. To ridicule them might be the difference between them living or them committing suicide. Yes it is that serious. Everything they have believed in for all these years will be false.

    Pray for them, pray for their families, pray for Godly people to come into their lives and show them the truth about the Bible and God.

    Thank you for this blog and your faithful commitment to getting the word out about this cult.

  5. Camping is truely full of BS BUT... I must say he has given me a good laugh with his choice of date for the crucifixtion. April Fools Day! That is a great indication that the whole thing is a joke.

  6. Another link that will help those affected by the May 21st Fiasco understand the bible better and as a result their lives will be drawn closer to Christ.

    I pray that the peace of Christ be on placed on our brethren. The effectual pray of a righteous man availeth much James 5:16

  7. Bill: You are something else. Only you could have come up with that one. Can't help but love ya.
    May the Grace of God be with you all.

    Cindy: I truly hope this doesn't end in any tragedies. If so the blood will be on Campings hands. I will continue to pray for you all.
    God Bless.

  8. The worst part is that on May 22nd.. or tomorrow night if you want the guy will banished ... and his followers will say that he was chosen and the rest were left behind because they were not worthy... so this Camping guy will be a "a little bit" richer and a lot of people will be a lot poorer ... and that is the trick with fooling people through religion: they will always find a way to explain what has no explanation .. they will always find a way to justify everything even crime.

  9. Im not here to judge camping at all. It is what it is, I just hope and pray that the christians that gave there money away and sold there homes are safe and in the arms of the lord. What camping is doing is wrong yes. Any christian that reads the bible knows that camping is wrong and he cannot predict the future or better yet the return of christ. Our father is the only one that knows when that day comes...not even the angels in heaven know this. May god be with you all :)

  10. "Of these, three remain - faith, hope and love - but the greatest of these is love." 1 Cor. 13:13

    One thing that I have noticed more and more about Camping is the way he is a smooth talker and one word or phrase from him has people flocking to his idea. Reminds me of someone else -- Hitler and the blind obedience of the Germans (well not all of them). Thankfully this foolishness will all be over soon - I hope.

    @Cindy -- I'm praying for you, your husband and your family along with the countless others who have been affected by this.

  11. You don’t need to know the bible to refute Camping, you just need to know a little history.

    On September 2, 1752, an odd thing happened. On that day, the British Isles and all the English colonies, including America, lost 11 days--September 3 through 13. People went to sleep and when they awoke the next morning, the date had changed to September 14.

    This was done to correct errors in the calendar, much as each leap year adds an extra day.

    So Camping, by ignoring this simple fact of history, has shown himself to be a fool.
    Even if his assumptions are correct (which they aren't), he is at least 11 days out.

    False prophet!

  12. Well, one hour to go for us here on the East Coast of Oz. New Zealand should have been all earthquaked & raptured by now.

    Funny, there's nothing on the news!

    Take that, Harry boy! God's gone & proven you WRONG!

  13. It's past 6 PM here in the Philippines.

    XDXD Nothing happened!

    I shall continuously laugh at the face of Camping. :3

  14. Thank you for this article...Ive been reading everyones responses. You are correct. The Bible teaches us, no one knows the day nor the hour. Not even the angels in heaven. Only GOD himself! Envoromental catastrophies are a sign we are in the end times, but the Word does not give a specific date. Infact, JESUS tells us he will come like a thief in the night. The rapture will occur when people least expect it. Camping has led many astray and his predictions are not of GOD. For those of you who are not sure what to believe: Jesus died on the cross so you could be saved from Hell and the grave. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for you. Find a quiet spot and ask the Lord to save you and forgive you of your sins. He will answer your prayer. Be blessed! Thank you!

  15. Its beyond sad that this man mislead all these ppl. I am in constant prayer for the restoration of those who believed him. I'm on a mission to love them back to life and not embarassed them for following what they thought was truth. God forgives, even Harold Camping has the opportunity to be forgiven. I pray He repents and makes all of this right for the many family's affected by his poor math skills. Have a great day all!