The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spending all your Money because Harold Camping says so? But Camping keeps his $40 MILLION

Sadly people are giving away all that God has given them because Harold Camping says you only have about 2 weeks left on earth. Family Radio President Camping says The End of the world is here and there are many who will take all from the Bank because they have made Harold Camping their official Bible interpreter

It is simple “he says it and they believe it”

Camping followers truly believe they follow God because 90 year old Harold Camping says so. Is God telling people that The End of the world is here? NO

Harold Camping has figured it all out and says “See, I told you so, it is all in the Bible”

It is impossible for Camping followers to believe he is wrong.

As Camping says “ If you don't believe HIS Bible translation then you don't believe the Bible

He is so humble...


Would you clean out your bank account because Harold Camping said he found it in the Bible that the end of the world was here? Well, there are many who have, a young couple with a child has done just that!

Here is the quote in yesterday's Paper

He Said:
You know, you think about retirement and stuff like that," he says. "What's the point of having some money just sitting there?"

She Said:

"We budgeted everything so that, on May 21, we won't have anything left," Adrienne adds.

The 2 year old child (the smartest in the family?) said nothing

Unfortunately this couple is only one of hundreds that have quit jobs and closed out the bank account

“Harold Camping for legal reasons says he never told anyone what to do with their money”

He says this because there will be many lawsuits on May 22 when all are still right here on planet earth

Harold Camping is set for life, Family radio is worth about 40 million dollars! Camping has spent 3 million on Billboard ads but his account is well padded.

Has Camping put Family Radio up for sale?...GET REAL!..NEVER!

Cult Leaders alway live rich because they have Blind followers who support them

If you give away all by the May 21st ... do not expect to get a dime from Harold Camping when you have nothing on the 22nd!!!

I do not care how much Harold Camping has in the bank but I do care that those who are barely making it will trust Camping over God

Would you quit your job? Empty the bank account because you are following some man's teaching?

Here is a good word from an ex Jehovah Witness who took his child out of School because THE END OF THE WORLD was here in 1975

He said the leaders told him his daughter should stop high school because the end of the world was here.

He told me “ I really believed the “End” was here because we came out of the Sixties with Vietnam,The Pill, Rock and Roll and all the drugs in the Sixties. It was easy to believe the world was ending. It was so clear in the Bible”

Ahhhhhh, it was so clear in the Bible..It is always so clear in the Bible

Why must we turn Christianity into a Circus !

God made it simple for us “OCCUPY UNTIL I COME!” No date picking or expanding on what he commanded needed!

Sadly there are coming new Harold Camping’s after the 21st

And they are ready to show it all to you in the Bible

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  1. I tried to post my comment yesterday, but for some reason your site was unavailable. Anyway I just want to say that anybody that does what this couple has done or is doing is very FOOLISH.
    Mr Camping never told anyone to do these things.
    People need to focus on their souls and not on what this world has become. Material, Material, Material. Pray peolpe pray. If it's not May 21st it is coming. So be ye also ready. Ask yourself a question. Why are are people running scared?
    This maybe a wake-up call for many.

  2. Here is a quote from an interview he had with the New York News and Features. Take note of the word before:

    Reporter: Are you going to do something with all your money before the 21st? Are you going to donate it to charity or something?
    Harold: What’s the point? In other words, Judgment Day is the end of the world. That means that the whole world is in judgment, it will not be business as usual at all. At all.

    With all the money he has one would think he would at least feed the hungry, provide water and food to the homeless BEFORE May 21st.

  3. Harold Camping is a FALSE PROPHET according to Deuteronomy 18:22. That is it.

  4. ye have little faith in god. if you beleave in man and his quack pot predictions , giving away money and quiting jobs..just to be a follower of Camping .Read you (Bible)it says.. put no idles before me ...follow (Jesus)because when god comes for his people we will be needing for nothing.if you trust in God he will not lead you astray .Bless you all for what's to come.