The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Harold Camping pulled off the Biggest money scam in Christian History

Harold Camping has pulled off the biggest money scam in Christian History. Without having to leave his little Studio radio station Camping built a $125 million dollar empire all from faithful followers convinced they were going to disappear into thin air this morning

While they were safe and sound with Jesus we “regular” Christians and non Christians would experience the worst terror in human history

The biggest money scam and EGO in Christian History

In 2009 it is estimated that $38 million dollars was given to Camping's Radio Station as the scare date of May 21 2011 came closer. The numbers are not in for 2010 but we are looking at $65 million dollars in donation for 2010!

How did he do it? How did he convince so called Christians to follow him?

Here is the Camping plan:

First he convinced his followers (AND HIMSELF) that only he could interpret the Bible. He called himself an expert while all others (Priest,Ministers,Pastor,Reverends) were not


He used the Bible to show his followers that all churches were evil and his followers bought it 100%

Camping followers were also those who were not strong church goers

His followers were mainly lone wolf Christians without a strong church connection

To get answers about Jesus or the Bible you had to see the Wizard..AND THE WIZARD HAROLD CAMPING ALONE!

All were off the see Camping


As the song said “Because of the wonderful things he does”

THE BIG HOOK: The world will End “I found the secret code!”


Camping convinced his mindless followers that the world was ending and they did not need money! He found what he called the “seventh seal code” that allowed him to find the secret end of the world date. He asked them to give money to spread the message that the world was ending.

They figured “ We do not need money.... the sky is failing..they sold homes, turned in apartments and quit jobs. Many gave away their bank accounts

Folks, I know this sounds like a Bad science fiction movie but sadly this is real!

Camping: guaranteed the world was over! AND HE GOT ANGRY! "IT IS GUARANTEED MAY 21 is the date!! he said

His followers became Camping disciples and took to the streets, the money poured in from Camping begging on his radio and television..THAT HE COULD NOT BE WRONG!

Camping made sure his followers cut all connections with churches. To speak with those in the church was to speak with the devil

Basically the brains of these people needed to be removed to convince them. All bible questions went to Camping on his television show called the Open Forum. The brainless were now truly brainless

But today their was no missing people. 200 million did not float into heaven the way Camping guaranteed. Ohhhh..but Something did float away


Well ofcourse the T-shirts and banners have disappeared. And of course the money has disappeared. Everything has disappeared except what was suppose to disappear, Camping's followers into the sky!

They were to leaving us with disease,earthquakes and rotting flesh as they when to paradise with Jesus. As one woman said about Camping followers “ If these are the people going to heaven I really don't want to go”

As for Harold Camping followers, I have battled them since February.

They have yelled at me, put their hands in my face and tried 2 times to take this site down. I feel they will be lost without Harold Camping, I do not think they will return to church. I think they may be to brain washed. This site has exposed Harold Camping in over 20 countries and to countless readers, to God be the Glory!

As for Harold Camping: HERE'S TO YOU MR CAMPING! The man who cursed all Pastors,Christians,Churches and thought himself so smart that HE figured out the date of Jesus return. The man who said milions of children would die today as he escaped safely

This video is for you sir!


  1. Lots of unnecessary anger... but still well written, true and I have to believe heartfelt.

  2. Even though Harold Camping did this awful thing. remember Christ died for him and his followers. So we need to reach out to them still. Remember we are our brother's keeper.

  3. This is terribly written. It is nothing more than an attack on a man with no empirical evidence, no substance and very little grammar.

    To be honest, I reckon I could rock up in the US dressed in a silver glitter suit and make up some crap on the spot and some bunch of tits would follow me, give all their cash and believe every word I utter.

    Also if you are not the final authority and god IS all, then why spend so much time on a site which will not save one of the people who blindly follow the possibly now confused Mr Camping and just leave all the judgment stuff to god.

    As a fervent believer of orthodox religion as mind control for the masses, I see no difference between Camping and any other Church leaders.

    It seems to me the only thing that you are pissed about is the fact that he made a truck load of money from this. HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH RECENTLY??? Truly, if the devil walks this earth then he is hidden in the upper echelons of that lot.

    Conversely, if Jesus did come down I am sure that he would be a little more forgiving than 5 months of hell on earth....maybe the likes of me could you know....just blip....gone. Bit like Douglas Copeland's Girlfriend In A Coma.

    I to finish, to the person who wrote this. Cheer up, get out a bit more, eat some greens. You feel much better :)

    1. I like how you berated his illiteracy, when yours is nothing of spectacular importance. Absolutely adorable.

    2. I like how you berated his illiteracy, when yours is nothing of spectacular importance. Absolutely adorable.

  4. Let me help those who are skeptical about this Harold Camping cult. After yesterday's failed prophesy my husband who has been in this cult for a year was released from this false doctrine. An emotional day for him and for us. He said he had some doubts all along but that he was fearful that if it was right he would not be saved if he had doubts. This fear this man and his followers put on people was what cults do.

    This morning when he woke up he said through tears "It is a new beginning today. For the first time in a year I am not in bondage to a date. I couldn't think past May 21st. I for the first time in a year feel joy the way God wants us to feel joy."

    Loving him through this has been difficult to say the least. But that is what I did even though there were times I did not feel love towards him. He thanked me for loving him.

    Please show any person in any kind of cult kindness and love. Still hold them accountable for their beliefs but help them to keep their integrity. I told only a few selected friends, our pastor and few family members what he was believing the whole time. His integrity was not compromised so that he would not be ashamed and embarrassed when the date was over. Today when our pastor calls him to check in on him and us my husband will not be ashamed.

    I would not trade this trial in for anything. We both have learned so much from it. I am thankful it is over and that we can proceed together loving Jesus until he returns one day.

  5. Who gives a fuck about grammar? Could you understand the point of this article? Yes... It's a fucking blog post, not an SAT paper.

    I don't know about you, but after writing a blog post this big, I wouldn't want to go back and correct it either.

    Anyway, great post, man. The whole 21st thing was created by one big wacko.

  6. It's weird that so few journalists are looking for this guy right now. There are a lot of reasons to believe that Camping intentionally ripped people off. He may not have broken the law, but he certainly used loony scare tactics. What would be interesting is to see how much of the donations ever made their way to his advertising campaign. If a lot of the money went unspent, then the question is why was Camping saving his fortune when the world was going to end on May 21? Could it be that he never believed any of his own bullshit?

  7. @insidethebunker: plenty of rational anger that this guy duped and screwed so many people. At least that's my opinion.

  8. Hi Cindy, I want to wish you and your husband the very best. I didn't find this blog until today (May 22), but I've read several of the past posts including your comments to the posts. You've obviously been in the wringer, but I'm amazed by your strength and compassion. I'm also very happy to hear that your husband woke up this morning with a healthy attitude. I hope Camping's followers are so blessed in similar ways. I suspect many will resort to a form of reaction to cognitive dissonance (replacing a painful reality with a comfortable excuse) and continue the cycle - especially if Camping provides them with it.

    If that's what happens, Ask God Yourself, I'd ask that you continue this blog. It's clear that Camping has succumbed to pride, and he's certainly not the first to do so (William Miller in the 19th century is an interesting comparison).

    We all want to believe we're special (and we all ARE special), but that personal need lends itself well to the conviction that the Rapture (in any of its believed scenarios) will happen in our lifetime. Multiple generations have come and gone, and in each one certain elements have believed that they were the chosen ones. Each time these "believers" have seen evil around them (regardless of what we think about our particular situation, there has always been great evil in every generation) and succumbed to a mix of fear, wishful thinking, and pride. This is the breeding ground to create the reason why the Rapture would happen in their lifetime (in Camping's case it was a system of numerology).

    But it takes a person who is easily susceptible to pride to really pull it off. Someone in a position of leadership and authority can (and often does) succumb to the delusion that they are miraculously and uniquely gifted, because they are surrounded by many who treat them with deference and respect. It's not often that such people also create a way to easily prove themselves wrong (like giving an exact day and time), and in that we can at least consider the May 21st prediction a blessing.

    What I find most frightening about Camping's prediction is that he made it at the end of his life. He didn't think this stuff up in middle age or when he was young (even with the 1994 prediction he was in his seventies). It's like he doesn't want to die before the Rapture - he really wants to be special, and doubly special because he predicted it. The devastation and death of the vast majority of humanity is of secondary concern. It is ghoulish, and although I hesitate to directly attribute evil in anyone, it's very hard not to do so when such a person's actions result in destruction (mentally, physically, personally, or societally).

    Best wishes with your blog. It's great when someone of passion is willing to share their beliefs in a fearless manner.

    A final thought, and I think it's really where you're going with this blog, is to state the obvious that while each of us is special, none of us are so special that we can believe ourselves personally able to predict anything that God does or doesn't do. We are here to love each other, and love God, and that's about it.


  10. axehugobod - good point. We are infinitely limited creatures, miniscule beyond conception. It is impossible to know more than tiniest fraction of all there is to know. As such, isn't it just as stupid to say there is no God as it is to say that God exists? Atheism is faith, btw - faith that God doesn't exist. It is as blind a faith as any other. You're only guessing, you can't know with certainty. We can only choose what we believe based on the best of our abilities and conscience. I'd ask that you respect others' decisions if you wish to be respected yourself.

  11. One of the few websites popping up petitioning Harold Camping to return the money to his followers:

  12. Fuck grammar nazi's like scott.
    Great post period...

  13. The entire episode has once again proven to the world that people who blindly follow this, or ANY organized religion are dumb as fuck! PLEASE WAKE UP! There is NO god, there is NO heaven or hell! It's totally unbelievable that in the 21st Century, people are still fooled by this medieval scam! Religion is just one HUGE business to make a few people very, very rich from the brainwashed sheep who stupidly follow them. Seriously, it's not some invisible man in the sky who will being this planet to an end, it's the dumb, idiotic morons who follow religion like lemmings! Goodness sake, GET OVER IT!

  14. Jim - Really? Atheism is a faith like any other? I have heard this argument before and it fails when applied in the way you have. Faith is believing in something for which there is no proof. Disbelief in something is not a criteria of faith.

    What thing in which there is no proof do Atheists believe? Atheist by definition hold that God does not exist. God cannot be proven. Therefore Atheism is the opposite of faith in that it is the refusal to believe in that which cannot be proven.

  15. The one thing I never hear is the obvious thing. We don't understand which questions to ask. Think about it. If there were a god, and I could talk to that prick, the first thing I'd ask would be: "How did the universe start?" Then I'd say and "What came before that?", and "What came before you?" And so on...of course, the only logical answer is that we don't understand time and space in the way it is actually put together. We are like people living 500 years ago, thinking the earth was flat. The idea that the universe has been around forever is meaningless, but if it had a beginning, there had to be something to get it going...In the end, I suspect that there really is only now or something like that and we just have a limited perspective - kind of like the earth seeming to be flat when you look to the horizon but when you zoom out you can see the it's a ball in space...

  16. If atheism is a religion, then non-belief in the Tooth Fairy must also be a religion. And for exactly the same reason.

  17. Well I started my own blog just today. Thanks for the inspiration "Ask God". I figure I will tackle some of my issues there rather than clogging up your comment section with my opinions. Not that I won't stop by here once in a while as I do enjoy your posts and hope you will keep writing.

    If anyone wants to check me out I am at:

  18. Hi Bill, it's cool. I've read about Betrand Russell's teapot (that it's perfectly logical to doubt a ridiculous idea) and how Occam's Razor (the simplest explanation is the most likely) applies to the argument. Both arguments tend to break down under two factors: one, the level of detail applied to the concept of God, and two, the absolute certainty by a person that God doesn't exist.

    If a person who believes in God starts to believe that he's a big dude with white flowing robes and beard, has good breath, and sounds a lot like Harold Camping - then yes, the likelihood of this God being a Flying Spaghetti Monster is probable. If one thinks they can know the exact will of God, or predicts God's actions, then yes - we're entering a realm where the burden of proof is on the believer.

    But if a person's concept of God is more abstract, then we're talking a bit more about subtleties. Personally, I don't think we have any idea exactly what or who God is. The Bible does mention that no one can see God's face - which I pretty much take as meaning that no one knows the full reality of God. We don't know - we only guess. Some people take the Bible as literal truth - frankly, I don't. When you take the Bible as literal truth you open yourself up to believing one of the infinite number of interpretations, and the likelihood of that particular interpretation being the absolute truth is infinitely small - just ask Harold Camping's followers.

    When you're talking about a God beyond conception, you're not talking about a Flying Spaghetti Monster or a floating teapot in space - which are definable (and therefore more unlikely).

    This leads to the second point, which is whether someone who doesn't believe in God believes with absolute certainty that God doesn't exist. If an atheist says that God almost certainly doesn't exist, that's one thing. They're saying that probability-wise, God doesn't exist. And based on their limited experiences and understanding, that is potentially a rational thing to believe.

    But if we're talking about a person who thinks they know everything - that they know with certainty that God doesn't exist (and not only that, but that any possible God doesn't exist), then we are talking about faith. And blind faith at that - a wholly irrational faith.

    Perhaps we're saying the same things and don't realize it. My basic point is that we all are blind mice when it comes to the grand questions of theology. We each choose what we believe (and granted, this is often based more on what we want to believe or are taught to believe than what is rational to believe). But to say, "I know this, I know I'm right, there is no possibility of error" - a person, either atheist or theist, is setting themselves up for disappointment (hint, hint, May 21).

  19. Okay, on faith, many people (including me) who believe in God believe they do have proofs, even if one can't say they have the pictures and voice recordings to prove it to others. I do not base my belief on the Bible, but on experiences in my past (which are personal). I also base my belief in the rational consideration that a belief in a loving God (not a judgmental hateful God) is a wiser and more fulfilling choice than that God doesn't exist. There are both societal and personal reasons for this for which I won't go into here.

    I take faith as the decision to believe something that isn't wholly certain - the "leap of faith". Most Christians do the same, even though some claim it isn't a leap (that they know with absolute certainty, which again, I think is bunk and is dangerous). Christians (and other people in other religions) take the leap of faith for a variety of reasons - there is a full range of decisions and why those decisions are made. I worry that atheists often clump all Christians together, and that when they see someone like Harold Camping (a prideful fool) they think they have Christians pegged.

    But such a perspective is "a decision to believe something that isn't wholly certain" - in other words, faith.

    Faith is unavoidable. We are all ridiculously limited and ignorant. We can't know almost everything with absolute certainty, and to keep from going absolutely insane, we have to choose what we believe on faith.

    I chose to eat a sandwich today. I took it on faith that the chemicals sprayed on the meat and vegetables won't kill me. Have you ever done the same?

    My decision to believe in God is meaningful to me. It brings me joy and peace, and I haven't given away my brain to do so. You may argue with that - and of course, that is your decision.

  20. I would just like to mention that i decided to find out what camping's response would be to his error. Now he's saying everything is really supposed to end on october 21st.

  21. I just wanted to say, @Jim - thank you. I'd nearly lost all hope that there were people out there who think like you do.

  22. Cindy: Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. It's going to take time to heal from this, but just keep doing what you do best. Pray.

  23. Bill: I love you. I will continue to pray that you will return to your belief in God.

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.

  24. Ask God For Yourself: I will no longer be commenting on your blog. I'm truly greatful to God that I came across it in the early stages.
    I have met some wonderful people who respected each others opinion. It was very interesting to learn others opinion on religion and life itself.
    To all the new comers: Please keep this blog respectful. No one needs to use profanity to get their point across. Thanks to all and God Bless.

  25. Jim: I wish you were with us 2 weeks ago.
    You make lots of sense in the things you have said. Keep talking to Bill. He's a good guy with good thoughts. He needs someone like you a good debater. I can only pray for him. I believe he one of the elect, he just dosen't know it yet.
    Bill that's my faith speaking. LOL

  26. I have to say he recieved a lot of money from inocent people and wish that he would give it all back! I have much more to say but won't because of how many hate comments I would recieve lol! Either way the world ends tommorrow or on October 21 2011, It's been set in the lords plans and we can't stop fate!

  27. I'm glad you never believed the May 21 date, but you do believe the foretold events will happen? Frankly, I don't think it's the date that makes it absurd, it's the events that are absurd.

    Another post talked about holding people accountable for their beliefs. Well then, I think Christian literalist beliefs are in need of a serious wake-up call. There will be no rapture, ever. People without prior commitments to the Bible who read the book of Revelation can quickly see that Revelation is about as connected to planet Earth as Lord of the Rings. Beyond Revelation, Jesus foretold his own return within 1 generation of his death. It didn't happen, Christianity has refused to acknowledge the error and has been expecting Jesus imminent return now for 2000 years. Every generation of Christians has thought they are living in the end times. Even big-time pastors like Chuck Smith have even predicted Jesus return by a certain date. How long will it take Christians to realize that Jesus is not coming back? 3,000 years? 10,000? No time like the present, my 2 cents.

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