The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Lesson of Harold Camping and his failed May 21 2011 prediction

Today is a beautiful warm Sunny day of May 21 2011( not an earthquake in the sky) This is the day that God has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. There is a great lesson that can be learned from the once again wrong “End of the world” prediction of Harold Camping

This man who has made himself a worldwide fool by creating his own bible interpretations has left a great lesson behind to the blind followers

We can learn from his failures: How quickly did you abandon the original gospel that you were taught because of new found information? What was it about Camping that appealed to so many? How did he fool so many so called Christians? Was it his old grandfather style that was so convincing? Or was it his claim to be an expert? Regardless of what it was we have to learn to turn off the nonsense.

Yet so many who knew that Camping was wrong still were tempted each day to watch his TV show called "The Open forum" I promised to watch the Open forum for 30 days to get an accurate picture of his teaching for this site. I was forced to stop at 28 days (between February and March ) Why? Because this is what he did to my brain

..I vowed to never turn him on again!

What causes so called Christians to listen to a teaching that called for them to abandon all that they were taught from Jesus because a “self taught” old man claimed to be THE NEW AUTHORITY

A man calling himself an expert: (With no formal training ) Appeared on television and told “so call” Christians to

Camping: Leave church..Satan is the King of all Churches!
Viewer: Sounds good to me!

Camping : I am an expert on the Bible and I will answer any question!

Viewer: Great! I have Bible questions! Why read the book myself?..boooring!

Camping: Baptism is dead and so is Communion!

Viewer : Great! I never really liked grape juice

How could a television show turn so many away from believing the original gospel of Jesus Christ?

Well, television makes thing look so real “The Biggest loser” “American idol” “Top Model”..It looks so real but it is just a show

For Christians the Camping Open Forum show became the Christian “Reality show”

Harold Camping was also the new Google: Ask any question and get and immediate Bible answer!


Yep, She said it! So we NEED Harold Camping to tell us what Jesus really means. He became the Bible google

Yet so many believed this was fine. Regardless of the answer he gave.. it was good enough for them. God had spoken!

Camping said the world was over and they believed!! The first time I watched Camping I thought he was a Christian. It took me about 3 days before I realized he was not a Christian. I suffered through him for 25 more days so I could appeal to his followers

Thank God the Holy Spirit showed me something was wrong with him early

To all those who were fooled by Camping I have discovered that the simplest things in life can reveal the truth. There is no secret bible code! There is no "End of the world code" or Jesus secrets hidden in the Bible

Need to learn Jesus? just read the Gospel of St.John and ask God to open the truth to you...You will be fine after that..NO Harold Camping necessary

To the followers of Camping, they have lost their knowledge of God. They have lost the ability to think or read a Scripture without a Harold Camping thought

Under the influence of Harold Camping the Bible is not the same book and the follower loses the ability to think( without Camping) They have become mindless

Harold Camping is not a Christian, he does not follow any of the teachings of Jesus He searches for secret codes and spits out a new Bible

Many will watch the Open Forum this week to see why the world did not end


Who really cares what excuse he gives! After watching him for 3 days I knew he was either insane or satanic. There is no need to turn on the Open forum to hear his excuse...

He is arrogant and probably will never repent for May 21 2011 so why listen to him?

The greater danger that Camping has done is to convince so many people to leave church. Some may never go back!

He will probably say “ Just because May 21 2011 did not happen are you going to run back to church! The devil is in there! You can't run back there!

This is why I think the best solution is to never listen to him again

As for Mr Camping and his once again failed date

He needs to repent and drop to his 90 year old knees! For he is old and probably at the end of life..As one commenter stated "At his age Judgment day really is soon"

This post was written at 6:00 am USA time ...And I known it will be a Beautiful May 21st..God is Good!

Today a sick Old man named Harold Camping dreams of death ..he says Millions will DIE!...and the world will be destroyed TODAY!..LET HIM and his followers drool for their Earthquake!..

Lets the rest of us celebrate life and love..and the BEAUTIFUL PLANET WE WERE GIVEN BY THE CREATOR...

see video


  1. Thank you for all your comments, all comments are posted regardless of beliefs.

    Twice Last week Harold Camping supporters tried to bring down this site illegally (How very Christian like of them)

    Google was notified and they know who the people are. We could not report it until after Camping’s May 21 day.

    This site (started about 2 month ago) has now spread to over 20 Countries including Iran and Egypt. Our visitors even overloaded the server a bit as we went over 10 thousand reads in a few hours. Thank you for spreading the news about this man. Praise God

  2. I love how the world is still here lol

  3. Mr.Camping may be pressing his wish of not wanting to die of old age...but wishing does not make it so.
    This poor blind man leads so, so many blind folks into the ditch. This man misuses his influence of much money...but many people will laugh, and many people will discuss their soul's existing and needing attention via Jesus Christ. So, even though it is tragic, God will still get much good from this situation...AMEN?

  4. just for kicks lets pretend the rapture will take place tonight. at 12:00:00.0000000001am (you get the idea) we either float up naked or are abandoned by the creator to bear witness to the destruction of all that has been given to us. What would you do for the next nine hours? (trying to make plans for the night)

  5. It's after 1:30 PM where I'm at. It's a warm sunny day, and so far, nothing has happened. (I'm in a global online bookclub and have gotten a similar report from someone in another part of the world.) As I've mentioned in a previous thread, I've been writing about this controversy over the last week on my "Musings" blog and even had a poll (which closes after today) asking people whether or not they believed in the May 21 business. (All but three people voted no.)

    Assuming that today ends with nothing happening, I have a feeling that Mr. Camping and the rest of the "May 21" camp is going to be rather embarrassed as of tomorrow. My "prediction" is that the words "no comment" will somehow be involved.

  6. You know, Harold Camping himself is proving a prophecy. Jesus said that many false prophets would deceive many people (Matthew 24:11). Jesus also said that "no man knows the day or the hour... only the Father" knows (Matthew 24:36). Camping is only going to produce scoffers rather than believers in Jesus. He is turning people away..

  7. Well May 21 is almost over and for one i am glad he will be brought down a peg, this old man is a false prophet and should be burned at the stake for misleading so many people and using the bible as a numbers/puzzle game. I dont feel anything for his followers though, they ignored the real teacher; God and now that they have no money and no job because of this false prophet's prediction. I hope they learn from this and go back to church and re-read their bible, ill pray for ya'll to find your way back. Good post btw.

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  9. Harold Camping and company are false evangelical equivalent of Bernie Madoff. It is prosecutable offense if you ask me. They should return every dime to every person who donated. And today, false prophets are scammers and outright crooks.

  10. So what happened to him .Why are they showing 20 year old re runs of the show, It's like watching a different man ?? Where is he ???

  11. AND Harold ...If you read this ..Please move your microphone away from your chest ..All we hear is krumbling and sluring of your words Too much bass.. we can't understand you anymore ..we need a lot more Treble !!! Thanks

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