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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jesus will NOT Return on May 21 2011: How to expose the Harold Camping lie

There will be no return of Jesus on May 21 2011 as Harold Camping has predicted. There is NO RETURN OF JESUS ON MAY 21ST and I will gladly show you how you can know this. First off I must say thank God that the majority of Christians( over 98% surveyed by USA Today) do not believe the nonsense of May 21 2011 as Judgment day.

Harold Camping is a false prophet or an insane 90 year old man and most know this.

I do have a message to the Christians who say “maybe it is or maybe it isn’t does not matter”

With all due respect please DON'T BE A DUMMY

Jesus was clear on the matter “No man knows the day or hour(nor angels or the son...ONLY GOD)”

Now the last time I checked Harold Camping was a man so this includes him

( But we have to find the root of his Lie which many will miss..I will reveal it today)

To say it might be May 21st is to say that Harold Camping can find the date and this would make Jesus a liar. To say it might be the May 21st is to say Harold Camping can cracked some special Bible code which God NEVER said exists

If you say that Harold Camping may be right then Jesus is a liar or Jesus is wrong..PERIOD!

Harold Camping would then be God if you agree with May 21 2011..because ONLY God can know..assuming Jesus told the truth

Actually, the fact that Camping says MAY 21 means that it can never be that date if you believe Jesus..which I do!

Now, I know Camping is not God and I know Jesus is not a liar so I can KNOW that MAY 21 is NOT the return of Jesus

How does Harold Camping get around the Bible verse that says “No one can know”?


Readers of this site know that Harold Camping is one of the slickest anti Christs to come alone in a very long time. He blends the Bible with his own thoughts and assigns messages to numbers, he then spits out an interpretation which his mindless followers take as God himself speaking.

He is President of a multi million dollar Radio and Television airwaves Station that allows him to pump his satanic bible interpretations to millions 24 hours a day

This is how he says Jesus does not meant it anymore that we cannot know the date

How Camping gets around the “No man can know” statement of Jesus

Here is the quick and to the point explanation

The Prophet Isiah asked God when the End was and God told him basically

“None of your business..Go your way the seal is closed!”

over 400 years later St John received his “revelation” of the end times

(This is where most of all the End of the world information comes from in the Bible “the Book of revelations”)

Bottom line: In Revelation a seal (the seventh seal) can only be opened by Jesus(Jesus opened the seal)

Here is the Harold Camping interpretation in a Nutshell

“The seal Jesus opens is the one Isiah could not, now that Jesus opened it we can all play guessing games on who can solve the date for the end of the world”


1. The Bible does not say that the seal Jesus opened in revelation is the same seal that was locked to Isiah 400 PLUS years earlier

2. The Bible does not say that Jesus opened any seal to reveal any date that allows us to play guessing game

Camping is drawing his own conclusion(as usual) that the seals are the same and now he can spend half his life chasing the secret code that Jesus opened. That is it! Completely!

This is total NONSENSE..Camping is obsessed with breaking a Bible code that does not exist: He has spent 54 years trying to break the God Code for the end time date and he keeps failing

Camping was so Happy to prove he was a genius that he released the Famous 1994 End of the world prediction..HE FOUND THE HOLY SECRET!!..But it blew up on him...Something like this


Every single Theologian, Clergyman,Priest,Minister,Muslim and True Believer in Jesus Christ has rejected Camping's prediction formula

God or Jesus never EVER said there was a secret code in the Bible! But that does not stop this silly old man from looking for it

Harold Camping is arrogant and will spend the rest of his life looking for the End of the world code

He is not a Christian. He has an unhealthy obsession with the “End of the world”

He States he has Spent 54 years trying to find out the End of the world..really?

The Bible is a puzzle to Camping that he cannot put down. He has an obsession with the Bible. He has no training in the bible and is not qualified to teach.

He is back again saying he cracked the code(that the Bible never stated exist) again

This time it is May 21 2011

There is no secret Bible code. If you are a Christian and you say May 21st 2011“might be right” then you have made Jesus a liar or made Camping God...Why? because Jesus says ONLY GOD KNOWS THE END DATE..and Camping is no God

Often we must learn from the children



  1. I've seen Camping also refute the "no man knows the hour" with the Bible passage (forgive me, I'm not well-versed in the Bible) to the effect that yes, Jesus will come as a thief in the night, but only to those who are not paying attention. The implication, of course, that Camping and his followers are paying attention, so they must be right.

    Do you have any perspective on that?

  2. I believe that you have good intentions in trying to expose this wingnut as a fraud. However, I think you may have once again fallen victim to the "religious pride" you referred to on your bio.

    Yes, no one but God KNOWS the exact day that Jesus will return. We are told that He will return "as a thief in the night", meaning that He will return when we least expect Him to.

    Camping does not KNOW whether today is Judgement Day. He only THINKS that he knows. Believing something does not make it so. Therefore, your premise--that today CANNOT be Judgement Day--is flawed. If God delayed the return of Christ everytime someone thought that they "KNEW" that day would be the day, the Rapture might never happen. Just think about how many people there are in the world, and how many people will be in the world in future. To think that God would delay the Rapture simply because one misguided [at best] frootloop & his followers BELIEVED that they had predicted Judgement Day is to elevate his status above God's, which is probably exactly what Camping wants people to think.

    Please think about it this way--if one man could make God delay the Rapture, would it not seem that the man was more powerful than God, because he could interfere with God's plans?

    May 21, 2011 certainly COULD be Judgement Day. God doesn't tell us that no one will be able to GUESS at the date, just that no one will KNOW. And, as you said, 98% of Christians surveyed do NOT expect 05.21.11 to be the date of Judgement Day [and even more who are not Christian would believe the same], so God's requirements have been fulfilled. But IF 05.21.11 does, indeed, turn out to be the date of the Rapture, it will be purely COINCIDENCE on the part of Harold Camping and his followers.

    THAT is what the Bible tells us, and to be so arrogant as to think that we can predict the date upon which the Rapture WON'T happen is no better than claiming that you can predict the date upon which it WILL happen. Claiming that it absolutely will not happen on 05.21.2011 may even be worse; you are spreading a message that grants those who may still need to be saved a false sense of security. They may put accepting Jesus as their Savior off until another day. If you aren't willing to answer to God for those souls on Judgement Day, please change your message.

  3. One thing that I believe is that Camping did not get his predicition from the Bible at least not entirely... After all nowhere in the Bible does it say that the end of the world will start with an earthquake.

    REM However does say that, "That great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane..."

    Perhaps Camping has more than one source? Perhaps REM is divinely inspired?

    Think about it.

  4. Hi Julie, I do not involve myself in the comments but I will make this exception

    Thanks for your comment. The Bible says God knows our thoughts before we think it. God is outside of time, humans are not

    God knew everything Harold Camping would do and think before Harold Camping was even created. There is no figuring out Judgment day it is on a date the human maind cannot figure out.

    Camping declaring it is a “fact” that he cracked the date shows us that it could never be that date..because Jesus says no man can know..

    All of Heaven is not watching as Harold Camping gets warmer and warmer…to the date as a game

    NO man can know period. It cannot be May 21 2011 because this would make Jesus a liar

    Thank you for your comments

  5. In addition Harold Camping has a slogan and website called "WE CAN KNOW" It is to counter the Jesus statement "No one can know"

  6. I think you are missing my point. we have what, 6 billion people on the planet at the moment? If each person were to "predict" a different date for the Rapture, collectively we would have covered 16,438,356 years and an additional 23 days. What people THINK, and what they BELIEVE has NOTHING to do with the date God has set for the Rapture. God doesn't say that no one will guess the date of the Rapture, and that's what this silly prediction is--no more than a guess. If it were on "a date that no human mind could figure out", all we would have to do is pick the date that we found it impossible to pick. Your interpretation of the Bible is a tad farreaching. KNOWING is very different from GUESSING. I'd be willing to bet that plenty of Christians believe "tonight may be the night" EVERY night. That does not mean that it will be, and, if it were, it would not mean that they KNEW it. Knowing involves fact. You cannot "know" something that is not factual, you can only BELIEVE it. The date of Judgement Day will be known to no one but God until it happens, therefore the date of Judgement Day will not be FACT UNTIL it happens. And so, it is not possible for any man to "KNOW" the day, only to guess, therefore, it could be ANY day, including 05.21.11. No, I don't believe it will be, but you can be sure that I'm ready for it if it turns out that way.

  7. Great point Julie. In addition if the rapture CAN NOT occur on a date that a human predicts then it follows the humans control the actions of God. This is closer to my personal beliefs but it certainly does not jibe with Christian theology.

  8. @Julie

    I can tell you for sure, absolutely, without a doubt, that May 21st, 2011, will not be "Rapture Day".
    Nor will May 22nd, June 14th, or August 3rd, 2056. There will be no Rapture Day. The world will not end with locusts (seemingly having jumped out of a fairytale book) and other such nonsense preceding Jesus opening some final seal and random shit about bowls and other nonsense. Christianity as a general group is no better than this Family Radio group. It is a cult.

    Believing in something does NOT make it true, you are ABSOLUTELY right there. Don't explain away how your beliefs are any different, because they are just that -- beliefs -- and you are a hypocrite to say anything otherwise.

    Thanks, have a great day.