The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How an Ex Bible Teacher became a Cult Leader

A Family Radio Boss quit working for Harold Camping after Camping's first false prediction that the world would end back in 1994. According to Pat Roy, When he called Camping after the 1994 failed prediction he was surprised by Camping's attitude. Camping's Attitude was ”So what... I guess God gave people more time”

Harold Camping did not care that so many trusted his 1994 End of the world date

This site has mentioned that Harold Camping does not care if you spend your last dime promoting his May 21 End of the world date

Do not expect a dime back on the 22nd


People wake up to the fact that 200 million are not floating away on May 21 2011

Pat Roy says Harold Camping is an old man obsessed with the date picking

I have stated that Harold Camping is either an old senile man or Satan possessed

He is not a Christian. The word Christian means "Christ like" and a follower of Jesus' teaching and that Camping does NOT

Harold Camping is also a Liar. He says today that the 1994 date was never a “real” prediction but Pat Roy spoke to Camping back in 1994 and Camping gave Roy a different answer as to why the world did not end in 1994.

Camping says 1994 was right BUT God delayed!

Here is what Camping told Roy on a telephone call when the world did not end

Camping quote

“God delayed his judgment because setting the date caused more people to repent and turn to God - much like the Biblical story of Jonah and the city of Nineveh, which was set for destruction by God but was spared after the residents repented their sins”

When nothing happens on the 22nd this may be the answer Camping gives. God gave everybody a break to repent but the date was right

Camping is not a Bible teacher. He is a millionaire (maybe insane) who own a Radio Station. As one minister said

“ No one would ever allow Harold Camping to teach the Bible so he went ahead and started to use his own Radio Station to put out his own gospel”

Pat Roy has publicly asked for Harold Camping to stop teaching.

Gaylan Smith an expert teacher on the Bible doubts Camping is a born-again Christian and even compared Camping to a cult-type leader

Saint Paul warned Christians to stop being seduced by false leaders!

How did this once Bible teacher turn to cult leader?

I have had 2 family members in a cult and I can says Cults form when ONE PERSON IS KING AND THE FINAL ANSWER TO THE BIBLE

Camping was fired from his Bible teaching job because he wanted to create his own doctrine

Harold Camping use to have 2 partners who started the Radio Station with him. They both left when Camping started his own weird Bible doctrine

Camping stated on his Open forum Television program in March " They all left because they thought I was crazy"

Camping was left alone as the Head of the complete operation!

This allowed him complete control to preach whatever he liked. With no one to oppose him... Sadly... The Camping Bible was born

He could preach hatred of the Churches that fired him! No Baptism! No Communion and his favorite..THE END OF THE WORLD!

With no one to Challenge him the Camping Bible Doctrine was born!

As ruler and King of Family Radio Camping became a loose cannon with his own Television and Radio Station

This is the horrible Bible teaching that his blind followers live by and that is pumped out to millions daily

No true Christian would follow Camping's teachings. His message draws those who are either not in church or the lone wolf Christian. The lone wolf Christian is misunderstood and often does not have any other people to fellowship with. I was once a lone wolf christian but it is NOT how Christians are called to be


EXAMPLE: Like Camping we will exam another famous end of the world preacher who started “normal”

He was well spoken and liked by all. He was respected in the Christian community. He had a beautiful vision of racial harmony. He was given a State award for his racially harmonious church. This was a model of what Christianity should be!

BUT…Like Harold Camping he took over complete control. No one else was allowed to make any decisions or interpret the Bible

It starts when there is only ONE voice and ONE teacher

Camping has built a whole radio station around is OWN Bible beliefs NOT the Bible

Jim Jones was a normal preacher. He helped spread racial unity in the Churches and his church was a model of racial harmony coming out of the early 70's. He was well respected and had a huge following. Like Camping, Jim Jones found "New Information" in the Bible and took complete control

SEE VIDEO (Notice the racial harmony and Bible)

This is not to say that Family Radio followers will follow this path but we must speak up. We must realize that there is a sick 90 year old man with access to a Radio Station that is drawing many unstable people.

Would the Followers of Camping (dressed in his message on the streets)have followed Jim Jones?

This site by the power of GOD will continue to spread the news that there is a sick old man who is destroying the Bible, promoting his own agenda and destroying families

He is a poison

Yet Camping supporters have painted their faces,Cars and wear signs promoting May 21st as the day the world ends. All because a silly old man has convinced them he found a Bible code that shows 200 million people will float into the sky in 5 days. The same code he found before in 1994...THE POWER OF TELEVISION RULING THE MINDS


  1. While you keep stating that Harold runs a Radio Station, the truth is much worse. Family Radio is a Radio Network of nearly 60 radio stations across the United States. There's also the TV stations, and a shortwave station broadcasting internationally.

    If Harold truly believed the May 21 prediction, he should have entered agreements to sell all the stations with cash up front that could be used to reach more people with the message that they need to repent.

  2. For all those who have been brainwashed by this loon....please do not drink the Kool Aid on May 21st!!!


  4. I'm not sure how you put in Bold and CAPS that there isn't any judgement day on the 21st. It is very hypocritical of you to do so.

    I can do so as I don't believe there will EVER be such a day. But as a professed Christian you state that you believe such a day will come AND you don't know the hour or the day. So for all you know it COULD BE the 21st. Or are you claiming some revelation from God that the 21st is NOT the day?

    Camping's version of things is no more dangerous than any other religious docrine. In fact his is generally less so as he will be proven false in a couple of days.

  5. To all who reads this blog: I pray that these people are not as gullible as the Jim Jones crowd. I looked at the whole video and I was so upset. I know for a fact that Mr. Camping would never hurt himself. He is in love with himself.
    If any of his followers hurt themselves, the blood is on his hands. Let's continue to pray for them. Lets all do as Del Myer suggested. Lets Fast and Pray on Friday. Do you know that the prayer of a righteous man avail much?

  6. I just wanted to thank you for your blog! I think it's great and I found it particularly useful! I will be throwing you a shout out from my blog in my own post on Harold Camping. Thank you for this terrific resource. -The apologetics blogger


  8. the bible warns of false prophets, guess Camping missed that part of the bible.

  9. I can't help but think how sad God's heart must be when he see's people such as this distort "HIS WORD."

    It seems to be a time for believers to come together in prayer, praying for a hedge of pertection not just around our families but the families of a lost world...

    Remember, when you believe n God, you must believe in the handy work of the devil... "False Prophets" they come in all shapes, sizes, and ages...

    Dont ask God why things are so bad, tell the bad things how big God is... and in the End of time, he will show up and show out...

    But remember, it's his "Time Line" not that of a man who I will to pray for, wether he understands it or not, God will judge him to for his wrong doings, his false perdictions...

    This man is in my prayers!

  10. That's a great picture, BTW - a cranky old guy squinting, telling people what the Bible says.

    I just read an article by a seminary president who knew Camping "back when" he was fairly orthodox. As you say, it's one thing to love scripture as it is God's word, but it's another altogether to fall in love with our own minds' ability to understand it all together.

  11. No sense in listening to this dummy. If God were to think we knew the end of the world date, wouldn't he change it?

  12. > The word Christian means "Christ like"

    Then I guess there are NO Christians, by that definition..

  13. "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

    This should prompt thoughtful people to reconsider their belief in the Trinity. If the Son were God, would he not know what the Father knows?

    This suggests that only the "Father" is God, and the "Son" is a human being and a prophet, as taught by the Holy Quran.

  14. well... it is the 22nd where i am right now... very interesting... because i am overseas and watched around the neighborhood and about the only thing out of the norm was our neighbors had a 4wheeler we had not seen before... hmmm i don't know.. it is very interesting.. lol

  15. Let's not forget that William Miller - a Baptist preacher - also incorrectly predicted the rapture - TWICE! - once in 1843 & once in 1844. Like Camping he was wrong & was labeled a 'false prophet.' The second time, people gave up everything they owned - they were penniless (sound familiar?) If it sounds like a duck...

    @Ali, if you're going to quote from the Bible, please quote it in context. The reason Jesus 'didn't know' is because the Bible ALSO says that he 'emptied himself' - meaning that although He never stopped being God, He did allow Himself to give up some of his heavenly attributes while on earth, like omniscience, until He returned to Heaven. The Bible also says that the Word not only was WITH God, but also WAS God (John 1:1). If the Qur'an is holy, than Allah should know that the Trinity is the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit - NOT the Father, the Mother (Mary), & the Son like Allah says in the Qur'an. Scripture also doesn't contradict previous Scripture, like the Qur'an contradicts the Bible, which is NOT corrupted - because even the Qur'an says it's NOT corrupted. Assalamu alaikum!