The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Harold Camping May 21 End of world Statement: You don't trust the Bible if you don't believe “him”

Subject: May 21st Jesus return ...A caller to the Harold Camping open forum told “Brother Camping” that he was perfect in all his teaching but the caller was not convinced about May 21.

The open forum leader did not like this and told the caller that the problem was with the caller. Harold Camping quote was “ If you don't believe May 21 then you do not trust the bible. I have watched the Open forum for about a month and a half and every caller who questions Camping is told they don’t trust the Bible.

I have never heard a caller response we do trust the Bible, it is YOUR interpretation we do not trust. What Camping does is pull the “education” card. His best defense is his extensive knowledge of the Bible that causes him to “win” every argument

A lesson to those who feel they cannot “battle” Harold Camping (May 21) on Scriptures

As young Christians a group of us were on fire for Jesus and “full of ourselves with pride” we felt “we” were so Godly and we did really love the Lord.

One day a young believer who knew basically NO scriptures heard a discussion we were having on a Spiritual issue.She listened and we talked, all trying to out do the other by throwing scriptures around to “win” the argument

One hour after our educated discussion throwing around scriptures we were getting no where

The new Christian girl made one statement on God's love (quoting no scriptures) and 3people accepted Christ that day just from her little statement on the love of God

She once said to us, "you can win all the scriptural arguments guys but you may miss the Lord"

She was right and I will never forget it

Harold Camping says May 21st MUST be the day of Jesus' return because he has studies the scriptures for 54 years and has “figured out” the date.

To deny this is an insult to his 54 years of study

The lost sheep of Camping followers must understand he can "figure out" all the scriptures and still miss the Lord.

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