The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Thursday, May 26, 2011

14 year old girl kills herself over Harold Camping scare of May 21 2011

I have stated from the beginning of this site that Harold Camping is not a Christian and that he is very dangerous to listen to. He is abusing the listener and airwaves with a message of fear and hate that is not of God. This man must have his radio show pulled from the airwaves. A girl who knew she was not a Christian had started to listen to Harold Camping. She believed his lie that the world was ending on May 21 2011 and did a horrible thing


The suicide letter from the 14 year old showed that she believed that she was going to die in pain and go to hell. The girl thought it best to take her life

Here is a part of her final life letter

“We are not righteous people, only they will go to heaven, the others will stay here on Earth to go through terrible sufferings,” she wrote.

“I don’t want to die like the others. That’s why I’ll die now."

I believe that Harold Camping is responsible for this girl's death and that he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I believe this man should be imprisoned

Harold Camping makes it seem so real when he speaks his Satanic Bible interpretations
Camping is not a Christian, I believe he does not care who gets hurt or loses their money. This End of the world Scam is all about Camping and it ended in DEATH

Harold Camping has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ..TELL OTHERS TO TURN HIM OFF!

This old man of 90 years convinced a 14 year old girl that her life was over

This 90 year old wind bag has lived a full life and now he helped stop a child from living

How to get rid of Harold Camping
A great way would be to blink him into the Corn field.

Now, It would be great if we could wish Harold Camping into the Corn field but we cannot

People like Harold Camping do not leave easily. The devil in them love the publicity. He is an old man and even his wife refuses to be seen publicly with him.

After May 21 2011 Harold Camping should have resigned. He could have at least left with a little dignity. This would have been embarrassing but honorable



He curses the churches PUBLICLY and they do not fight back. A Christian must pray that this man be silenced! Christians should be crying out to God that God will close the mouth of this man anyway possible! I am praying that God will shut his mouth!

Amazingly Christians will still watch his show and play with this demonic doctrine The churches waited too long to shut the mouth on Camping, waiting causes evil to spread. We must condemn this man publicly and push our churches to have him removed from the air

Think about this! The Billion dollar powerful Catholic Church could ask for his license to be taken and I am sure the FCC would do it in a second!

They could Blink his show to the corn field

There are enough Mega Rich Churches that could finance the most powerful lawyers to have Camping removed in a week! Yet we do nothing

I feel he should face murder charges for that girl's death or at least be dragged into court to pay Millions to her family. Yet so many Christians will turn on the Open Forum and say "I don’t agree with him but I still listen to him"

To listen to the Open Forum is to ask Satan to please read you a Bible story..How do you justify to the Holy Spirit that you are watching Harold Camping?

Listening to Camping is playing with the devil

The Bible says the Devil comes to Rob, Kill and Destroy..Harold Camping has now done all 3!

Camping preaches straight HATE! Hatred of Churches..Homosexual..etc... he says all are doomed to hell that disagrees with him!

One person can make a difference to get him off the air. I started this site with not one viewer but the power of the Holy Spirit has spread the message of this devil (Harold Camping) to over 1 million people in less than 3 months on this site!

Imagine what The Churches could do with their money and influence. They could smash Camping off the map!

These are rich dominations, Catholic, Protestant, Seven day Adventist..etc..ONLY one of these could protest (with powerful Lawyers) and have Camping gone in less than a week!

A girl is dead because we did nothing and all those who laughed(and turned a blind eye) at Camping or listen to him must share in some blame.

There was a man who ALONE in prison started a hate speech and here is how it ENDED!

The Open forum is really hate speech masked as the Bible..Why not pray that God please shut the mouth of this man?

14 year old Nastya Zachinova is gone....but this man keeps speaking


  1. Hi, The comment problem has been fixed. Thank you Jim...All are now free to comment. We tried to block the bad langauge but it blocked many comments. The comments are now open..Please keep it clean everyone as we are not blocking any comments

  2. While I am in agreement, with regard to the ludicrous nature of Mr. Camping's assertions as well as the apparent danger of them, it ultimately falls to each person to make his or her decision. This decision pertains to what we believe, what we choose to accept, and how we behave. Tragic as it may be that this girl chose to end her life, it is conceivable that such an end might have occurred at some point regardless of the ramblings of a senile old preacher. People, regardless of age, aren't easily convinced of something that they don't already have an inclination toward in the first place. I would, however, concede that there is a cross section of the populace who are apparently unable to think for themselves. These are the people who join cults and give all of their worldly belongings. They are the individuals who repeatedly fall for scams of all kinds. They are the ones who blindly pursue anything within reach for short-sighted gain, with no regard for the long term. Very simply put, it might be arguable that there is a sort of darwinism at work, eliminating these people by thier very lack of forethought. Again, it si tragic that such things happen, moreso when they happen to people who have been deprived or mistreated and are, as a result, scarred or unable to function properly. However, our willingness to make or find excuses for this kind of behavior and apparent refusal to embrase personal accountability is weakening our society. I am most definitely a proponent of helping people. There is no greater sense of gratification that helping other, regardless of cost. There is, however, a caveate. It is only rewarding to help someone who is trying to help themselves. To simply offer a handout to one who consumes the charity and awaits more is detrimental to both the giver and the recipient. Our welfare system is tangible proof of that. The system is doing people a disservice by not forcing them to earn what they receive. It is creating degenerates who are concerned with little more than immediate gratification and who passively refuse to earn anything at all. This is not to say that there may not be instances where such programs to help those in need. Rather, there are far more instances where they are simply abused and achieve precisely the opposite of what they set out to do. It is as much our fault, as law-abiding taxpayers, that this is reality, because we continue to pay the bill and do not change it, as it is those taking the checks. I digress...Personal accounability and personal responsibility is essential to our survival as a society and even a species. To deviate from this is to deviate from the natural order of things. Nature will most assuredly correct this, as we've seen here.

  3. I believed this man out of fear for my soul. I didn't do any research on him or else I would have immediatel realized something was off about him. After the 21st something felt off inside me and it's progressively gotten worse. I did some research and the book of titus and peter warns of the consequences of believing these people. It seared my conscience and now my body aches constantly. I was perfectly healthy before all this. I wish that I was dead now for the way I feel and I've contemplated suicide. I'm only 21 years old so please take this and warn others. I wouldn't wish what has happened to me on my worst enemy. I've also noticed six's starting to materialize on my forehead. This isn't a joke, I only wish I could meet you in person to prove it.

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