The lost sheep of Harold Camping

Monday, May 9, 2011

A SUICIDE call to Family Radio and Harold Camping...What did Harold Camping say?

A young woman called Harold Camping on Open forum and said she was so very nervous about May 21st as The End of the world. You could hear how nervous she was and repeated herself often. She was begging for help. Camping has told all that it is guaranteed that May 21 is the end of the world (actually Judgment day). This is how Harold Camping handled this very distraught girl

The Girl: Mr. Camping I don’t know what to do, I know I am not a Christian… (She was very nervous). I do not live right I know I am not a Christian…What should I do Mr. Camping! I cannot think right…you are making me so nervous Mr. Camping what should I do!! What Should I do Mr. Camping!

Harold Camping: Well, excuse me but...(she cuts him off)

The Girl: What should I do Mr. Camping? I am so nervous, I am not a Christian I know I do not live right, what should I do.. Maybe I should kill myself? Mr.Camping..Maybe I should kill myself.!

Harold Camping: Why ask me what you should do? I don’t know

The Girl: Maybe I should kill myself! Maybe I should kill myself!

Harold Camping: You may be one of the ones chosen to go to Heaven on May 21… I don’t know

The Girl: I don’t live right Mr. Camping….I am so scared what should I do Mr. Camping?

Harold Camping (in a very low voice) Kill yourself?... Why not cry out to God, (in a very low voice) you should be crying out to God that you are chosen for May 21…You still have time left to cry out to God before May 21

At this point Camping had no answers. No “Christian” advice. No numbers to play with…A true Christian would have had a real answer for that girl

Harold Camping: We need to go to our next caller…Shall we take our next call…… Welcome to Open forum!

What a horrible testimony to Jesus Christ that Harold Camping gave…it is shameful

He never once said “Please do not harm yourself”

He never once said “God loves you”

Harold Camping has created his own Gospel from his own numbers and is spending millions to promote it. He twists the Bible for his own conclusions. HE HAS APPOINTED HIMSELF God’s answer man and people keep calling.

I pray that the girl will speak with a “real” Christian who can advice her. I pray she does not believe the lie of May 21 and that she will not harm herself.

Why have so many become convinced that Harold Camping is God’s answering service?

Sadly many will still call Open Forum for answers. They are convinced that this church hating man Harold Camping has all the answers from God

It is impossible to argue with Harold Camping, his numbers are fixed in his 90 year old head. You can never convince a Harold Camping follower that Camping may be wrong.

The Bible can only be interpreted by Camping is what the caller believes. He is smooth and the spin and errors he puts on the Bible will be missed by most.

I Pray that God help that girl who went to Harold Camping as her final answer on whether or not to take her life…So sad…

If you had a suicidal loved one would you want Harold Camping to handle their desperate call or 911?

Christianity is about Love. Jesus Said the Whole Law is summed up in to commands, the love of God and the Love of Others. This is sadly missing from those who follow Camping. There gospel is a crazy numbers game, filled with twist and turns that all lead to May 21 2011

Please turn off Harold Camping

God Help that Girl...


  1. Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    This saddens me deeply that this girl was brushed off and only told that there is still time left to cry out to God. No gentleness, no telling her that only Jesus can give you that peace and where she could start reading in the Bible about God's love for her.

    I know that every single thing I have read on other sites by his "students" and every person that I have met that is being mislead by him do not show the Fruit of the Spirit. It is all about fear and begging for mercy. They do not show love and compassion. He has taught them that the only thing important is May 21st, that is it.

    My husband was a gentle, caring, loving husband who quoted scripture, loved church, talked about Jesus with love and was so much fun to be around. Harold has made him be confrontational (even pointing a finger in my face), fearful, sad, solemn and serious person with no joy. I can only pray he will show the Fruit of the Spirit after May 21st.

    I truly hope that someone listening that night reached out to her in some way. Unfortunately I think many people who have heard this false doctrine and believe it will struggle on May 22nd and thereafter. Hopefully they will find help before they reach the point of suicide.

  2. What...the...deuce?! This is so sad. Harold Camping is way worse than any other false prophet/false teacher on Earth. I pray for that young woman's safety, for I will not let Harold Camping and his Family Radio cult win! They have crossed the line! Let's hope May 21st would come and go without incident. Here's a YouTube vid of a clip from 1982's 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' where Admiral James T. Kirk shout out 'KHAAAAAAAN!', but imagine if Admiral Kirk shouts out 'CON,' for that is what Mr. Camping is: Thank you very much indeed for posting! May that young woman and the rest of us on this planet 'live long and prosper.'

  3. You are all exactly like Camping, pretending to know something that is false. The whole bible is a pious fraud, false however well intentioned parts may have been (while other parts are clearly designed to excuse the evil actions of men).

    The way you feel about this girl and Camping is exactly how many of us feel towards Christians in general.

    Why can't you use your own inate feelings & intelligence in combination with an ernest effort to understand the true consequences of your actions?  Unless you are some kind of psychopath, these simple principles alone are sufficient to build a solid, loving, moral framework that doesn't rely on ancient, out-moded, mysognystic fake morality.

    You blindly quote ONLY the scripture which concurs with your own preconceptions.  Why do you ignore and leave out the part where god commands a man to murder his own son?  Or the parts where god commands men to slaughter suckling infants?  And to commit genocide?  Or the part where the hand of god murders all the first born (which would include infants)?

    You ignore and excuse those parts of the bible. Do you REALLY and HONESTLY believe that suckling infants deserved to be sliced open with a sword because their PARENTS were acting immorally? The usual claim is that those people were commit child sacrifices - but look at that claim more closely and think about the punishment - it is ridiculous: if you commit child sacrifices we will murder your kids.  Come on.

    Or is your excuse that those are just Old Testament?  It's the SAME God!  That's not a valid excuse either.

    So please, engage your gray matter here and look at what is really going on.

  4. Would be nice if you posted a link to the audio or a date / time stamp....

  5. Dark Star in his omniscience has declared that he KNOWS the whole Bible is a pious fraud. And he condemns anyone who says otherwise. Dark Star, apparently, was there to see for himself that Jesus didn't die on the cross, that Jesus didn't rise from the dead, that Jesus didn't ascend to the Father. Dark Star knows more about Jesus than the disciples who were eyewitnesses. To Dark Star, anyone who is "pretending to know something that is false" (tortured English, but we'll go with it) is a "pious fraud." Well, Dark Star, on your own terms, you're either God Omniscient (doubtful) or a "pious fraud."

  6. I'm comforted to have discovered your blog site today and grieved to hear the story of this frightened young woman. I can relate to her fear, although I have given my heart to the Lord. I do not believe the predestination thing that Camping preaches, that you can only HOPE God saves you. The Gospel is meant to be "good news." No assurance for salvation/predestination is not good news for those that supposedly haven't been "selected" for salvation. I can relate to this young woman's fear over how to reconcile not leading a good life, for I am still a sinner, even though I've received Jesus as Savior. I've been trying these past several weeks to pplease the Lord by living by faith and making plans to continue living past May 21st. I trust in my God and have confidence in His sovereignty, but I know intimately how it feels to be that troubled young woman. Lord, if she is still with us, may You guide her supernaturally to Your truth and to ambassadors of Your loving kindness to minister to the fears, which are not of You! Many thanks for sharing these many insights about Camping. It truly brings me comfort.

  7. Harold Camping miscalcula­ted Doomsday. He did not add in the numbers right. I redid the calculatio­ns and am happy to send it to you Mr. Camping. Hopefully you'll get to rectify your prediction­s before you make a fool out of yourself.

  8. Camping's Miscalculations Abut May 21, 2011
    Hey..What do think about that!:
    Just amazing:

  9. On what date did this call air?

  10. Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

  11. The Open Forum call was in the month of March 2011

    I did not get the exact date but maybe someone has access to his past shows

  12. ? And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation (hostile watching): 21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:20-21 (KJV)

    Those who truly know the LORD and are ready to meet Him, have His peace in them and they are busy about their Father's business and not panicking concerning their place with the LORD regardless of when He returns. todd tomasella

  13. Jesus said he would return in the life of the people he was speaking to in Mark 13:30 "Verily I say unto you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.". The word translated as "generation" is γενεά or genea which means generation which is a space of 30 - 33 years. He did not return during that time and according to Deuteronomy 18:20-22 makes Jesus a false prophet. Jesus won't be back.

  14. fouxe-- meant focus

    and I dont think its 8:58 got it wrong --sorry- --its there somewhere (plus he has whole videos on this you have to search the archive --but this is a good start).

    got to get me some coffee!
    take care,

  15. ooops it erased my 1st post?

    anyway jesus spoke in jewish apocalyptic language of his time and tribe not modern american 'dispensational speak' Mat 24/mark is about judgement.

    do video search of the archive this person has whole mess of videos and articles on "this generation" there is a search function on the site.

  16. also an article on "this generation" phrase and jewish apocalyptic talk Jesus gave and what it meant in the context of that jewish audience.

  17. The time of the end will go beyond what Christians now think. MichaelTheeArchAngel

    Habakkuk 2

    1 I will stand at my watch
    and station myself on the ramparts;
    I will look to see what he will say to me,
    and what answer I am to give to this complaint.

    The LORD’s Answer
    2 Then the LORD replied:
    “Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a messenger may run with it.
    3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
    it speaks of the end
    and will not prove false.
    Though it linger, wait for it;
    it will certainly come
    and will not delay.

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